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This file contains a list of specific bugs that have been fixed, and patches
that have been applied in released versions. Please see the NEWS file for
a summary of the major changes, and the ChangeLog file for a comprehensive
listing of all changes made to the code.
- [PATCH 2835577]: Replace SNMP_ZERO of arrays with a memset.
- [PATCH 3183000]: Fix calculation of common OID prefix length
- [PATCH 3526599]: Don't hang on retried failing SNMPv3 responses
- Avoid unnecessary casts when using netsnmp_set_row_column()
- Declare "type" argument of se_store_xxx() as const
- Make it explicit that MAX_SUBID is an unsigned constant
- Prevent gcc ped-warning for NETSNMP_REMOVE_CONST
- Simplify implementation of functions manipulating 64-bit numbers.
- Simplify the se_store_enum_list() implementation
- [BUG 3439234]: Correct dependencies of ucd-snmp/{pass,pass_persist}
- [BUG 3439234]: Move netsnmp_pass_str_to_errno to pass_common
- [BUG 3440752]: Report speed correctly for unusual E'net interfaces
- [BUG 3463767]: Handle parsing subidentifiers > 2^31
- [BUG 3526549]: CVE-2012-2141 Array index error leading to crash
- [BUG 3532090]: Fix high ifIndex values crashing hrDeviceDescr
- [PATCH 3175640]: Use IP_RECVDSTADDR sockopt where available (*BSD)
- [PATCH 3198781]: Fix compilation of disman/{ping,traceroute} modules
- [PATCH 3402376]: Recognise ReiserFS systems
- [PATCH 3410050]: Skip already-'processed' varbinds
- [PATCH 3410059]: Fix sparsely augmenting trigger tables
- [PATCH 3447444]: Fix SIG_PIPE handling
- [PATCH 3447671]: Fix override handling of OID values
- [PATCH 3453868]: Factor common code into pass_common
- [PATCH 3479740]: Fix hrSWRunPerf statistics
- [PATCH 3487919]: Fix compilation when caching is disabled
- [PATCH 3487867]: Don't skip missing ifXTable entries (ifConnectorPresent FALSE)
- [PATCH 3495697]: Store persistent snmpTarget table changes
- Added OCFS2 (Oracle Cluster FS) to hrStorageTable and hrFSTable
- DISMAN-SCHEDULER-MIB: Handle 32-char contextName values correctly.
- IF-MIB::ifType: Report InfiniBand interfaces correctly
- UDP-MIB: Report proper address in udpLocalAddress instead of
- Eliminate various dead variables
- Return error instead of exiting on init problems
- Make the configuration of the dlmod module fail rather than
generate a dummy module if the dlopen function isn't available.
- Smux: simplify smux_list_detach()
- [PATCH 3445437]: Log AgentX disconnections (in line with connections)
- Add missing newline character in a log message
- Avoid crash during shutdown due to invoking perl_destruct(NULL)
- Invoke shutdown_perl() when shutting down
- Don't invoke shutdown_perl() from SIGTERM handler
- Handle changes to libmysqlclient API (affects Fedora 15/16)
apps :
- [PATCH 2835577]: Replace SNMP_ZERO of arrays with a memset.
- [PATCH 3211484]: Support enumerations in notification varbinds
- Eliminate various dead variables
- Fix spelling in the documentation of the SNMP module
- Fixed segmentation fault when handler registration fails.
- Make sure constant SNMP_DEFAULT_RETRIES is recognized
- [PATCH 3185085]: Fix segfault on 64-bit systems
- Install util_funcs subheaders
- [BUG 3190725]: Document snmp{,_sess}synch_response & snmp_async_send
- Fix Perl regression test failures
- Don't fail skipped Perl tests.
- [PATCH 3383965]: Fix if-mib agent compile warnings on *BSD
- [PATCH 3489387]: Install FreeBSD 10 header file (plus other missing versions)
- [PATCH 3525998]: Don't use an uninitialised value in error message
- Avoid "pragma comment" warnings in <net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h>
- Header file <net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h> now usable with MinGW
- Made regression test output independent of Windows registry settings
- Avoid problems if Net-SNMP Perl modules are built with a different
version of Microsoft Visual Studio than that used for ActivePerl
- Avoid problems with PACKAGE_* macros, when using GNU autotools
- Now builds correctly with a 64-bit compiler
- build.bat: Generate PDB files in release mode
- build.bat: Install netsnmp.dll before running Perl regression tests
- Make linking with recent OpenSSL binaries succeed.
- Make netsnmp_large_fd_set_resize() robust against memalloc failures.
- Perl modules build now with IPv6 enabled.
- Snmpd: Remove dlmod
- Snmptrapd: Make the IP address to hostname conversion work
- [BUG 2838243]: Correct the output of unsigned values
- [BUG 2919320]: Avoid accessing freed memory Reported by Tomasz Lis
- [BUG 2922390]: Fix test for missing contextName parameter
- [BUG 3093199]: Fixed bugs in 64-bit integer parsing
- [BUG 3134323]: Fix crash when comparing invalid OIDs
- [BUG 3171878]: Using SNMPv3 context does not work
- [PATCH 2871747]: plug memory leak in OID processing
- [PATCH 2952140]: Fix overflow of counter32 and gauge32 on 64bit systems
- [PATCH 2971270]: refuse to parse ASN.1 tokens with wrong type field
- [PATCH 3067540]: Fix IPv4 OID indexes on 64-bit big-endian systems.
- [PATCH 3058645]: Use MSG_DONTWAIT for the unix domain socket
- [PATCH 3165878]: Catch buffer overrun on 64-bit systems
- [PATCH 3203806]: Add function netsnmp_large_fd_set_select()
- Added function netsnmp_delete_table_data_set()
- Added netsnmp_xxx() memory allocation functions
- Added macro netsnmp_static_assert().
- Added snmp_sess_session_lookup().
- Avoid Valgrind complaints about uninitialized data
- Change the parsing of ranges to accept all valid values.
- Fix __cplusplus extern "C" wrapping
- Fix agent crash when sending encrypted SNMPv3 traps.
- Fix double free crash when releasing duplicated handlers
- Fix duplicate se_add_pair_to_list() memory leak
- Fix issue with USM using inactive users
- Fix potential buffer overflow when generating temp. file names
- Fix various problems with se_clear_slist()
- Force a ; at the end of the static_assert macro.
- Handle memory allocation failures in netsnmp_create_data_list
- Make sure that a mask is given to open when O_CREAT is specified
- [BUG 1840230]: Don't include the index object as (pseudo-)accessible column
- [BUG 2822360]: Fix memory leak when building table OIDs
- [BUG 2841008]: Protect against crash following failed AgentX response
- [BUG 2873858]: Fix handling of schedOwner index
- [BUG 2894059]: Handle errors when counting interfaces
- [BUG 2897000]: Suppress 32-bit counter truncation warnings
- [BUG 2900078]: Add support for OID variables with size in elements
instead of bytes, correct sysObjectID to use this
- [BUG 2924140]: Fix termination of CPU/FPU types
- [BUG 2972579]: Fix checking of snmpTargetAddrRowStatus SET requests
- [BUG 3003981]: Protect against buffer overflow
- [BUG 3058101]: 64-bit systems only support writeable 'long' instances (not int)
- [BUG 3062538]: Fix com2sec* handling of non-default contexts
- [BUG 3178389]: Fix inconsistent handling of TZ offsets
- [BUG 3185528]: shutdown_master_agent didn't close UDP socket
- [PATCH 2119725]: Fix skipNFSInHostResources handling of hrStorageTable
- [PATCH 2825653]: Fix parsing in certain conditions
- [PATCH 2835576]: Fix endianness issues in pass/pass_persist
- [PATCH 2877518]: Fix handling of scoped AgentX variables
- [PATCH 2883155]: Fix memory leak in proxy handling
- [PATCH 2883220]: Fix compilation problems when ifXTable is not included
- [PATCH 2887816]: Protect against division-by-zero crash
- [PATCH 2901029]: Fix compiler warning on CloseHandle()
- [PATCH 2903092]: Fix broken handling of broadcast entries.
- [PATCH 2904900]: Documentation plus assorted handler code fixes
- [PATCH 2911323]: Fix agent lockup when monitoring AgentX-delegated information
- [PATCH 2911361]: Remove redundant variables
- [PATCH 2911970]: Properly terminate linked list of registrations
- [PATCH 2941811]: Handle successful requests with reqID 0
- [PATCH 2967400]: Retrieve error counters for the EtherLike-MIB
- [PATCH 2968642]: Catch overflow of pass-through command buffer
- [PATCH 2975254]: Avoid callback re-use of closed sessions
- [PATCH 3044512]: Fix sysobjectid directive
- [PATCH 3053428]: Fix get_pid_from_inode when the inode is not found
- [PATCH 3053436]: Fix tcpConnectionTable_data_access invalid memory access
- [PATCH 3058140]: Check that inode is non-zero
- [PATCH 3062526]: Fix security engineID setting in 'trapsess' directive
- [PATCH 3074918]: Avoid memory leaks following CONTAINER_INSERT failures
- [PATCH 3096725]: Don't register v1Trap callback, if SNMPv1 not supported
- [PATCH 3096725]: Include SNMPv1 trap OIDs in nlmLogNotificationID column
- [PATCH 3096725]: sysORTable registation for notification log mib
- [PATCH 3141462]: fix agentx subagent issues with multiple-object requests
- [PATCH 3152412]: Handle (and report) problems reading /proc/vmstat
- Add newly created/destroyed interfaces to ipv6IfTable
- Don't let MIB modules second-guess the cache handler
- Fix adding new addresses to ipAddressTable
- Fix engineID generation on outgoing v3 traps from the agent
- Fix erroneous "64bit wrap" warnings when computing ipSystemStats
- Fix invalid access to memory in TCP-MIB
- Fix IP-MIB::ipIfStatsReasmReqds value (typo)
- Fix IPv6 forwarding MIB object (boolean, not TruthValue)
- Fix rare race condition when reading RPM database
- Fixed race condition in hrSWRunTable
- Fix VACM persistant storage.
- Fix various memory & file-descriptor leaks
- Handle I/Fs without broadcast addresses (IF/IP-MIBs)
- Improve agent shutdown processing
- Improve error logging when freeing active caches
- Make sure that a mask is given to open when O_CREAT is specified
- Report GFS filesystems in hrStorageTable and hrFSTable
- Report real ifSpeed of (down) network interface (where possible)
- Skip non-AF_INET interfaces when loading ipv4 addrs
- Support N/W interfaces with HW address >6 bytes (e.g. InfiniBand)
in ipNetToMediaTable and ipNetToPhysicalTable.
- Support views with indexes values>255
- Suppress 32-bit truncation warnings (IP-MIB & TCP-MIB)
- Suppress missing iquerySecName warning if it won't be needed
- changed default TCP target from to localhost:705
- [BUG 3151254]: Fix crash with invalid traphandle directive
- Fixed assorted double free at exit problems
- [BUG 2837998]: Handle missing instance subidentifiers in results
- [PATCH 2850067]: Suppress extraneous "index" header token
- fixed printing of ranges with UNSIGNED type.
- Correct ifdefs, remove dead variables.
- Fix handling of end OID being longer than the starting OID
- [BUG 3102904]: Build with -fno-strict-aliasing (if supported)
- Add detection of lm_sensors version
- Avoid use of "tail -1" (non POSIX-compliant)
- Do not call VACM APIs if VACM module is not included
- Fix building static applications using net-snmp-config
- Fix compilation with rpm-4.6 (using legacy API)
- Fix 'make test TESTOPTS="-P tcp"'
- Fix order of rpmlib detection and agent module configuration
- Run rpm configure checks for (rpm-based) hr_swinst rewrite
- Use a sensible default for system location (if no domain name found)
- [BUG 2972860]: Update broken references
- Clean up manual pages (from Debian patch 56_manpage)
- [BUG 2888569]: Fix generation of table columns array
- Remove unnecessary casts to u_char*
- make the mib2c foreach ranges work as advertised in the comments
- [BUG 2973890]: Fix imports, DiskIOEntry list and revision histories
- [PATCH 2974716]: Fix issues in the SMUX-MIB
- [PATCH 2836112]: Use the right modifier for size_t/ssize_t variables
- [PATCH 2952034]: Return of the Great SuSE 'sprintf' Hunt...
- [PATCH 2890931]: Better handling of Counter64 values
- [PATCH 2995098]: Fix creation of SNMPv3 sessions with API_SINGLE
- [PATCH 3046371]: Fix memory leak in SNMPv1 trap handling
- [PATCH 3049029]: Fix memory leak with snmp bulkwalks
- Don't automatically open stderr (breaks embedded perl within the agent)
- Fix various other memory leaks, out-of-bounds array access
and uninitialized variable access issues
- Fix several "Free to wrong pool" errors
- [BUG 2919379]: Initialise SNMP sessions properly
- [BUG 3088360]: Ensure python modules are built against the correct libraries
- [PATCH 2001656]: Handle null-termination of string values properly.
- [PATCH 3035328]: Detect failures in session creation
- [PATCH 3035578]: Update error codes
- Support null-bytes in octet strings
- [PATCH 2952020]: Explicitly set permission on output directories
- Support dynamic analysis of regression tests
- Fix tests (T030) for MinGW
- [BUG 2997492]: byte order of udpLocalPort is now correct
- Enabled Unix transport
- Fix building with IPv6, OpenSSL & embedded Perl support
- Fix building with remotely mounted source files
- Fix free UDP port detection in regression tests
- Fix out-of-range array access in 'interfaces' table
- libnetsnmp now builds as a DLL when configured with --enable-shared
- Omit inet_ntop.c and inet_pton.c
- perl modules do now build (--with-perl-modules).
- Removed winpipe.c from the list of source files
- fix build error on HP-UX 10.20
- [BUG 2985915]: Fix build without embedded Perl
- [PATCH 2926374]: Fix reading of ipAddressTable from /proc/net/if_inet6
- [PATCH 2959811]: Reimplement Netlink IPv6 prefix listener
- [PATCH 3083027]: Fix RPM spec file to support CentOS
- [PATCH 3107003]: Suppress ipNetToPhysicalTable error messages
for tunnel and similar (non-physical) interfaces
- Fix calculation of ifHCInUcastPkts on 32-bit Linux
- Fix udpTable indexes on big-endian 64bit Linux
- Fix value of IP-MIB::ipv6InterfaceForwarding
- Fixed 32-bit truncation warning on UCD-SNMP-MIB::systemStats
- Improved EtherLike-MIB support
- Pass correct path to rpmdbOpen, and log errors
- snmpd is again single-threaded.
- DragonFly support
- Retrieve MIB-II network statistics via sysctl
- Update memory and CPU statistics handling
- Fix order of headers when checking <netinet/in_pcb.h>
- Support updating the routing table
- Update SWRun code to use kvm_getproc2
- Fix crash triggered by missing package version information
- [BUG 2969872]: Ensure SOCK_STARTUP is invoked before init_agent
- [BUG 2971257]: Fixed winExtDLL handling of multi-varbind getNext
requests with OIDs in reverse lexicographical order
- Avoid test failure (T200) on known MS SNMP extension DLL bugs
- Fix and improve batch build using recent versions of Visual Studio
- Fix build under MinGW
- Fix build with 64-bit compiler
- Fix building with IPv6 and OpenSSL support
- Fix handling of strtoull (both MSVC 6.0, and 2002 & above)
- Fix handling of winExtDLL multi-varbind SET requests
- Fix MIB output truncation with winExtDLL GETNEXT requests
- Fix out-of-range array access in 'interfaces' table
- Halt agent on key press, when run in command prompt window (to aid debugging)
- Improve Net-SNMP DLL build
- Improve support for winExtDLL build
- Suppress/remove various compilation warnings
- winExtDLL: Don't trigger an assertion if no extension DLLs loaded
- winExtDLL: Improve RFC-compliance of response error codes
- winExtDLL: Log the reason why loading an extension DLL fails
- winExtDLL: Fix a memory leak when SnmpExtensionQuery(Ex) fails
- [BUG 1171904]: fix recvfrom hangs (already closed)
- [BUG 1345296]: fix recvfrom hangs (already closed)
- [BUG 1600171]: Support longer community strings in VACM config.
- [BUG 1619827]: improve handling of link dependencies
- [BUG 1660061]: Validate engineIDs more strictly.
- [BUG 1795840]: Signed 32-bit truncation logged as debug message
- [BUG 1866655]: Handle parsing invalid OID subidentifiers
- [BUG 1898198]: Avoid a segfault when parsing broken mibs.
- [BUG 1958041]: Ensure IDs are not truncated.
- [BUG 1976772]: Changed mib parser to handle long binary/hex strings.
- [BUG 2001124]: Allow embedded NUL characters in usmUserPublic
- [BUG 2027834]: Extend string print buffer by the minimum necessary.
- [BUG 2099985]: Added const qualifiers to time conversion routins
- [PATCH 2827722]: Improve strtoull to be less MSVC-specific
- [BUG Coverity #183]: fix memory leak if IP_PKTINFO fails
- [PATCH 700681]: limited support for UDPv4 broadcast addresses
- [PATCH 1548670]: Fix range checks for unsigned integers
(Debian bug #383380)
- [PATCH 1592706]: Fix memory leak when cloning varbinds.
- [PATCH 1616912]: fix memory leak in snmp_udp_transport
- [PATCH 1620424]: Honor NETSNMP_DS_LIB_DEFAULT_PORT over the default system
- [PATCH 1627049]: New API to handle large numbers of file descriptors.
- [PATCH 1634620]: Fix leaks from create_user_from_session failure.
- [PATCH 1640114]: Don't store trailing null character.
- [PATCH 1641895]: Extend short view masks (as per RFC specs)
- [PATCH 1641972]: add missing const
- [PATCH 1642071]: Don't fiddle with the storage of pre-existing users.
- [PATCH 1645698]: fix 64-bit signed integer encoding
- [PATCH 1653670]: Consistent SNMPv3 behaviour when opening sessions.
- [PATCH 1665543]: Handle VACM checks correctly.
- [PATCH 1681030]: Better handling of empty apptype configs.
- [PATCH 1681977]: Add callbacks prior to reading config.
- [PATCH 1687316]: Don't drop const from casts.
- [PATCH 1687317]: Remove an unused local variable
- [PATCH 1687318]: Make _sess_selpol_info static.
- [PATCH 1687319]: Declare snmp_sess_read_extd()
- [PATCH 1687325]: Fix problem with operator precedence.
- [PATCH 1687337]: Implement _sess_open in terms of snmp_sess_add
- [PATCH 1728247]: Clean up int64 type checking and usage for building packets
- [PATCH 1737085]: fix the -M switch for mib parsing vs defaults
- [PATCH 1768285]: Count MIB files correctly in add_mibdir()
- [PATCH 1775124]: Fix clientaddr functionality
- [PATCH 1806336]: fix -LS option parsing
- [PATCH 1807489]: fix ignoring of display hints.
- [PATCH 1811469]: read_config_files_in_path() reads past malloc'd buffer
- [PATCH 1875022]: improve callback locking mechanisms
- [PATCH 1882069]: Add token for specifying an exact SNMPv3 engineID
- [PATCH 1895927]: change obsolete recv/send to recvfrom/sendto
- [PATCH 1898204]: Avoid a segfault when parsing broken mibs.
- [PATCH 1916840]: new config option to set SNMPv1 trap agent address
[PATCH 1916840]: introduce netsnmp_gethostbyname_v4
- [PATCH 1921861]: Avoid endless loop after truncating 64bit int
- [PATCH 2003450]: Fix a couple of 64-bit problems.
- [PATCH 2043018]: fix recvfrom hangs
- [PATCH 2258229]: Remove misleading comment
- [PATCH 2479700]: Fix zoned IP address used as table indices
- [PATCH 2492377]: Fix typo/bug in snmp_enable_callback()
- [PATCH 2505488]: Fix alarms not triggered due to large clock skews.
- [PATCH 2538169]: Prevent infinite retries for an invalid error-index.
- [PATCH 2689362]: Fix handling of IPv6 hostnames.
- [PATCH 2713841]: Fix runtime errors triggered by high-ASCII chars
- [PATCH 2772787]: Cleaner approach to handling large fd_sets.
- [PATCH 2780411]: Fix compiler warnings
- [FEATURES 454028]: Detect empty MIB index files.
- [FEATURES 851887]: Report range information for invalid SET requests.
- [FEATURES 1041888]: Check directory paths for config files.
- [FEATURES 1407476]: Rename 'strictCommentTerm' to reflect actual behaviour.
- Add GCC format checking attributes to the debug functions.
- Add iterator for singly linked lists
- Correct MAX_ENGINEID_LENGTH to 32 (as per SnmpEngineID TC)
- Correct registration of multiple premib config handlers.
- Deallocate various resources in shutdown_mib
- Do not leak memory whenever an udp address is formatted.
- Do not try to look up empty strings as hostnames for IPv6
- Fix forwarding encoding
- Fix potential buffer overflow in sprintf for UDP/IPv6
- Handle mapping complex transport strings to simple name definitions
- Hardcode default port numbers (rather than use getservbyname)
- Implement RFC5343 contextEngineID probing.
- Improve CONTAINER_INSERT handling of partial failure with multiple indexes
- Improve netsnmp_watcher_info to handle statically allocated data.
- Introduce printf-like versions of config_perror and config_pwarn
- Library layering improvements
- Read def{Target,Domain} from snmp.conf as well as <app>.conf
- rename MIB macro to NETSNMP_MIB2_OID, MIB is too generic and may
conflict with applications. The old MIB macro is kept for
backward compatibility, unless NETSNMP_NO_LEGACY_DEFINITIONS is
- [BUG 902610]: Don't discard pending data following a TRAP.
- [BUG 902801]: Fix ordering of SMUX-registered subtrees.
- [BUG 1046327]: Reset "includeAllDisks" flag when reloading.
- [BUG 1102058]: Skip non-mounted disks (e.g. swap partitions)
- [BUG 1397895]: include missing interface declarations
- [BUG 1400101]: remove deleted interfaces from ifTable
- [BUG 1413728]: Reference index values in debug output correctly.
- [BUG 1416276]: Handle dependency on MIB parsing API.
- [BUG 1546817]: Fix snmpEnterprise varbind when forwarding v1 traps.
- [BUG 1558823]: fix ipAddressTable memory leak
- [BUG 1600261]: Handle non-x86 /proc/cpuinfo format
- [BUG 1600432]: Handle signals properly when restarting the agent.
- [BUG 1602286]: Don't let table holes block later rows.
- [BUG 1628613]: Restore memTotalFree.0 on Solaris
- [BUG 1633595]: Fix AgentX handling of Counter64 values
- [BUG 1677063]: Check for failed malloc calls.
- [BUG 1685067]: More precise handling of SNMPv3-admin MIB tables.
- [BUG 1685081]: Check for valid OID on Free/Undo passes.
- [BUG 1693039]: be silent when insert fails.
- [BUG 1712988]: default/configurable max # varbinds returned by GETBULK
- [BUG 1745113]: Handle single-line output in UCD compatability mode.
- [BUG 1748206]: Protect against failures to open /etc/mtab (or equiv)
- [BUG 1758212]: Handle missing variable types (IpAddress,Counter,Opaque)
- [BUG 1760633]: fix typo in debug message
- [BUG 1771221]: Retain ifLastChange information on data reload.
- [BUG 1792890]: include CIFS mounts when skipping remote filesystems
- [BUG 1822360]: Fix spinlock helper error handling.
- [BUG 1912647]: Fix memory leak following failed requests.
- [BUG 1931391]: Fix reporting of Memory buffers and cached memory.
- [BUG 2001124]: Allow embedded NUL characters in usmUserPublic
- [BUG 2003144]: Increase size of AgentX packet build buffer
- [BUG 2006786]: Interface name can have more than 8 characters.
- [BUG 2018031]: Don't probe engineID in internal monitor sessions.
- [BUG 2693670]: Don't open (& clobber) AgentX socket if other transports fail
- [BUG 2822355]: Fix memory leaks on udpEndpointTable (linux) Patch
supplied by Frank Lichtenheld
- [PATCH 1225440]: Delay sighup till it is safe.
- [PATCH 1257347]: Non-fixed size connection buffer
- [PATCH 1550730]: Report errors from iterator-based handlers.
- [PATCH 1585146]: Extend range of available error codes
- [PATCH 1595568]: fix delegated SET requests from agentx subagents
- [PATCH 1601188]: Handle signals properly when restarting the agent.
- [PATCH 1601453]: Dynamic Memory failure handling improvements
- [PATCH 1617255]: fix length of the history array to match code.
- [PATCH 1620424]: Fix default port for sending notification
- [PATCH 1625069]: speed improvements for solaris routing table access
- [PATCH 1639282]: Save persistent snmpTargetParamsTable settings correctly.
- [PATCH 1639726]: Report physical memory correctly on *BSD
- [PATCH 1641332]: Include missing agent config definitions.
- [PATCH 1641685]: Handle unresponsive AgentX subagents more reliably.
- [PATCH 1641865]: Don't double check snmpTrapOID in the filter table.
- [PATCH 1642255]: Handle saving long snmpNotifyFilterTable entries.
- [PATCH 1644280]: Don't automatically probe for v3 EngineIDs.
- [PATCH 1644280]: Use the correct engineID when sending v3 traps.
- [PATCH 1644714]: replace last use of deprecated copy_word by copy_nword
- [PATCH 1654424]: Handle row deletion issues in dataset tables
- [PATCH 1657741]: Handle 64-bit types via pass mechanism.
- [PATCH 1659623]: Handle SMUX peers with an empty password.
- [PATCH 1665543]: Handle VACM checks correctly.
- [PATCH 1665549]: Handle creating VACM entries correctly.
- [PATCH 1665985]: Implement ipReasmTimeout
- [PATCH 1666737]: include IPv6 traffic in various UDP counters.
- [PATCH 1668193]: Fix check for v6 ReasmMaxSize support.
- [PATCH 1668193]: Update registration of ReasmMaxSize support.
- [PATCH 1668952]: Ignore zombie processes.
- [PATCH 1669048]: Add support for ipv6InterfaceIdentifier
- [PATCH 1676478]: fix udpEndpointRemoteAddress
- [PATCH 1678301]: Deallocate domain registry at shutdown
- [PATCH 1678305]: Deallocate cache in hardware/cpu/cpu on shutdown
- [PATCH 1678306]: Deallocate log in notification-log-mib/notification_log
- [PATCH 1678788]: Better handling of SMUX socket descriptors.
- [PATCH 1681043]: clean up helper includes
- [PATCH 1683054]: set udpEndpointInstance to identify different processes.
- [PATCH 1687336]: Start using the enhanced read_config interface
- [PATCH 1692768]: Fix copying of non-octet-aligned IP address prefixes.
- [PATCH 1692817]: Improved RFC 4293 support (inc. non-unicast/random IP addresses)
- [PATCH 1698184]: Register non-default context integers as writable.
- [PATCH 1700157]: Fix ordering of exec tokens in MIB output
- [PATCH 1700730]: Remove unused extern declaration.
- [PATCH 1700732]: Fix debug output statements.
- [PATCH 1700737]: Tidy up setSerialNo implementations.
- [PATCH 1702361]: Read stats from /proc/net/snmp6
- [PATCH 1702366]: Support for icmpStatsTable
- [PATCH 1703004]: Consolidate snmp6 handling.
- [PATCH 1710632]: fix memory leak on broken container insertions for the ipAddressTable
- [PATCH 1715395]: fix icmp table errors in new icmp code
- [PATCH 1715406]: registration ordering fixes for icmpStatsTable
- [PATCH 1716548]: Fix help output so no space is printed between -D and arguments.
- [PATCH 1719253]: fix skipNFSInHostResources for multiple walks
- [PATCH 1721096]: remove unused variable stats from kernel extraction for better portability.
- [PATCH 1723611]: New implementation of the RMON alarmTable
- [PATCH 1729629]: Fix memory leak in disman agent.
- [PATCH 1737439]: automatic link up/down traps on a walk
- [PATCH 1744157]: Report duplicate "extend/exec" identifiers.
- [PATCH 1746831]: fix process checking race condition under Linux and platform #ifdefs
- [PATCH 1752934]: Fix off-by-one qsort error in table utilities.
- [PATCH 1753437]: Fix error index on failing SET requests
- [PATCH 1753449]: Fix AgentX error propagation
- [PATCH 1753463]: Fix AgentX subagent ping alarm handling
- [PATCH 1758208]: Fix memory leak
- [PATCH 1783733]: Put the package version number into the hrSWInst table for solaris.
- [PATCH 1784747]: Fix long usage for ip adresses on 64 bit systems in various MIB-II tables.
- [PATCH 1797111]: implement IP-MIB::ipIfStatsTable
- [PATCH 1804445]: High order bits of HCInOctets not set on Solaris
- [PATCH 1806501]: Add API for sending traps with a snmpv3 context
- [PATCH 1823465]: fix icmp cache registration
- [PATCH 1823800]: release and reload all trap destinations on SIGHUP
- [PATCH 1826088]: Use the right interface to read the netmask
- [PATCH 1828839]: to provide better handling of disks mounted on paths with embedded spaces
- [PATCH 1849903]: do not spam log with asserts when XEN is used
- [PATCH 1866823]: truncate 32 bit counter values on 64 bit machines to avoid bogus warnings.
- [PATCH 1879261]: Add in inactive memory to the cached report for freebsd
- [PATCH 1882621]: Add LVM support to the partition table
- [PATCH 1893468]: fixed registration of OIDs with ranges
- [PATCH 1901764]: for supporting logwatch files that are date based
- [PATCH 1909813]: fix table_iterator handling of SORTED hint
- [PATCH 1916840]: new config option to set SNMPv1 trap agent address
- [PATCH 1944581]: Protect against core dumps with long string index values.
- [PATCH 1967194]: Recognise NFS4 mounts
- [PATCH 1977439]: Fix pass/_persist bug with SET oid value
- [PATCH 1995753]: minor cleanup agent/auto_nlist.c
- [PATCH 2012402]: don't fail on failure to look up interface error counters.
- [PATCH 2014204]: Support -g {groupname}
- [PATCH 2022936]: Fix AgentX Counter64 decoding on 64-bit architectures
- [PATCH 2082726]: correctly report NIC speeds higher than 4Gbit/s
- [PATCH 2103492]: implement RMON-MIB::etherStatsJabbers
- [PATCH 2124288]: Fix setting of usmUserPrivProtocol at creation.
- [PATCH 2162652]: patch to fix simple hrfs checks when NFS is in use.
- [PATCH 2384779]: Fix handling of GetBulk with N>0,M==0
- [PATCH 2406378]: Fix hrSWRunPerfMem on 64-bit Solaris systems
- [PATCH 2431353]: Make some C++ compilers happier
- [PATCH 2435681]: Enable if-mib rewrite (with sysctl backend) on NetBSD
- [PATCH 2435793]: Support 64-bit IF-MIB counters on sysctl (*BSD) system.
- [PATCH 2449210]: add 64-bit disk usage statistics to UCD-SNMP-MIB::dskTable
- [PATCH 2564552]: provide libnetlink support for loading the tcp table
- [PATCH 2686280]: Report duplicate registrations as an error
- [PATCH 2791417]: fix snmpd segfault when run with -DALL Patch
- [PATCH 2822337]: Fix memory leak in ipAddressPrefixTable
- [FEATURES 1019429]: Set supplementary groups via initgroups(3)
- Add missing function declarations & include files.
- Add support for a user provided length variable
and C string values to the watcher helper.
- Allow "monitor" to handle negative threshold values.
- Automatically reregister sysORTable entries from AgentX subagents.
- Clean up notification registrations during Event MIB cleanup
- Enforce the lower limit on scalar_groups
- Fix CVE-2008-4309 (GETBULK issue reported by Oscar Mira-Sanchez)
- Fix memory leak when multiple interfaces have the same IPv6 address
- Fix two bugs with smux password support.
- Handle device names with embedded spaces in UCD-SNMP-MIB::dskDevice
- Implement ipNetToPhysicalLastUpdated
- Implement ipAddressSpinLock
- Improve efficiency of scalar_group helper.
- Improve parsing of -LS command line argument
- Register CPU/memory hardware modules with nsCacheTable.
- Reimplementation of LM-SENSORS-MIB
- Reimplementation of snmpMPDStats.
- Reimplementation of usmStats.
- Remove unused variables.
- Suppress annoying "registration != duplicate" warning for root oids
- Unify all snmpd statistic variables with a common handler.
- Use the worker helpers from the register_*_instance helpers and
schedule the instance helpers for removal in 5.6
- Use static watcher_info for all watched variables and in int_watch.
- fix possible crash when 64-bit counters in ipSystemStatsTable get
bigger than 2^32
- [BUG 1638225]: Fix interpretation of transport address data.
- [BUG 1955227]: Memory leak for embedded Perl on x86_64
- [PATCH 1746992]: Improve snmptrapd access-control error messages.
- [PATCH 1767725]: Close all non standard file handles
- [PATCH 1908288]: Run perl END block on termination
- [PATCH 2726302]: Pass results of Perl trap handlers to trap daemon
- [PATCH 1225440]: Delay sighup till it is safe.
- [FEATURE 741375]: Extend -F flag to cover syslog/execute format strings.
- [FEATURE 1159947]: Allow control of traphandle data format
- Add trap handler for logging traps to a mysql database
- Support for forwarding traps by OID subtree.
- Support per-trap format specifications
- Withdraw deprecated options.
- [BUG 1964136]: Drop NULL type from snmpset usage message.
- [BUG 2811577]: Fix bug in GetBulk handling. Don't get confused by
index values that contain a ':' character.
- [PATCH 1529523]: Close SNMP session on failure.
- Improve parsing of -LS command line argument
- [PATCH 2564538]: Support GETBULK in v2c+ snmp versions
- [PATCH 1591355]: Allow cloning to arbitrary engineIDs
- [PATCH 1723620]: Specify an explicit end-point for the walk.
- [BUG 1096166]: Handle --without-logfile correctly.
- [BUG 1567324]: Clarify prompting for user-supplied values.
- [BUG 1600093]: autoconf 2.60 breaks the build
- [BUG 1647976]: Cygwin/MinGW Windows build fails due to libtool error
- [BUG 1707469]: Win32: snmpv3-security-includes.h not installed
- [BUG 1802833]: Ensure snmptrapd builds with --disable-snmpv1/2c
- [BUG 1823381]: Use a sensible default MIBDIR path on Cygwin/MinGW
- [BUG 1823381]: Valid MIB directory search path on Windows
- [BUG 1872266]: PERLCC check fails for CC with options
- [BUG 1995172]: fix --without-elf configure usage message
- [BUG 2014526]: Win32: snmpv3-security-includes.h not installed
- [BUG 2023803]: Compilation problems on HP-UX 11.31
- [BUG 2095983]: fix syntax/permissing error in find-requires helper script
- [BUG 2168180]: Improve handling of various --enable/--disable options.
- [BUG 2782700]: build failure when using --with-pkcs on Solaris
- [PATCH 1577917]:Simplify makefile target references (patch from Apple)
- [PATCH 1600453]: Fix cross-compile builds in apples build environment.
- [PATCH 1624406]: option to hardcode location of mount table
- [PATCH 1625135]: configure location of python interpreter
- [PATCH 1678300]: compile-subagent doesn't call shutdown_ methods
- [PATCH 1681073]: #ifdef based config_error instead of special cases
- [PATCH 1728241]: Add configure check for <sys/uio.h>
- [PATCH 1728230]: add configure check for gai_strerror()
- [PATCH 1728233]: make sure type nfds_t is defined
- [PATCH 1728237]: Move variable declaration at the top of netsnmp_udp_sendto
- [PATCH 1728244]: Add configure check for sin6_scope_id
- [PATCH 1728247]: Add type check for int??_t and uint??_t
- [PATCH 1899762]: Tweak embedded_perl configure checks.
- [PATCH 2000874]: Cleanup transport selection.
- [PATCH 2091156]: correctly declare dependencies in Makefile. 'make -j <N>' should work now.
- [PATCH 2184039]: Fixes for freeing memory during error conditions.
- [PATCH 2797251]: Support multiple initialisation/shutdown, fix memory leaks
- Add a variation of AC_SEARCH_LIBS where the result is settable.
- Add "BuildRequires: perl-ExtUtils-Embed" to the spec file
- Add '--with-temp-file-pattern' configure option
- Assume target platform supports mem{cpy,move,set} & str{,r}chr
- Disable inlining on solaris (due to linking errors)
- Disable MIB-specific tests if the agent omits the necessary modules.
- '--disable-as-needed' reverts to linking system libs into applications
- Do not config_require(util_funcs) if nothing from util_funcs is used
- Do not require use of --with-endianness when cross-compiling.
- Fix build issues with ethtool (on RH9).
- Fix checks for support of static inline functions
- Fix compilation on IRIX
- Fix macro for '--with-features-of'
- Improve library layering & dependency handling when linking apps
- Improve robustness of sed/grep/etc commans (using autoconf macros)
- Improve RPM spec files, for consistency with vendor-provided packages.
- Mechanism for selecting build environment based on version
- New NETSNMP_ARG_WITH/ENABLE macros to catch incorrect 'with/enable' usage
- '--enable-ipv6' should only enable 'mibII/ipv6' on supported systems
- Remove Net-SNMP special-case handling of standard functionality.
- Restructure configure template
- Stricter checks on '--with-persistent-mask' values
- Update to autoconf 2.63 & libtool 2.2.6
- Use 'config_error' to generate error messages at configure time.
- Use LDFLAGS when building agent, helpers and mib lib
- Use "libtool clean" to ensure removal of all libtool temp files.
- allow building with Perl versions that lack PERL_EXIT_DESTRUCT_END
- build fix for Tru64 Unix and IRIX: move _XOPEN* definitions to
where they are in 5.4.x and earlier
- [BUG 1247164]: Document use of OID macros
- [BUG 1407476]: Clarify MIB parsing toggle options & comment handling.
- [BUG 1614104]: broken snmpd(8) manual page in 5.4
- [BUG 2027129]: fix typo in snmpcmd.1
- [PATCH 1604580]: SNMP(3) manual page corrections
- [PATCH 1644735]: Add gcc build instructions for IRIX
- Fix minor documentation bugs (patch from Apple)
- [BUG 833673]: More focused size checks.
- [BUG 1429472]: Protect against missing instances (and invalid objects)
- [BUG 1582972]: Handle @while@/@end@ properly.
- [BUG 1737068]: Handle MIB objects with embedded hyphens
- [BUG 1874059]: Handle MIB objects with embedded hyphens
- [PATCH 1668171]: skip unknown cols in min/max range for tables
- [PATCH 1719244]: Fix mfd generating map function
- [PATCH 1914398]: install mib2c.perl.conf
- [PATCH 2136437]: Improve FLAG defines for huge tables on 64bit systems
- [PATCH 2316127]: Fix bug in iterate_access generated code.
- [PATCH 1737727]: Add a NETSNMP_OLDAPI_ prefix to old-api access macros.
- Add config reread support to "net-snmp-config --compile-subagent" code.
- Avoid calling debug macros with wrong number of arguments.
- Don't use the legacy symbol SNMPTRAPD_DISABLE_AGENTX
- Preliminary (alpha) support for SNMP over SSH and DTLS/UDP.
- Preliminary (alpha) support for the TSM security model
- Separate user management into new net-snmp-create-v3-user script
- [BUG 1596638]: memory leak in ipCidrRouteTable, inetCidrRouteTable
- [BUG 1611524]: fix tcp connection table fd leak
- [BUG 1793545]: Take the name from the sockaddr_un in order to avoid
transport specifiers and other decorations.
- [BUG 1801835]: Multiple default transports for an application.
- [BUG 1851047]: Don't continue to process a corrupt watched value.
- [PATCH 1601453]: Dynamic Memory failure handling improvements
- [PATCH 1674298]: Remove unused sinkport variable
- [PATCH 1674299]: Lessen scope of zone variable in dump_realloc_oid_to_inetaddress
- [PATCH 1674302]: Lessen scope of len variable in convert_v2pdu_to_v1
- [PATCH 1678298]: compile-subagent checks for bad HAVE_SIGNAL_H
- [PATCH 1678302]: netsnmp_mibindex_load leaks memory
- [PATCH 1681035]: Improve net-snmp-config /bin/sh compatibility
- [PATCH 1902105]: Hide and improve debug log messages
- [PATCH 1902113]: Fix error log in inetNetToMediatable
- Fix for refs to OBJECT-GROUP in another MIB
- Initalize log subsystem
- Remove support for use of varargs.h.
- [BUG 1450669]: a perl agentx consumes memory
- [BUG 1554817]: Fix class assigment so getRootOID works properly.
- [BUG 1606062]: perl bulkwalk (async) coredump
- [BUG 1619827]: improve handling of link dependencies
- [BUG 1747733]: More robust handling of undefined values.
- [BUG 1834539]: Consistent handling of OID parsing.
- [PATCH 1627949]: a perl agentx consumes memory
- [PATCH 1725049]: Fix bulkwalk in cases of non-repeater usage.
- [PATCH 1811463]: perl async callback coredump
- [PATCH 1834983]: Consistent handling of OID parsing.
- [PATCH 1914393]: registerAgent can now be run multiple times
- [PATCH 1914643]: fix issues with embedded perl
- [PATCH 1914645]: better end of mib support
- [PATCH 1920390]: fix registration of tables with .0 as IIDs
- [PATCH 1956193]: beta threadable perl module code for SNMPv1/2c usage.
- [PATCH 2021444]: Support SNMPv2c in gettable processing
- [PATCH 2022948]: Fix for Counter64 in perl subagent
- [PATCH 2182079]: Fix various perl warnings & allow use of "use strict"
- [PATCH 2272347]: Implement "implied" in MIB hash
- [PATCH 2361712]: Fix getbulk optimization during walks
- [PATCH 2709705]: Retrieve src/target IP address in Perl-based agents
- [PATCH 2763717]: Allow perl to use OPAQUEs
- [PATCH 2793857]: Report failed asynchronous requests.
- fix SNMP SET for IP addresses on 64-bit
- fix prerequisites for NetSNMP::TrapReceiver
- fix syntax error in NetSNMP::agent::Support
- install embedded perl init files with correct permissions
- [BUG 1826174]: Check for buffer overflow when printing values.
Addresses CVE-2008-2292
- [BUG 1868278]: Python segfault
- [BUG 2258935]: Python Extension Module fails on Solaris
- [PATCH 1716114]: Let python build in source tree (Debian patch#38)
- [PATCH 1862177]: made code more windows/cygwin compiler friendly
- [PATCH 1877840]: Fix MIB label and indexing due to sl, broken regexp
- [PATCH 2074817]: Fix regexp engine CPU performance issues
- [PATCH 2260828]: Fix python snmpwalk memory leak
- [PATCH 2580979]: Fix python session pointers on 64-bit systems.
- [PATCH 2667415]: Support "UseNumeric" option.
- [PATCH 2775800]: Allow threading to continue when a request is sent
- enhance snmpnetstat test to check tcpTable in TCP mode
- support a -n flag to RUNTESTS to print the test number found in the
test file as opposed to the numerical count
- Do not terminate on SIGCHLD since dash and soume bourne shells will
exit the main shell when a subshell terminates in that case.
- [BUG 1710910]: initial support for DragonFly BSD
- [PATCH 1623874]: add GNU/kFreeBSD support
- [PATCH 1665079]: AIX patches for cpu stats and process monitoring
- Add support for AIX 6.x
- Build fixes for embedded Perl
- Fix default shared library building instead of forcing static
- Use "-Wl,-brtl" when compiling with gcc
- [BUG 1073782]: Restore PerfStat values for FreeBSD 5.x systems.
- [BUG 1633483]: Support CPU HAL on FreeBSD4.x
- [PATCH 1951996]: Fix for CPU stats on FreeBSD
- [PATCH 2507249]: sctp-mib support for FreeBSD.
- Add initial support for upcoming FreeBSD 7
- Fix configure warning for sys/conf.h
- patch from Cezary Morga to fix a make test on freebsd
- [BUG 2779472]: Filesystems missing in hrStorage table
- [PATCH 2088726]: Fix an issue reporting memory in negative values.
- Needs _REENTRANT defined to pick up strtok_r.
- [PATCH 1675869]: CPU statistics for IRIX based on PCP
- [PATCH 1709748]: Optimized IRIX cpu stats
- [BUG 1666005]: Fail to walk ipv6InterfaceTable on Linux
- [PATCH 1581294]: host-resources improvements
- [PATCH 1969627]: Handle install with empty /etc/sysconfig/network file
- [PATCH 1704105]: Add IPv6 support to the inetNetToMediaTable
- [PATCH 1705594]: Various fixes to ipAddressPrefixTable reporting
- [PATCH 1708243]: Implement ipDefaultRouteTable
- [PATCH 1715405]: Implement ipv6ScopeZoneIndexTable
- [PATCH 1719254]: update HRFS_ignore list to current linux likelyhoods
- [PATCH 1724602]: MfD-based ipDefaultRouterTable implementation
- [PATCH 1783423]: return a correct ipv6InterfaceIdentifier of loopback
- [PATCH 1826102]: support longer interface names
- [PATCH 1828602]: Support ipDefaultTTL and ipForwarding SETs
- [PATCH 1896118]: Fix ifTable 32bit counters
- [PATCH 1927751]: Implement icmpMsgStatsTable
- [PATCH 2023633]: Implement SCTP-MIB
- [PATCH 2053273]: Implement EtherLike MIB
- [PATCH 1600453]: OS X compile-time endian determination
- [PATCH 1600522]: CPU HAL implementation for mach/darwin
- Improve memory reporting (patch from Apple)
- [BUG 1626153]: No hrSWRun informations on Solaris zones
- [BUG 1810814]: tcpTable missing entries and wrong ports
- [BUG 1819189]: {ifOperStatus,ipAdEntIfIndex} reported incorrectly
- [BUG 1822275]: {ifOperStatus,ipAdEntIfIndex} reported incorrectly
- [PATCH 1623447]: Fix hrSWRun for terminated processes
- [PATCH 1719730]: Support for ipSystemStatsTable and ipAddressTable
- [PATCH 1824196]: {ifOperStatus,ipAdEntIfIndex} reported incorrectly
- [PATCH 1834699]: Fix 1833294: DLPI problems on Solaris 2.6
- [PATCH 2012404]: Deal with more than 10 interfaces.
- [PATCH 2751588]: Inconsistent data can be reported on Solaris 10U4+
- #define NEW_MIB_COMPLIANT to support Solaris 10U4+
- IF-MIB fix: add missing return at end of get_if_stats
- [BUG 1662987]: compile error on Cygwin
- [BUG 2779541]: Fixed handle leak in pass_persist.
- [PATCH 1622080]: A: pass Win32 handles remain open.
- [PATCH 1706344]: Fix compilation with cygwin
- [PATCH 2686248]: Fix several winExtDLL bugs.
- [PATCH 2688342]: Fix VS2005 various compiler warning
- [PATCH 2691876]: Allow compiling the services using unicode.
- [PATCH 2693746]: improved socket startup support
- Add support for winExtDLL to build.bat
- Build fixes for MSVC 2008.
- fix AES support
- fix win32/Configure --with-ipv6
- [BUG 1416481]: Support specifying an explicit linker.
- enable-as-needed will try to link built libraries against needed
libraries at library link time, rather than application link time.
- [PATCH 1282566]: to rework transport creation to allow for
alternative interpretations of the address and a more flexible
transport registration system
- [BUGS: 1537459, BUGS: 1540745] Fix missing MIB parsing tokens
- [PATCH 1562168]: check for a sock fd less than 0.
- [PATCH 1570650]: create a logging shutdown function to propelry
clean up log registrations if needed.
- [PATCH 1565293]: UDPIPv6 transport reports wrong port number
- rename init_mib to netsnmp_init_mib to avoid symbol clash with
HP-UX's libnm
- [PATCH 1509943]: responses will get sent from the original dest IP
address when possible.
- [PATCH 1550725]: A new uint instance helper to match the existing
int, long and ulong helpers
- [BUG 1527930]: fix smux authentication
- [PATCH 1561277]: use net.ipv6.neigh.lo.base_reachable_time_ms
instead of deprecated base_reachable_time
- [BUG 1474468]: ifConnectorPresent always returns 0
- [PATCH 1524755]: to better support the UDPTable for unknown address
- [PATCH 1534877]: to add support for skipping NFS entries in the
host resources hrStorageTable. See the skipNFSInHostResources
token in the snmpd.conf file for details.
- [PATCH 1557514 ]: Do not attempt to collect data during SET
- [BUG 1535903]: Support spaces within security names
- Agent builds default module list from a default_mibs.h rather than
a hard coded configure list
- [BUG 1559358]: check scanf results for diskio scanning
- [BUG 1564233]: Have configure test for rpm headers not just the
- [PATCH 1579364]: Updated darwin patch to fix compilation on Tiger
and Leapord
- [PATCH 1565703]: patch to fix rapid registrations/deregistration
- [PATCH 1562688]: fix ping/reattach agentx code
- [PATCH 1551948]: Make pass_persist usable on uClinux
- [PATCH 1568150]: Extend pass_persist error messages that can be
passed back from the script
- [PATCH 1570650]: make delete table function public
- [PATCH 1575984]: block SIGHUP during reconfig
- [PATCH 1570982 ]: Solaris IF-MIB: Support for IPv6-only interfaces
- memTotalFree should report total virtual instead of physical memory
- build fix for --without-kmem-usage
- [BUG 1585815]: fix mfd bits length calculation
- [BUG 1427410]: Set auth engineID for SNMPv3 traps.
- [BUG 1502267]: Build access list in the correct order.
- [PATCH 1554827]: from rtyle: fix handling of failed proxy SET
- [PATCH 1598966]: Fix bug #1598927: #elif build fix
- the traphandle directive now supports a -t switch to indicate
matching any OID in the tree below the specified OID
- [PATCH 1536773]: support partial oid matching
- [PATCH 1598968]: Fix bug #1587759: snmptrapd doesn't recognize -A
- [BUG 1515507]: Handle failed requests better
- Fixed the perl bulkwalk function
- [PATCH 1575937]: fix usenumeric output in async varbinds so they
return OIDs instead of empty strings.
- update default_store module to latest default_store c-binding
- make perltest fixes for Solaris 2.6 and earlier
- fixes for 64-bit platforms
- make perltest fixes for HP-UX
- make perltest fixes for IRIX
- [BUG 1479916]: Restore consistency in row creation code.
- [BUG 2827269]: Suppress non-ordered TODO comments.
- Most net-snmp specific defines are now (also) available under a
proper NETSNMP_ prefix. The older, potentially conflicting names as
well as the autoconf variables can now be turned off by a special
- [BUG 1585250]: don't use deprecated options in start script
- "make test" fixes for non-UDP transports
- [BUG 1577913]: add missing manual pages for executables, supplied
by Debian
- [PATCH 1596028]: from "Stephen J. Friedl": const fixes for the
mib_api(3) manual page
- RPM spec file fixes for 64-bit platforms
- [PATCH 1566777]: build fixes for memory_darwin.c
- build fix for mibII/udpTable
- fix "auto_nlist failed on arptab_size at location 0" errors
- proper implementation for UCD-SNMP-MIB::laTable (avoiding nlist)
- [PATCH 1569537,1569539]: new UDP-MIB and TCP-MIB implementation
(enable through --with-mib-modules=udp-mib,tcp-mib)
- [BUG 1205300]: nlist err: neither nproc nor _nproc found (same for
rt_table, rthashsize, rthost, rtnet)