Merge tag 'n0.5.10' of /tmp/ffmpeg into ap

(Conflicts resolved exactly how jkardatzke did it separately, so the
resulting tree is identical.)

There are quite a few divergences between our tree and upstream n0.5.10 that
don't look intentional (especially in documentation files as opposed to
code).  To reduce merge conflicts in the future, it would be helpful to
first minimize the spurious differences before attemping a merge.  You can
go through them like this:

   git checkout -p origin/upstream

(where 'origin' is the name of the git server you're using).  git will go
through each place we differ from upstream and ask if you want to revert it.
You can pick the parts you want to revert and commit the result.  git will
understand the result and avoid conflicts in future merges automatically.

Note that the 0.5.x branch of ffmpeg has also diverged from mainstream
development.  To merge the next 0.5.x release:

	git checkout origin/upstream
	git fetch git:// n0.5.x
	git merge FETCH_HEAD
	  # should be no conflicts
	git push origin HEAD:upstream

	git checkout master
	git merge upstream
	  # resolve conflicts
	git commit
	git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

To switch to the mainline branch is slightly different since ffmpeg itself
has conflicts between 0.5.x and mainline.  We can assume everything in 0.5.x
is already in their mainline, though, so:
	git checkout origin/upstream
	git fetch git:// HEAD
	git merge -s theirs FETCH_HEAD
	  # should be no conflicts since "-s theirs" always picks
	  # the new upstream version
	git push origin HEAD:upstream

	...then 'git checkout master' etc as above.

(Leaving these notes here in the commit log for the benefit of whoever
searches for it when doing the next merge :))

* tag 'n0.5.10' of /tmp/ffmpeg:
  update for 0.5.10
  wmv1: check that the input buffer is large enough
  truemotion1: Check index, fix out of array read
  Release notes for 0.5.9

Change-Id: If650704cafe58abb119cffc52dab093e42cbf5af