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Some notes for the IRIX port
1. Compiling
net-snmp 5.3.1 and later have been compiled successfully on IRIX 6.5 using the
MIPSpro C compiler 7.4.4m in C99 mode:
CC=c99 ./configure && make && make install
Please note that the "host" module doesn't compile on IRIX, so you *cannot*
configure with "--with-mib-modules=host".
Compiling with gcc may be possible, but is unsupported at this point in time
due to difficulties with the IRIX system headers. Brent Bice has reported
a successful build of net-snmp 5.4 with gcc 3.4.6 on a IP30 machine using:
SGI_Developer/books/DevDriver_PG/sgi_html/ch10.html and
/var/sysgen/Makefile.kernio .
2. CPU stats
net-snmp 5.4.1 and later reports CPU statistics on IRIX 6.x by default using
the hardware/cpu/cpu_sysinfo module. There's also an alternative implementation:
hardware/cpu/cpu_pcp. For full discussion and build instructions for cpu_pcp
see Patch #1675869:
3. Known Issues
Accessing certain MIB objects on IRIX64 machines (i.e. when running a 64-bit
kernel will trigger nlist/klookup errors. The agent will not return proper
values for the affected MIB objects (e.g. tcpConnTable, udpTable).
Starting from net-snmp 5.4, you can avoid nlist altogether (recommended for
IRIX64) by using
./configure --without-kmem-usage ...
3. Feedback
Please also see README and PORTING.
If you have questions, additional insights or (even better) patches regarding
net-snmp on IRIX, please refer to the net-snmp mailing lists (see