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// Copyright 2008 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// MacAsyncSocket is a kind of AsyncSocket. It only creates sockets
// of the TCP type, and does not (yet) support listen and accept. It works
// asynchronously, which means that users of this socket should connect to
// the various events declared in asyncsocket.h to receive notifications about
// this socket.
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
#include "talk/base/asyncsocket.h"
namespace talk_base {
class MacBaseSocketServer;
class MacAsyncSocket : public AsyncSocket {
MacAsyncSocket(MacBaseSocketServer* ss);
virtual ~MacAsyncSocket();
bool valid() const { return source_ != NULL; }
// Socket interface
virtual SocketAddress GetLocalAddress() const;
virtual SocketAddress GetRemoteAddress() const;
virtual int Bind(const SocketAddress& addr);
virtual int Connect(const SocketAddress& addr);
virtual int Send(const void* pv, size_t cb);
virtual int SendTo(const void* pv, size_t cb, const SocketAddress& addr);
virtual int Recv(void* pv, size_t cb);
virtual int RecvFrom(void* pv, size_t cb, SocketAddress* paddr);
virtual int Listen(int backlog);
virtual MacAsyncSocket* Accept(SocketAddress* paddr);
virtual int Close();
virtual int GetError() const;
virtual void SetError(int error);
virtual ConnState GetState() const;
virtual int EstimateMTU(uint16* mtu);
virtual int GetOption(Option opt, int* value);
virtual int SetOption(Option opt, int value);
// For the MacBaseSocketServer to disable callbacks when process_io is false.
void EnableCallbacks();
void DisableCallbacks();
// Creates an async socket from an existing bsd socket
explicit MacAsyncSocket(MacBaseSocketServer* ss, int native_socket);
// Attaches the socket to the CFRunloop and sets the wrapped bsd socket
// to async mode
void Initialize();
// Translate the SocketAddress into a CFDataRef to pass to CF socket
// functions. Caller must call CFRelease on the result when done.
static CFDataRef CopyCFAddress(const SocketAddress& address);
// Callback for the underlying CFSocketRef.
static void MacAsyncSocketCallBack(CFSocketRef s,
CFSocketCallBackType callbackType,
CFDataRef address,
const void* data,
void* info);
MacBaseSocketServer* ss_;
CFSocketRef socket_;
int native_socket_;
CFRunLoopSourceRef source_;
int current_callbacks_;
bool disabled_;
int error_;
ConnState state_;
} // namespace talk_base