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* wpa_gui - WpaGui class
* Copyright (c) 2005-2006, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef WPAGUI_H
#define WPAGUI_H
#include <QSystemTrayIcon>
#include <QObject>
#include "ui_wpagui.h"
#include "addinterface.h"
class UserDataRequest;
class WpaGui : public QMainWindow, public Ui::WpaGui
enum TrayIconType {
TrayIconOffline = 0,
WpaGui(QApplication *app, QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0,
Qt::WFlags fl = 0);
virtual int ctrlRequest(const char *cmd, char *buf, size_t *buflen);
virtual void triggerUpdate();
virtual void editNetwork(const QString &sel);
virtual void removeNetwork(const QString &sel);
virtual void enableNetwork(const QString &sel);
virtual void disableNetwork(const QString &sel);
virtual int getNetworkDisabled(const QString &sel);
void setBssFromScan(const QString &bssid);
void saveState();
public slots:
virtual void parse_argv();
virtual void updateStatus();
virtual void updateNetworks();
virtual void helpIndex();
virtual void helpContents();
virtual void helpAbout();
virtual void disconnect();
virtual void scan();
virtual void eventHistory();
virtual void ping();
virtual void signalMeterUpdate();
virtual void processMsg(char *msg);
virtual void processCtrlReq(const char *req);
virtual void receiveMsgs();
virtual void connectB();
virtual void selectNetwork(const QString &sel);
virtual void editSelectedNetwork();
virtual void editListedNetwork();
virtual void removeSelectedNetwork();
virtual void removeListedNetwork();
virtual void addNetwork();
virtual void enableAllNetworks();
virtual void disableAllNetworks();
virtual void removeAllNetworks();
virtual void saveConfig();
virtual void selectAdapter(const QString &sel);
virtual void updateNetworkDisabledStatus();
virtual void enableListedNetwork(bool);
virtual void disableListedNetwork(bool);
virtual void showTrayMessage(QSystemTrayIcon::MessageIcon type,
int sec, const QString &msg);
virtual void showTrayStatus();
virtual void updateTrayIcon(TrayIconType type);
virtual void updateTrayToolTip(const QString &msg);
virtual void wpsDialog();
virtual void peersDialog();
virtual void tabChanged(int index);
virtual void wpsPbc();
virtual void wpsGeneratePin();
virtual void wpsApPinChanged(const QString &text);
virtual void wpsApPin();
virtual void startService();
virtual void stopService();
virtual void addInterface();
protected slots:
virtual void languageChange();
virtual void trayActivated(QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason how);
virtual void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);
ScanResults *scanres;
Peers *peers;
bool networkMayHaveChanged;
char *ctrl_iface;
EventHistory *eh;
struct wpa_ctrl *ctrl_conn;
QSocketNotifier *msgNotifier;
QTimer *timer;
int pingsToStatusUpdate;
WpaMsgList msgs;
char *ctrl_iface_dir;
struct wpa_ctrl *monitor_conn;
UserDataRequest *udr;
QAction *disconnectAction;
QAction *reconnectAction;
QAction *eventAction;
QAction *scanAction;
QAction *statAction;
QAction *showAction;
QAction *hideAction;
QAction *quitAction;
QMenu *tray_menu;
QSystemTrayIcon *tray_icon;
TrayIconType currentIconType;
QString wpaStateTranslate(char *state);
void createTrayIcon(bool);
bool ackTrayIcon;
bool startInTray;
bool quietMode;
int openCtrlConnection(const char *ifname);
bool wpsRunning;
QString bssFromScan;
void stopWpsRun(bool success);
QTimer *signalMeterTimer;
int signalMeterInterval;
QAction *fileStartServiceAction;
QAction *fileStopServiceAction;
bool serviceRunning();
QAction *addInterfaceAction;
AddInterface *add_iface;
bool connectedToService;
QApplication *app;
bool inTray;
#endif /* WPAGUI_H */