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* Defines functions for persisting and retrieving DIAL data.
* Slash-terminated directory of where to persist the DIAL data.
#define DIAL_DATA_DIR "/tmp/"
* The maximum DIAL data payload accepted per the 'DIAL extension for smooth
* pairing' specification'.
#define DIAL_DATA_MAX_PAYLOAD (4096) /* 4 KB */
* Url path where DIAL data should be posted according to the 'DIAL extension
* for smooth pairing' specification.
#define DIAL_DATA_URI "/dial_data"
struct DIALData_ {
struct DIALData_ *next;
char *key;
char *value;
typedef struct DIALData_ DIALData;
void store_dial_data(char *app_name, DIALData *data);
DIALData *retrieve_dial_data(char *app_name);
#endif /* SRC_SERVER_DIAL_DATA_H_ */