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* VC-1 and WMV3 decoder
* copyright (c) 2006 Konstantin Shishkov
* (c) 2005 anonymous, Alex Beregszaszi, Michael Niedermayer
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
* @file libavcodec/vc1data.h
* VC-1 tables.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "libavutil/rational.h"
#include "bitstream.h"
/** Table for conversion between TTBLK and TTMB */
extern const int ff_vc1_ttblk_to_tt[3][8];
extern const int ff_vc1_ttfrm_to_tt[4];
/** MV P mode - the 5th element is only used for mode 1 */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_mv_pmode_table[2][5];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_mv_pmode_table2[2][4];
extern const int ff_vc1_fps_nr[5], ff_vc1_fps_dr[2];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_pquant_table[3][32];
/** @name VC-1 VLC tables and defines
* @todo TODO move this into the context
extern VLC ff_vc1_bfraction_vlc;
#define VC1_IMODE_VLC_BITS 4
extern VLC ff_vc1_imode_vlc;
#define VC1_NORM2_VLC_BITS 3
extern VLC ff_vc1_norm2_vlc;
#define VC1_NORM6_VLC_BITS 9
extern VLC ff_vc1_norm6_vlc;
/* Could be optimized, one table only needs 8 bits */
#define VC1_TTMB_VLC_BITS 9 //12
extern VLC ff_vc1_ttmb_vlc[3];
#define VC1_MV_DIFF_VLC_BITS 9 //15
extern VLC ff_vc1_mv_diff_vlc[4];
#define VC1_CBPCY_P_VLC_BITS 9 //14
extern VLC ff_vc1_cbpcy_p_vlc[4];
extern VLC ff_vc1_4mv_block_pattern_vlc[4];
#define VC1_TTBLK_VLC_BITS 5
extern VLC ff_vc1_ttblk_vlc[3];
extern VLC ff_vc1_subblkpat_vlc[3];
extern VLC ff_vc1_ac_coeff_table[8];
#if 0 //original bfraction from vc9data.h, not conforming to standard
/* Denominator used for ff_vc1_bfraction_lut */
#define B_FRACTION_DEN 840
/* bfraction is fractional, we scale to the GCD 3*5*7*8 = 840 */
extern const int16_t ff_vc1_bfraction_lut[23];
/* Denominator used for ff_vc1_bfraction_lut */
#define B_FRACTION_DEN 256
/* pre-computed scales for all bfractions and base=256 */
extern const int16_t ff_vc1_bfraction_lut[23];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_bfraction_bits[23];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_bfraction_codes[23];
//Same as H.264
extern const AVRational ff_vc1_pixel_aspect[16];
/* BitPlane IMODE - such a small table... */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_imode_codes[7];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_imode_bits[7];
/* Normal-2 imode */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_norm2_codes[4];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_norm2_bits[4];
extern const uint16_t ff_vc1_norm6_codes[64];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_norm6_bits[64];
/* Normal-6 imode */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_norm6_spec[64][5];
/* 4MV Block pattern VLC tables */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_4mv_block_pattern_codes[4][16];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_4mv_block_pattern_bits[4][16];
extern const uint8_t wmv3_dc_scale_table[32];
/* P-Picture CBPCY VLC tables */
extern const uint16_t ff_vc1_cbpcy_p_codes[4][64];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_cbpcy_p_bits[4][64];
/* MacroBlock Transform Type:, p89
* 8x8:B
* 8x4:B:btm 8x4:B:top 8x4:B:both,
* 4x8:B:right 4x8:B:left 4x8:B:both
* 4x4:B 8x8:MB
* 8x4:MB:btm 8x4:MB:top 8x4,MB,both
* 4x8,MB,right 4x8,MB,left
* 4x4,MB */
extern const uint16_t ff_vc1_ttmb_codes[3][16];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_ttmb_bits[3][16];
/* TTBLK (Transform Type per Block) tables */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_ttblk_codes[3][8];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_ttblk_bits[3][8];
/* SUBBLKPAT tables, p93-94, reordered */
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_subblkpat_codes[3][15];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_subblkpat_bits[3][15];
/* MV differential tables, p265 */
extern const uint16_t ff_vc1_mv_diff_codes[4][73];
extern const uint8_t ff_vc1_mv_diff_bits[4][73];
/* DC differentials low+hi-mo, p217 are the same as in msmpeg4data .h */
/* Scantables/ZZ scan are at 11.9 (p262) and (p10) */
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_simple_progressive_4x4_zz [16];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_progressive_8x4_zz [32];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_progressive_4x8_zz [32];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_interlaced_8x8_zz [64];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_interlaced_8x4_zz [32];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_interlaced_4x8_zz [32];
extern const int8_t ff_vc1_adv_interlaced_4x4_zz [16];
/* DQScale as specified in - almost identical to 0x40000/i */
extern const int32_t ff_vc1_dqscale[63];
#endif /* AVCODEC_VC1DATA_H */