Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/release/0.5' into release/0.5

* qatar/release/0.5:
  Bump version number for 0.5.9 release.
  png: check bit depth for PAL8/Y400A pixel formats.
  tqi: Pass errors from the MB decoder
  eatqi: move "block" variable into context to ensure sufficient alignment for idct_put for compilers/architectures that can not align stack variables that much. This is also consistent with similar code in eatgq.c
  ea: check chunk_size for validity.
  vfwcap: Include windows.h before vfw.h since the latter requires defines from the former. Patch by kemuri <kemuri9 at gmail dot com>
  mingw32: merge checks for mingw-w64 and mingw32-runtime >= 3.15 into one
  mingw32: properly check if vfw capture is supported by the system headers
  Replace every usage of -lvfw32 with what is particularly necessary for that case: Avisynth -> -lavifil32 VFW Cap -> -lavicap32 Patch by kemuri <kemuri9 at gmail dot com>
  configure: properly check for mingw-w64 through installed headers. mingw-w64 can also target 32-bit code.
  qdm2: clip array indices returned by qdm2_get_vlc().
  kmvc: Check palsize.
  adpcm: ADPCM Electronic Arts has always two channels
  h264: Add check for invalid chroma_format_idc
  dpcm: ignore extra unpaired bytes in stereo streams.

Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>