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* Alpha optimized DSP utils
* Copyright (c) 2002 Falk Hueffner <>
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
* These functions are scheduled for pca56. They should work
* reasonably on ev6, though.
#include "regdef.h"
/* Some nicer register names. */
#define ta t10
#define tb t11
#define tc t12
#define td AT
/* Danger: these overlap with the argument list and the return value */
#define te a5
#define tf a4
#define tg a3
#define th v0
.set noat
.set noreorder
.arch pca56
* void put_pixels_axp_asm(uint8_t *block, const uint8_t *pixels,
* int line_size, int h)
.align 6
.globl put_pixels_axp_asm
.ent put_pixels_axp_asm
.frame sp, 0, ra
.prologue 0
lda AT, _mcount
jsr AT, (AT), _mcount
and a1, 7, t0
beq t0, $aligned
.align 4
ldq_u t0, 0(a1)
ldq_u t1, 8(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq_u t2, 0(a1)
ldq_u t3, 8(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq_u t4, 0(a1)
ldq_u t5, 8(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq_u t6, 0(a1)
ldq_u t7, 8(a1)
extql t0, a1, t0
addq a1, a2, a1
extqh t1, a1, t1
addq a0, a2, t8
extql t2, a1, t2
addq t8, a2, t9
extqh t3, a1, t3
addq t9, a2, ta
extql t4, a1, t4
or t0, t1, t0
extqh t5, a1, t5
or t2, t3, t2
extql t6, a1, t6
or t4, t5, t4
extqh t7, a1, t7
or t6, t7, t6
stq t0, 0(a0)
stq t2, 0(t8)
stq t4, 0(t9)
subq a3, 4, a3
stq t6, 0(ta)
addq ta, a2, a0
bne a3, $unaligned
.align 4
ldq t0, 0(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq t1, 0(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq t2, 0(a1)
addq a1, a2, a1
ldq t3, 0(a1)
addq a0, a2, t4
addq a1, a2, a1
addq t4, a2, t5
subq a3, 4, a3
stq t0, 0(a0)
addq t5, a2, t6
stq t1, 0(t4)
addq t6, a2, a0
stq t2, 0(t5)
stq t3, 0(t6)
bne a3, $aligned
.end put_pixels_axp_asm
* void put_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm(const DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *pixels,
* int line_size)
.align 6
.globl put_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm
.ent put_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm
.frame sp, 0, ra
.prologue 0
lda AT, _mcount
jsr AT, (AT), _mcount
lda t8, -1
lda t9, 8 # loop counter
zap t8, 0xaa, t8 # 00ff00ff00ff00ff
.align 4
1: ldq t0, 0(a0)
ldq t1, 8(a0)
ldq t2, 16(a0)
ldq t3, 24(a0)
maxsw4 t0, zero, t0
subq t9, 2, t9
maxsw4 t1, zero, t1
lda a0, 32(a0)
maxsw4 t2, zero, t2
addq a1, a2, ta
maxsw4 t3, zero, t3
minsw4 t0, t8, t0
minsw4 t1, t8, t1
minsw4 t2, t8, t2
minsw4 t3, t8, t3
pkwb t0, t0
pkwb t1, t1
pkwb t2, t2
pkwb t3, t3
stl t0, 0(a1)
stl t1, 4(a1)
addq ta, a2, a1
stl t2, 0(ta)
stl t3, 4(ta)
bne t9, 1b
.end put_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm
* void add_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm(const DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *pixels,
* int line_size)
.align 6
.globl add_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm
.ent add_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm
.frame sp, 0, ra
.prologue 0
lda AT, _mcount
jsr AT, (AT), _mcount
lda t1, -1
lda th, 8
zap t1, 0x33, tg
srl tg, 1, t0
xor tg, t0, tg # 0x8000800080008000
zap t1, 0xaa, tf # 0x00ff00ff00ff00ff
.align 4
1: ldl t1, 0(a1) # pix0 (try to hit cache line soon)
ldl t4, 4(a1) # pix1
addq a1, a2, te # pixels += line_size
ldq t0, 0(a0) # shorts0
ldl t7, 0(te) # pix2 (try to hit cache line soon)
ldl ta, 4(te) # pix3
ldq t3, 8(a0) # shorts1
ldq t6, 16(a0) # shorts2
ldq t9, 24(a0) # shorts3
unpkbw t1, t1 # 0 0 (quarter/op no.)
and t0, tg, t2 # 0 1
unpkbw t4, t4 # 1 0
bic t0, tg, t0 # 0 2
unpkbw t7, t7 # 2 0
and t3, tg, t5 # 1 1
addq t0, t1, t0 # 0 3
xor t0, t2, t0 # 0 4
unpkbw ta, ta # 3 0
and t6, tg, t8 # 2 1
maxsw4 t0, zero, t0 # 0 5
bic t3, tg, t3 # 1 2
bic t6, tg, t6 # 2 2
minsw4 t0, tf, t0 # 0 6
addq t3, t4, t3 # 1 3
pkwb t0, t0 # 0 7
xor t3, t5, t3 # 1 4
maxsw4 t3, zero, t3 # 1 5
addq t6, t7, t6 # 2 3
xor t6, t8, t6 # 2 4
and t9, tg, tb # 3 1
minsw4 t3, tf, t3 # 1 6
bic t9, tg, t9 # 3 2
maxsw4 t6, zero, t6 # 2 5
addq t9, ta, t9 # 3 3
stl t0, 0(a1) # 0 8
minsw4 t6, tf, t6 # 2 6
xor t9, tb, t9 # 3 4
maxsw4 t9, zero, t9 # 3 5
lda a0, 32(a0) # block += 16;
pkwb t3, t3 # 1 7
minsw4 t9, tf, t9 # 3 6
subq th, 2, th
pkwb t6, t6 # 2 7
pkwb t9, t9 # 3 7
stl t3, 4(a1) # 1 8
addq te, a2, a1 # pixels += line_size
stl t6, 0(te) # 2 8
stl t9, 4(te) # 3 8
bne th, 1b
.end add_pixels_clamped_mvi_asm