Merge BlueZ 5.43 to master

Release of BlueZ 5.43
29th October 2016, 09:44 am by Johan Hedberg

This is almost purely a bug-fix release with fixes to HoG, ATT and PAN.
There’s also a fix for a regression in 5.42 that caused connection failures
for external profiles like OBEX. Feature-wise there’s one notable addition:
LE privacy. By enabling this in main.conf it’s now possible to make BlueZ
generate a local Identity Resolving Key (IRK) and use Resolvable Private
Addresses (RPAs) for itself.

Release of BlueZ 5.42
26th September 2016, 06:33 pm by Johan Hedberg

The major API change with this release is that the GATT D-Bus API is no longer
marked as experimental. This should hopefully encourage the creation of more
applications using it. Feature-wise, btmon received support for decoding full
mgmt message traces – a feature that is available in the bluetooth-next kernel
tree, i.e. on its way to the 4.9 kernel release. In addition to these changes,
this release contains also fixes in areas such as PBAP, transport selection
(BR/EDR vs LE), ATT and A2DP.

Adjustments were necessary to audioOverBle, battery, and oad profiles due to:

commit 82666b345e14b0a723e3d7cf8e56003edef22fed
Author: Luiz Augusto von Dentz <>
Date:   Mon Sep 26 16:46:09 2016 +0300
core: Remove attio callbacks

Change-Id: I8d25c7c866f76c23fcca284e3b20b237b4b1b7eb