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* BlueZ - Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
* Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Qualcomm Incorporated
* Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Maxim Krasnyansky <>
* Copyright (C) 2002-2010 Marcel Holtmann <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <config.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include "bluetooth.h"
#include "hci.h"
void baswap(bdaddr_t *dst, const bdaddr_t *src)
register unsigned char *d = (unsigned char *) dst;
register const unsigned char *s = (const unsigned char *) src;
register int i;
for (i = 0; i < 6; i++)
d[i] = s[5-i];
char *batostr(const bdaddr_t *ba)
char *str = bt_malloc(18);
if (!str)
return NULL;
sprintf(str, "%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X",
ba->b[0], ba->b[1], ba->b[2],
ba->b[3], ba->b[4], ba->b[5]);
return str;
bdaddr_t *strtoba(const char *str)
bdaddr_t b;
bdaddr_t *ba = bt_malloc(sizeof(*ba));
if (ba) {
str2ba(str, &b);
baswap(ba, &b);
return ba;
int ba2str(const bdaddr_t *ba, char *str)
return sprintf(str, "%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X:%2.2X",
ba->b[5], ba->b[4], ba->b[3], ba->b[2], ba->b[1], ba->b[0]);
int str2ba(const char *str, bdaddr_t *ba)
int i;
if (bachk(str) < 0) {
memset(ba, 0, sizeof(*ba));
return -1;
for (i = 5; i >= 0; i--, str += 3)
ba->b[i] = strtol(str, NULL, 16);
return 0;
int ba2oui(const bdaddr_t *ba, char *str)
return sprintf(str, "%2.2X-%2.2X-%2.2X", ba->b[5], ba->b[4], ba->b[3]);
int bachk(const char *str)
if (!str)
return -1;
if (strlen(str) != 17)
return -1;
while (*str) {
if (!isxdigit(*str++))
return -1;
if (!isxdigit(*str++))
return -1;
if (*str == 0)
if (*str++ != ':')
return -1;
return 0;
int baprintf(const char *format, ...)
va_list ap;
int len;
va_start(ap, format);
len = vprintf(format, ap);
return len;
int bafprintf(FILE *stream, const char *format, ...)
va_list ap;
int len;
va_start(ap, format);
len = vfprintf(stream, format, ap);
return len;
int basprintf(char *str, const char *format, ...)
va_list ap;
int len;
va_start(ap, format);
len = vsnprintf(str, (~0U) >> 1, format, ap);
return len;
int basnprintf(char *str, size_t size, const char *format, ...)
va_list ap;
int len;
va_start(ap, format);
len = vsnprintf(str, size, format, ap);
return len;
void *bt_malloc(size_t size)
return malloc(size);
void bt_free(void *ptr)
/* Bluetooth error codes to Unix errno mapping */
int bt_error(uint16_t code)
switch (code) {
case 0:
return 0;
return EBADRQC;
return ENOTCONN;
return EIO;
return EACCES;
return EINVAL;
return ENOMEM;
return EMLINK;
return EALREADY;
return EBUSY;
return EINVAL;
return ELOOP;
return EACCES;
return EPROTO;
return ENOSYS;
const char *bt_compidtostr(int compid)
switch (compid) {
case 0:
return "Ericsson Technology Licensing";
case 1:
return "Nokia Mobile Phones";
case 2:
return "Intel Corp.";
case 3:
return "IBM Corp.";
case 4:
return "Toshiba Corp.";
case 5:
return "3Com";
case 6:
return "Microsoft";
case 7:
return "Lucent";
case 8:
return "Motorola";
case 9:
return "Infineon Technologies AG";
case 10:
return "Cambridge Silicon Radio";
case 11:
return "Silicon Wave";
case 12:
return "Digianswer A/S";
case 13:
return "Texas Instruments Inc.";
case 14:
return "Ceva, Inc. (formerly Parthus Technologies, Inc.)";
case 15:
return "Broadcom Corporation";
case 16:
return "Mitel Semiconductor";
case 17:
return "Widcomm, Inc";
case 18:
return "Zeevo, Inc.";
case 19:
return "Atmel Corporation";
case 20:
return "Mitsubishi Electric Corporation";
case 21:
return "RTX Telecom A/S";
case 22:
return "KC Technology Inc.";
case 23:
return "NewLogic";
case 24:
return "Transilica, Inc.";
case 25:
return "Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG";
case 26:
return "TTPCom Limited";
case 27:
return "Signia Technologies, Inc.";
case 28:
return "Conexant Systems Inc.";
case 29:
return "Qualcomm";
case 30:
return "Inventel";
case 31:
return "AVM Berlin";
case 32:
return "BandSpeed, Inc.";
case 33:
return "Mansella Ltd";
case 34:
return "NEC Corporation";
case 35:
return "WavePlus Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 36:
return "Alcatel";
case 37:
return "NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors)";
case 38:
return "C Technologies";
case 39:
return "Open Interface";
case 40:
return "R F Micro Devices";
case 41:
return "Hitachi Ltd";
case 42:
return "Symbol Technologies, Inc.";
case 43:
return "Tenovis";
case 44:
return "Macronix International Co. Ltd.";
case 45:
return "GCT Semiconductor";
case 46:
return "Norwood Systems";
case 47:
return "MewTel Technology Inc.";
case 48:
return "ST Microelectronics";
case 49:
return "Synopsys, Inc.";
case 50:
return "Red-M (Communications) Ltd";
case 51:
return "Commil Ltd";
case 52:
return "Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC)";
case 53:
return "Eclipse (HQ Espana) S.L.";
case 54:
return "Renesas Electronics Corporation";
case 55:
return "Mobilian Corporation";
case 56:
return "Terax";
case 57:
return "Integrated System Solution Corp.";
case 58:
return "Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.";
case 59:
return "Gennum Corporation";
case 60:
return "BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research In Motion)";
case 61:
return "IPextreme, Inc.";
case 62:
return "Systems and Chips, Inc.";
case 63:
return "Bluetooth SIG, Inc.";
case 64:
return "Seiko Epson Corporation";
case 65:
return "Integrated Silicon Solution Taiwan, Inc.";
case 66:
return "CONWISE Technology Corporation Ltd";
case 67:
return "PARROT SA";
case 68:
return "Socket Mobile";
case 69:
return "Atheros Communications, Inc.";
case 70:
return "MediaTek, Inc.";
case 71:
return "Bluegiga";
case 72:
return "Marvell Technology Group Ltd.";
case 73:
return "3DSP Corporation";
case 74:
return "Accel Semiconductor Ltd.";
case 75:
return "Continental Automotive Systems";
case 76:
return "Apple, Inc.";
case 77:
return "Staccato Communications, Inc.";
case 78:
return "Avago Technologies";
case 79:
return "APT Licensing Ltd.";
case 80:
return "SiRF Technology";
case 81:
return "Tzero Technologies, Inc.";
case 82:
return "J&M Corporation";
case 83:
return "Free2move AB";
case 84:
return "3DiJoy Corporation";
case 85:
return "Plantronics, Inc.";
case 86:
return "Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications";
case 87:
return "Harman International Industries, Inc.";
case 88:
return "Vizio, Inc.";
case 89:
return "Nordic Semiconductor ASA";
case 90:
return "EM Microelectronic-Marin SA";
case 91:
return "Ralink Technology Corporation";
case 92:
return "Belkin International, Inc.";
case 93:
return "Realtek Semiconductor Corporation";
case 94:
return "Stonestreet One, LLC";
case 95:
return "Wicentric, Inc.";
case 96:
return "RivieraWaves S.A.S";
case 97:
return "RDA Microelectronics";
case 98:
return "Gibson Guitars";
case 99:
return "MiCommand Inc.";
case 100:
return "Band XI International, LLC";
case 101:
return "Hewlett-Packard Company";
case 102:
return "9Solutions Oy";
case 103:
return "GN Netcom A/S";
case 104:
return "General Motors";
case 105:
return "A&D Engineering, Inc.";
case 106:
return "MindTree Ltd.";
case 107:
return "Polar Electro OY";
case 108:
return "Beautiful Enterprise Co., Ltd.";
case 109:
return "BriarTek, Inc.";
case 110:
return "Summit Data Communications, Inc.";
case 111:
return "Sound ID";
case 112:
return "Monster, LLC";
case 113:
return "connectBlue AB";
case 114:
return "ShangHai Super Smart Electronics Co. Ltd.";
case 115:
return "Group Sense Ltd.";
case 116:
return "Zomm, LLC";
case 117:
return "Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.";
case 118:
return "Creative Technology Ltd.";
case 119:
return "Laird Technologies";
case 120:
return "Nike, Inc.";
case 121:
return "lesswire AG";
case 122:
return "MStar Semiconductor, Inc.";
case 123:
return "Hanlynn Technologies";
case 124:
return "A & R Cambridge";
case 125:
return "Seers Technology Co. Ltd";
case 126:
return "Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd.";
case 127:
return "Autonet Mobile";
case 128:
return "DeLorme Publishing Company, Inc.";
case 129:
return "WuXi Vimicro";
case 130:
return "Sennheiser Communications A/S";
case 131:
return "TimeKeeping Systems, Inc.";
case 132:
return "Ludus Helsinki Ltd.";
case 133:
return "BlueRadios, Inc.";
case 134:
return "equinox AG";
case 135:
return "Garmin International, Inc.";
case 136:
return "Ecotest";
case 137:
return "GN ReSound A/S";
case 138:
return "Jawbone";
case 139:
return "Topcorn Positioning Systems, LLC";
case 140:
return "Gimbal Inc. (formerly Qualcomm Labs, Inc. and Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc.)";
case 141:
return "Zscan Software";
case 142:
return "Quintic Corp.";
case 143:
return "Telit Wireless Solutions GmbH (Formerly Stollman E+V GmbH)";
case 144:
return "Funai Electric Co., Ltd.";
case 145:
return "Advanced PANMOBIL Systems GmbH & Co. KG";
case 146:
return "ThinkOptics, Inc.";
case 147:
return "Universal Electronics, Inc.";
case 148:
return "Airoha Technology Corp.";
case 149:
return "NEC Lighting, Ltd.";
case 150:
return "ODM Technology, Inc.";
case 151:
return "ConnecteDevice Ltd.";
case 152:
return " GmbH";
case 153:
return "i.Tech Dynamic Global Distribution Ltd.";
case 154:
return "Alpwise";
case 155:
return "Jiangsu Toppower Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.";
case 156:
return "Colorfy, Inc.";
case 157:
return "Geoforce Inc.";
case 158:
return "Bose Corporation";
case 159:
return "Suunto Oy";
case 160:
return "Kensington Computer Products Group";
case 161:
return "SR-Medizinelektronik";
case 162:
return "Vertu Corporation Limited";
case 163:
return "Meta Watch Ltd.";
case 164:
return "LINAK A/S";
case 165:
return "OTL Dynamics LLC";
case 166:
return "Panda Ocean Inc.";
case 167:
return "Visteon Corporation";
case 168:
return "ARP Devices Limited";
case 169:
return "Magneti Marelli S.p.A";
case 170:
return "CAEN RFID srl";
case 171:
return "Ingenieur-Systemgruppe Zahn GmbH";
case 172:
return "Green Throttle Games";
case 173:
return "Peter Systemtechnik GmbH";
case 174:
return "Omegawave Oy";
case 175:
return "Cinetix";
case 176:
return "Passif Semiconductor Corp";
case 177:
return "Saris Cycling Group, Inc";
case 178:
return "Bekey A/S";
case 179:
return "Clarinox Technologies Pty. Ltd.";
case 180:
return "BDE Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 181:
return "Swirl Networks";
case 182:
return "Meso international";
case 183:
return "TreLab Ltd";
case 184:
return "Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (QuIC)";
case 185:
return "Johnson Controls, Inc.";
case 186:
return "Starkey Laboratories Inc.";
case 187:
return "S-Power Electronics Limited";
case 188:
return "Ace Sensor Inc";
case 189:
return "Aplix Corporation";
case 190:
return "AAMP of America";
case 191:
return "Stalmart Technology Limited";
case 192:
return "AMICCOM Electronics Corporation";
case 193:
return "Shenzhen Excelsecu Data Technology Co.,Ltd";
case 194:
return "Geneq Inc.";
case 195:
return "adidas AG";
case 196:
return "LG Electronics";
case 197:
return "Onset Computer Corporation";
case 198:
return "Selfly BV";
case 199:
return "Quuppa Oy.";
case 200:
return "GeLo Inc";
case 201:
return "Evluma";
case 202:
return "MC10";
case 203:
return "Binauric SE";
case 204:
return "Beats Electronics";
case 205:
return "Microchip Technology Inc.";
case 206:
return "Elgato Systems GmbH";
case 207:
return "ARCHOS SA";
case 208:
return "Dexcom, Inc.";
case 209:
return "Polar Electro Europe B.V.";
case 210:
return "Dialog Semiconductor B.V.";
case 211:
return "Taixingbang Technology (HK) Co,. LTD.";
case 212:
return "Kawantech";
case 213:
return "Austco Communication Systems";
case 214:
return "Timex Group USA, Inc.";
case 215:
return "Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.";
case 216:
return "Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.";
case 217:
return "Voyetra Turtle Beach";
case 218:
return "txtr GmbH";
case 219:
return "Biosentronics";
case 220:
return "Procter & Gamble";
case 221:
return "Hosiden Corporation";
case 222:
return "Muzik LLC";
case 223:
return "Misfit Wearables Corp";
case 224:
return "Google";
case 225:
return "Danlers Ltd";
case 226:
return "Semilink Inc";
case 227:
return "inMusic Brands, Inc";
case 228:
return "L.S. Research Inc.";
case 229:
return "Eden Software Consultants Ltd.";
case 230:
return "Freshtemp";
case 231:
return "KS Technologies";
case 232:
return "ACTS Technologies";
case 233:
return "Vtrack Systems";
case 234:
return "Nielsen-Kellerman Company";
case 235:
return "Server Technology, Inc.";
case 236:
return "BioResearch Associates";
case 237:
return "Jolly Logic, LLC";
case 238:
return "Above Average Outcomes, Inc.";
case 239:
return "Bitsplitters GmbH";
case 240:
return "PayPal, Inc.";
case 241:
return "Witron Technology Limited";
case 242:
return "Aether Things Inc. (formerly Morse Project Inc.)";
case 243:
return "Kent Displays Inc.";
case 244:
return "Nautilus Inc.";
case 245:
return "Smartifier Oy";
case 246:
return "Elcometer Limited";
case 247:
return "VSN Technologies Inc.";
case 248:
return "AceUni Corp., Ltd.";
case 249:
return "StickNFind";
case 250:
return "Crystal Code AB";
case 251:
return "KOUKAAM a.s.";
case 252:
return "Delphi Corporation";
case 253:
return "ValenceTech Limited";
case 254:
return "Reserved";
case 255:
return "Typo Products, LLC";
case 256:
return "TomTom International BV";
case 257:
return "Fugoo, Inc";
case 258:
return "Keiser Corporation";
case 259:
return "Bang & Olufsen A/S";
case 260:
return "PLUS Locations Systems Pty Ltd";
case 261:
return "Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation";
case 262:
return "Innovative Yachtter Solutions";
case 263:
return "William Demant Holding A/S";
case 264:
return "Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.";
case 265:
return "Atus BV";
case 266:
return "Codegate Ltd.";
case 267:
return "ERi, Inc.";
case 268:
return "Transducers Direct, LLC";
case 269:
return "Fujitsu Ten Limited";
case 270:
return "Audi AG";
case 271:
return "HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.";
case 272:
return "Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.";
case 273:
return "Steelseries ApS";
case 274:
return "Visybl Inc.";
case 275:
return "Openbrain Technologies, Co., Ltd.";
case 276:
return "Xensr";
case 277:
return "";
case 278:
return "1OAK Technologies";
case 279:
return "Wimoto Technologies Inc";
case 280:
return "Radius Networks, Inc.";
case 281:
return "Wize Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 282:
return "Qualcomm Labs, Inc.";
case 283:
return "Aruba Networks";
case 284:
return "Baidu";
case 285:
return "Arendi AG";
case 286:
return "Skoda Auto a.s.";
case 287:
return "Volkswagen AG";
case 288:
return "Porsche AG";
case 289:
return "Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd.";
case 290:
return "AirTurn, Inc.";
case 291:
return "Kinsa, Inc.";
case 292:
return "HID Global";
case 293:
return "SEAT es";
case 294:
return "Promethean Ltd.";
case 295:
return "Salutica Allied Solutions";
case 296:
return "GPSI Group Pty Ltd";
case 297:
return "Nimble Devices Oy";
case 298:
return "Changzhou Yongse Infotech Co., Ltd";
case 299:
return "SportIQ";
case 300:
return "TEMEC Instruments B.V.";
case 301:
return "Sony Corporation";
case 302:
return "ASSA ABLOY";
case 303:
return "Clarion Co., Ltd.";
case 304:
return "Warehouse Innovations";
case 305:
return "Cypress Semiconductor Corporation";
case 306:
return "MADS Inc";
case 307:
return "Blue Maestro Limited";
case 308:
return "Resolution Products, Inc.";
case 309:
return "Airewear LLC";
case 310:
return "Seed Labs, Inc. (formerly ETC sp. z.o.o.)";
case 311:
return "Prestigio Plaza Ltd.";
case 312:
return "NTEO Inc.";
case 313:
return "Focus Systems Corporation";
case 314:
return "Tencent Holdings Limited";
case 315:
return "Allegion";
case 316:
return "Murata Manufacuring Co., Ltd.";
case 317:
return "WirelessWERX";
case 318:
return "Nod, Inc.";
case 319:
return "B&B Manufacturing Company";
case 320:
return "Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd";
case 321:
return "FedEx Services";
case 322:
return "Grape Systems Inc.";
case 323:
return "Bkon Connect";
case 324:
return "Lintech GmbH";
case 325:
return "Novatel Wireless";
case 326:
return "Ciright";
case 327:
return "Mighty Cast, Inc.";
case 328:
return "Ambimat Electronics";
case 329:
return "Perytons Ltd.";
case 330:
return "Tivoli Audio, LLC";
case 331:
return "Master Lock";
case 332:
return "Mesh-Net Ltd";
case 333:
return "Huizhou Desay SV Automotive CO., LTD.";
case 334:
return "Tangerine, Inc.";
case 335:
return "B&W Group Ltd.";
case 336:
return "Pioneer Corporation";
case 337:
return "OnBeep";
case 338:
return "Vernier Software & Technology";
case 339:
return "ROL Ergo";
case 340:
return "Pebble Technology";
case 341:
return "NETATMO";
case 342:
return "Accumulate AB";
case 343:
return "Anhui Huami Information Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 344:
return "Inmite s.r.o.";
case 345:
return "ChefSteps, Inc.";
case 346:
return "micas AG";
case 347:
return "Biomedical Research Ltd.";
case 348:
return "Pitius Tec S.L.";
case 349:
return "Estimote, Inc.";
case 350:
return "Unikey Technologies, Inc.";
case 351:
return "Timer Cap Co.";
case 352:
return "AwoX";
case 353:
return "yikes";
case 354:
return "MADSGlobal NZ Ltd.";
case 355:
return "PCH International";
case 356:
return "Qingdao Yeelink Information Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 357:
return "Milwaukee Tool (formerly Milwaukee Electric Tools)";
case 358:
return "MISHIK Pte Ltd";
case 359:
return "Bayer HealthCare";
case 360:
return "Spicebox LLC";
case 361:
return "emberlight";
case 362:
return "Cooper-Atkins Corporation";
case 363:
return "Qblinks";
case 364:
return "MYSPHERA";
case 365:
return "LifeScan Inc";
case 366:
return "Volantic AB";
case 367:
return "Podo Labs, Inc";
case 368:
return "F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG";
case 369:
return "Amazon Fulfillment Service";
case 370:
return "Connovate Technology Private Limited";
case 371:
return "Kocomojo, LLC";
case 372:
return "Everykey LLC";
case 373:
return "Dynamic Controls";
case 374:
return "SentriLock";
case 375:
return "I-SYST inc.";
case 376:
case 377:
return "LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd.";
case 378:
return "Telemonitor, Inc.";
case 379:
return "taskit GmbH";
case 380:
return "Daimler AG";
case 381:
return "BatAndCat";
case 382:
return "BluDotz Ltd";
case 383:
return "XTel ApS";
case 384:
return "Gigaset Communications GmbH";
case 385:
return "Gecko Health Innovations, Inc.";
case 386:
return "HOP Ubiquitous";
case 387:
return "To Be Assigned";
case 388:
return "Nectar";
case 389:
return "bel'apps LLC";
case 390:
return "CORE Lighting Ltd";
case 391:
return "Seraphim Sense Ltd";
case 392:
return "Unico RBC";
case 393:
return "Physical Enterprises Inc.";
case 394:
return "Able Trend Technology Limited";
case 395:
return "Konica Minolta, Inc.";
case 396:
return "Wilo SE";
case 397:
return "Extron Design Services";
case 398:
return "Fitbit, Inc.";
case 399:
return "Fireflies Systems";
case 400:
return "Intelletto Technologies Inc.";
case 401:
case 402:
return "Cloudleaf, Inc";
case 403:
return "Maveric Automation LLC";
case 404:
return "Acoustic Stream Corporation";
case 405:
return "Zuli";
case 406:
return "Paxton Access Ltd";
case 407:
return "WiSilica Inc";
case 408:
return "Vengit Limited";
case 409:
return "SALTO SYSTEMS S.L.";
case 410:
return "TRON Forum (formerly T-Engine Forum)";
case 411:
return "CUBETECH s.r.o.";
case 412:
return "Cokiya Incorporated";
case 413:
return "CVS Health";
case 414:
return "Ceruus";
case 415:
return "Strainstall Ltd";
case 416:
return "Channel Enterprises (HK) Ltd.";
case 417:
return "FIAMM";
case 418:
return "GIGALANE.CO.,LTD";
case 419:
return "EROAD";
case 420:
return "Mine Safety Appliances";
case 421:
return "Icon Health and Fitness";
case 422:
return "Asandoo GmbH";
case 423:
case 424:
return "Taobao";
case 425:
return "Canon Inc.";
case 426:
return "Geophysical Technology Inc.";
case 427:
return "Facebook, Inc.";
case 428:
return "Nipro Diagnostics, Inc.";
case 429:
return "FlightSafety International";
case 430:
return "Earlens Corporation";
case 431:
return "Sunrise Micro Devices, Inc.";
case 432:
return "Star Micronics Co., Ltd.";
case 433:
return "Netizens Sp. z o.o.";
case 434:
return "Nymi Inc.";
case 435:
return "Nytec, Inc.";
case 436:
return "Trineo Sp. z o.o.";
case 437:
return "Nest Labs Inc.";
case 438:
return "LM Technologies Ltd";
case 439:
return "General Electric Company";
case 440:
return "i+D3 S.L.";
case 441:
return "HANA Micron";
case 442:
return "Stages Cycling LLC";
case 443:
return "Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB";
case 444:
return "SenionLab AB";
case 445:
return "Syszone Co., Ltd";
case 446:
return "Pulsate Mobile Ltd.";
case 447:
return "Hong Kong HunterSun Electronic Limited";
case 448:
return "pironex GmbH";
case 449:
return "BRADATECH Corp.";
case 450:
return "Transenergooil AG";
case 451:
return "Bunch";
case 452:
return "DME Microelectronics";
case 453:
return "Bitcraze AB";
case 454:
return "HASWARE Inc.";
case 455:
return "Abiogenix Inc.";
case 456:
return "Poly-Control ApS";
case 457:
return "Avi-on";
case 458:
return "Laerdal Medical AS";
case 459:
return "Fetch My Pet";
case 460:
return "Sam Labs Ltd.";
case 461:
return "Chengdu Synwing Technology Ltd";
case 462:
return "HOUWA SYSTEM DESIGN, k.k.";
case 463:
return "BSH";
case 464:
return "Primus Inter Pares Ltd";
case 465:
return "August";
case 466:
return "Gill Electronics";
case 467:
return "Sky Wave Design";
case 468:
return "Newlab S.r.l.";
case 469:
return "ELAD srl";
case 470:
return "G-wearables inc.";
case 471:
return "Squadrone Systems Inc.";
case 472:
return "Code Corporation";
case 473:
return "Savant Systems LLC";
case 474:
return "Logitech International SA";
case 475:
return "Innblue Consulting";
case 476:
return "iParking Ltd.";
case 477:
return "Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.";
case 478:
return "Minelab Electronics Pty Limited";
case 479:
return "Bison Group Ltd.";
case 480:
return "Widex A/S";
case 481:
return "Jolla Ltd";
case 482:
return "Lectronix, Inc.";
case 483:
return "Caterpillar Inc";
case 484:
return "Freedom Innovations";
case 485:
return "Dynamic Devices Ltd";
case 486:
return "Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd";
case 487:
return "IPS Group Inc.";
case 488:
return "STIR";
case 489:
return "Sano, Inc";
case 490:
return "Advanced Application Design, Inc.";
case 491:
return "AutoMap LLC";
case 492:
return "Spreadtrum Communications Shanghai Ltd";
case 493:
return "CuteCircuit LTD";
case 494:
return "Valeo Service";
case 495:
return "Fullpower Technologies, Inc.";
case 496:
return "KloudNation";
case 497:
return "Zebra Technologies Corporation";
case 498:
return "Itron, Inc.";
case 499:
return "The University of Tokyo";
case 500:
return "UTC Fire and Security";
case 501:
return "Cool Webthings Limited";
case 502:
return "DJO Global";
case 503:
return "Gelliner Limited";
case 504:
return "Anyka (Guangzhou) Microelectronics Technology Co, LTD";
case 505:
return "Medtronic, Inc.";
case 506:
return "Gozio, Inc.";
case 507:
return "Form Lifting, LLC";
case 508:
return "Wahoo Fitness, LLC";
case 509:
return "Kontakt Micro-Location Sp. z o.o.";
case 510:
return "Radio System Corporation";
case 511:
return "Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.";
case 512:
return "Verifone Systems PTe Ltd. Taiwan Branch";
case 513:
return "AR Timing";
case 514:
return "Rigado LLC";
case 515:
return "Kemppi Oy";
case 516:
return "Tapcentive Inc.";
case 517:
return "Smartbotics Inc.";
case 518:
return "Otter Products, LLC";
case 519:
return "STEMP Inc.";
case 520:
return "LumiGeek LLC";
case 521:
return "InvisionHeart Inc.";
case 522:
return "Macnica Inc.";
case 523:
return "Jaguar Land Rover Limited";
case 524:
return "CoroWare Technologies, Inc";
case 525:
return "Simplo Technology Co., LTD";
case 526:
return "Omron Healthcare Co., LTD";
case 527:
return "Comodule GMBH";
case 528:
return "ikeGPS";
case 529:
return "Telink Semiconductor Co. Ltd";
case 530:
return "Interplan Co., Ltd";
case 531:
return "Wyler AG";
case 532:
return "IK Multimedia Production srl";
case 533:
return "Lukoton Experience Oy";
case 534:
return "MTI Ltd";
case 535:
return "Tech4home, Lda";
case 536:
return "Hiotech AB";
case 537:
return "DOTT Limited";
case 538:
return "Blue Speck Labs, LLC";
case 539:
return "Cisco Systems Inc";
case 540:
return "Mobicomm Inc";
case 541:
return "Edamic";
case 542:
return "Goodnet Ltd";
case 543:
return "Luster Leaf Products Inc";
case 544:
return "Manus Machina BV";
case 545:
return "Mobiquity Networks Inc";
case 546:
return "Praxis Dynamics";
case 547:
return "Philip Morris Products S.A.";
case 548:
return "Comarch SA";
case 549:
return "Nestlé Nespresso S.A.";
case 550:
return "Merlinia A/S";
case 551:
return "LifeBEAM Technologies";
case 552:
return "Twocanoes Labs, LLC";
case 553:
return "Muoverti Limited";
case 554:
return "Stamer Musikanlagen GMBH";
case 555:
return "Tesla Motors";
case 556:
return "Pharynks Corporation";
case 557:
return "Lupine";
case 558:
return "Siemens AG";
case 559:
return "Huami (Shanghai) Culture Communication CO., LTD";
case 560:
return "Foster Electric Company, Ltd";
case 561:
return "ETA SA";
case 562:
return "x-Senso Solutions Kft";
case 563:
return "Shenzhen SuLong Communication Ltd";
case 564:
return "FengFan (BeiJing) Technology Co, Ltd";
case 565:
return "Qrio Inc";
case 566:
return "Pitpatpet Ltd";
case 567:
return "MSHeli s.r.l.";
case 568:
return "Trakm8 Ltd";
case 569:
return "JIN CO, Ltd";
case 570:
return "Alatech Technology";
case 571:
return "Beijing CarePulse Electronic Technology Co, Ltd";
case 572:
return "Awarepoint";
case 573:
return "ViCentra B.V.";
case 574:
return "Raven Industries";
case 575:
return "WaveWare Technologies";
case 576:
return "Argenox Technologies";
case 577:
return "Bragi GmbH";
case 578:
return "16Lab Inc";
case 579:
return "Masimo Corp";
case 580:
return "Iotera Inc.";
case 581:
return "Endress+Hauser";
case 582:
return "ACKme Networks, Inc.";
case 583:
return "FiftyThree Inc.";
case 584:
return "Parker Hannifin Corp";
case 585:
return "Transcranial Ltd";
case 586:
return "Uwatec AG";
case 587:
return "Orlan LLC";
case 588:
return "Blue Clover Devices";
case 589:
return "M-Way Solutions GmbH";
case 590:
return "Microtronics Engineering GmbH";
case 591:
return "Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH";
case 592:
return "Sapphire Circuits LLC";
case 593:
return "Lumo Bodytech Inc.";
case 594:
return "UKC Technosolution";
case 595:
return "Xicato Inc.";
case 596:
return "Playbrush";
case 597:
return "Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.";
case 598:
return "G24 Power Limited";
case 599:
return "AdBabble Local Commerce Inc.";
case 600:
return "Devialet SA";
case 601:
return "ALTYOR";
case 602:
return "University of Applied Sciences Valais/Haute Ecole Valaisanne";
case 603:
return "Five Interactive, LLC dba Zendo";
case 604:
return "NetEase (Hangzhou) Network co.Ltd.";
case 605:
return "Lexmark International Inc.";
case 606:
return "Fluke Corporation";
case 607:
return "Yardarm Technologies";
case 608:
return "SensaRx";
case 609:
return "SECVRE GmbH";
case 610:
return "Glacial Ridge Technologies";
case 611:
return "Identiv, Inc.";
case 612:
return "DDS, Inc.";
case 613:
return "SMK Corporation";
case 614:
return "Schawbel Technologies LLC";
case 615:
return "XMI Systems SA";
case 616:
return "Cerevo";
case 617:
return "Torrox GmbH & Co KG";
case 618:
return "Gemalto";
case 619:
return "DEKA Research & Development Corp.";
case 620:
return "Domster Tadeusz Szydlowski";
case 621:
return "Technogym SPA";
case 622:
case 623:
return "Aptcode Solutions";
case 624:
return "LSI ADL Technology";
case 625:
return "Animas Corp";
case 626:
return "Alps Electric Co., Ltd.";
case 627:
return "OCEASOFT";
case 628:
return "Motsai Research";
case 629:
return "Geotab";
case 630:
return "E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH";
case 631:
return "bewhere inc";
case 632:
return "Johnson Outdoors Inc";
case 633:
return "steute Schaltgerate GmbH & Co. KG";
case 634:
return "Ekomini inc.";
case 635:
return "DEFA AS";
case 636:
return "Aseptika Ltd";
case 637:
return "HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. ( 华为技术有限公司 )";
case 638:
return "HabitAware, LLC";
case 639:
return "ruwido austria gmbh";
case 640:
return "ITEC corporation";
case 641:
return "StoneL";
case 642:
return "Sonova AG";
case 643:
return "Maven Machines, Inc.";
case 644:
return "Synapse Electronics";
case 645:
return "Standard Innovation Inc.";
case 646:
return "RF Code, Inc.";
case 647:
return "Wally Ventures S.L.";
case 648:
return "Willowbank Electronics Ltd";
case 649:
return "SK Telecom";
case 650:
return "Jetro AS";
case 651:
return "Code Gears LTD";
case 652:
return "NANOLINK APS";
case 653:
return "IF, LLC";
case 654:
return "RF Digital Corp";
case 655:
return "Church & Dwight Co., Inc";
case 656:
return "Multibit Oy";
case 657:
return "CliniCloud Inc";
case 658:
return "SwiftSensors";
case 659:
return "Blue Bite";
case 660:
return "ELIAS GmbH";
case 661:
return "Sivantos GmbH";
case 662:
return "Petzl";
case 663:
return "storm power ltd";
case 664:
return "EISST Ltd";
case 665:
return "Inexess Technology Simma KG";
case 666:
return "Currant, Inc.";
case 667:
return "C2 Development, Inc.";
case 668:
return "Blue Sky Scientific, LLC";
case 669:
case 670:
return "Kupson spol. s r.o.";
case 671:
return "Areus Engineering GmbH";
case 672:
return "Impossible Camera GmbH";
case 673:
return "InventureTrack Systems";
case 674:
return "LockedUp";
case 675:
return "Itude";
case 676:
return "Pacific Lock Company";
case 677:
return "Tendyron Corporation ( 天地融科技股份有限公司 )";
case 678:
return "Robert Bosch GmbH";
case 679:
return "Illuxtron international B.V.";
case 680:
return "miSport Ltd.";
case 681:
return "Chargelib";
case 682:
return "Doppler Lab";
case 683:
return "BBPOS Limited";
case 684:
return "RTB Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG";
case 685:
return "Rx Networks, Inc.";
case 686:
return "WeatherFlow, Inc.";
case 687:
return "Technicolor USA Inc.";
case 688:
return "Bestechnic(Shanghai),Ltd";
case 689:
return "Raden Inc";
case 690:
return "JouZen Oy";
case 691:
return "CLABER S.P.A.";
case 692:
return "Hyginex, Inc.";
case 693:
case 694:
return "Schneider Electric";
case 695:
return "Oort Technologies LLC";
case 696:
return "Chrono Therapeutics";
case 697:
return "Rinnai Corporation";
case 698:
return "Swissprime Technologies AG";
case 699:
return "Koha.,Co.Ltd";
case 700:
return "Genevac Ltd";
case 701:
return "Chemtronics";
case 702:
return "Seguro Technology Sp. z o.o.";
case 703:
return "Redbird Flight Simulations";
case 704:
return "Dash Robotics";
case 705:
return "LINE Corporation";
case 706:
return "Guillemot Corporation";
case 707:
return "Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited";
case 708:
return "Wilson Sporting Goods";
case 709:
return "Lenovo (Singapore) Pte Ltd. ( 联想(新加坡) )";
case 710:
return "Ayatan Sensors";
case 711:
return "Electronics Tomorrow Limited";
case 712:
return "VASCO Data Security International, Inc.";
case 713:
return "PayRange Inc.";
case 714:
return "ABOV Semiconductor";
case 715:
return "AINA-Wireless Inc.";
case 716:
return "Eijkelkamp Soil & Water";
case 717:
return "BMA ergonomics b.v.";
case 718:
return "Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&D, Inc.";
case 719:
return "Anima";
case 720:
return "3M";
case 721:
return "Empatica Srl";
case 722:
return "Afero, Inc.";
case 723:
return "Powercast Corporation";
case 724:
return "Secuyou ApS";
case 725:
return "OMRON Corporation";
case 726:
return "Send Solutions";
case 727:
case 728:
return "Neosfar";
case 729:
return "Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH";
case 730:
return "Gilvader";
case 731:
return "Digi International Inc (R)";
case 732:
return "DeWalch Technologies, Inc.";
case 733:
return "Flint Rehabilitation Devices, LLC";
case 734:
return "Samsung SDS Co., Ltd.";
case 735:
return "Blur Product Development";
case 736:
return "University of Michigan";
case 737:
return "Victron Energy BV";
case 738:
return "NTT docomo";
case 739:
return "Carmanah Technologies Corp.";
case 740:
return "Bytestorm Ltd.";
case 741:
return "Espressif Incorporated ( 乐鑫信息科技(上海)有限公司 )";
case 742:
return "Unwire";
case 743:
return "Connected Yard, Inc.";
case 744:
return "American Music Environments";
case 745:
return "Sensogram Technologies, Inc.";
case 746:
return "Fujitsu Limited";
case 747:
return "Ardic Technology";
case 748:
return "Delta Systems, Inc";
case 749:
return "HTC Corporation";
case 750:
return "Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.";
case 751:
return "";
case 752:
return "Blackrat Software";
case 753:
return "The Idea Cave, LLC";
case 754:
return "GoPro, Inc.";
case 755:
return "AuthAir, Inc";
case 756:
return "Vensi, Inc.";
case 757:
return "Indagem Tech LLC";
case 758:
return "Intemo Technologies";
case 759:
return "DreamVisions co., Ltd.";
case 760:
return "Runteq Oy Ltd";
case 761:
case 762:
return "CoSTAR Technologies";
case 763:
return "Clarius Mobile Health Corp.";
case 764:
return "Shanghai Frequen Microelectronics Co., Ltd.";
case 765:
return "Uwanna, Inc.";
case 766:
return "Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.";
case 767:
return "Silicon Laboratories";
case 768:
return "World Moto Inc.";
case 769:
return "Giatec Scientific Inc.";
case 770:
return "Loop Devices, Inc";
case 771:
return "IACA electronique";
case 772:
return "Martians Inc";
case 773:
return "Swipp ApS";
case 774:
return "Life Laboratory Inc.";
case 775:
case 776:
return "Surefire, LLC";
case 777:
return "Dolby Labs";
case 778:
return "Ellisys";
case 779:
return "Magnitude Lighting Converters";
case 780:
return "Hilti AG";
case 781:
return "Devdata S.r.l.";
case 782:
return "Deviceworx";
case 783:
return "Shortcut Labs";
case 784:
return "SGL Italia S.r.l.";
case 785:
return "PEEQ DATA";
case 786:
return "Ducere Technologies Pvt Ltd";
case 787:
return "DiveNav, Inc.";
case 788:
return "RIIG AI Sp. z o.o.";
case 789:
return "Thermo Fisher Scientific";
case 790:
return "AG Measurematics Pvt. Ltd.";
case 791:
return "CHUO Electronics CO., LTD.";
case 792:
return "Aspenta International";
case 793:
return "Eugster Frismag AG";
case 794:
return "Amber wireless GmbH";
case 795:
return "HQ Inc";
case 796:
return "Lab Sensor Solutions";
case 797:
return "Enterlab ApS";
case 798:
return "Eyefi, Inc.";
case 799:
return "MetaSystem S.p.A";
case 800:
case 801:
return "Jewelbots";
case 802:
return "Compumedics Limited";
case 803:
return "Rotor Bike Components";
case 804:
return "Astro, Inc.";
case 805:
return "Amotus Solutions";
case 806:
return "Healthwear Technologies (Changzhou)Ltd";
case 807:
return "Essex Electronics";
case 808:
return "Grundfos A/S";
case 809:
return "Eargo, Inc.";
case 810:
return "Electronic Design Lab";
case 811:
return "ESYLUX";
case 812:
return "NIPPON SMT.CO.,Ltd";
case 813:
return "BM innovations GmbH";
case 814:
return "indoormap";
case 815:
return "OttoQ Inc";
case 816:
return "North Pole Engineering";
case 817:
return "3flares Technologies Inc.";
case 818:
return "Electrocompaniet A.S.";
case 819:
return "Mul-T-Lock";
case 820:
return "Corentium AS";
case 821:
return "Enlighted Inc";
case 822:
return "GISTIC";
case 823:
return "AJP2 Holdings, LLC";
case 824:
return "COBI GmbH";
case 825:
return "Blue Sky Scientific, LLC";
case 826:
return "Appception, Inc.";
case 827:
return "Courtney Thorne Limited";
case 828:
return "Virtuosys";
case 829:
return "TPV Technology Limited";
case 830:
return "Monitra SA";
case 831:
return "Automation Components, Inc.";
case 832:
return "Letsense s.r.l.";
case 833:
return "Etesian Technologies LLC";
case 834:
case 835:
return "Drekker Development Pty. Ltd.";
case 836:
return "Whirl Inc";
case 837:
return "Locus Positioning";
case 838:
return "Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc";
case 839:
return "Prevent Biometrics";
case 840:
return "Arioneo";
case 841:
return "VersaMe";
case 842:
return "Vaddio";
case 843:
return "Libratone A/S";
case 844:
return "HM Electronics, Inc.";
case 845:
return "TASER International, Inc.";
case 846:
return "Safe Trust Inc.";
case 847:
return "Heartland Payment Systems";
case 848:
return "Bitstrata Systems Inc.";
case 849:
return "Pieps GmbH";
case 850:
return "iRiding(Xiamen)Technology Co.,Ltd.";
case 851:
return "Alpha Audiotronics, Inc.";
case 852:
case 853:
return "Sigma Designs, Inc.";
case 854:
return "Spectrum Brands, Inc.";
case 855:
return "Polymap Wireless";
case 856:
return "MagniWare Ltd.";
case 857:
return "Novotec Medical GmbH";
case 858:
return "Medicom Innovation Partner a/s";
case 859:
return "Matrix Inc.";
case 860:
return "Eaton Corporation";
case 861:
return "KYS";
case 862:
return "Naya Health, Inc.";
case 863:
return "Acromag";
case 864:
return "Insulet Corporation";
case 865:
return "Wellinks Inc.";
case 866:
return "ON Semiconductor";
case 867:
return "FREELAP SA";
case 868:
return "Favero Electronics Srl";
case 869:
return "BioMech Sensor LLC";
case 870:
return "BOLTT Sports technologies Private limited";
case 871:
return "Saphe International";
case 872:
return "Metormote AB";
case 873:
return "littleBits";
case 874:
return "SetPoint Medical";
case 875:
return "BRControls Products BV";
case 876:
return "Zipcar";
case 877:
return "AirBolt Pty Ltd";
case 878:
return "KeepTruckin Inc";
case 879:
return "Motiv, Inc.";
case 880:
return "Wazombi Labs OÜ";
case 881:
return "ORBCOMM";
case 882:
return "Nixie Labs, Inc.";
case 883:
return "AppNearMe Ltd";
case 884:
return "Holman Industries";
case 885:
return "Expain AS";
case 886:
return "Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd";
case 887:
return "Plejd AB";
case 888:
return "Propeller Health";
case 889:
return "Shenzhen iMCO Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd";
case 890:
return "Algoria";
case 891:
return "Apption Labs Inc.";
case 892:
return "Cronologics Corporation";
case 893:
return "MICRODIA Ltd.";
case 894:
return "lulabytes S.L.";
case 895:
return "Nestec S.A.";
case 896:
return "LLC \"MEGA-F service\"";
case 897:
return "Sharp Corporation";
case 898:
return "Precision Outcomes Ltd";
case 899:
return "Kronos Incorporated";
case 900:
return "OCOSMOS Co., Ltd.";
case 901:
return "Embedded Electronic Solutions Ltd. dba e2Solutions";
case 902:
return "Aterica Inc.";
case 903:
return "BluStor PMC, Inc.";
case 904:
return "Kapsch TrafficCom AB";
case 905:
return "ActiveBlu Corporation";
case 906:
return "Kohler Mira Limited";
case 907:
return "Noke";
case 908:
return "Appion Inc.";
case 909:
return "Resmed Ltd";
case 910:
return "Crownstone B.V.";
case 911:
return "Xiaomi Inc.";
case 912:
return "INFOTECH s.r.o.";
case 913:
return "Thingsquare AB";
case 914:
return "T&D";
case 915:
return "LAVAZZA S.p.A.";
case 916:
return "Netclearance Systems, Inc.";
case 917:
return "SDATAWAY";
case 918:
return "BLOKS GmbH";
case 919:
return "LEGO System A/S";
case 920:
return "Thetatronics Ltd";
case 921:
return "Nikon Corporation";
case 922:
return "NeST";
case 923:
return "South Silicon Valley Microelectronics";
case 924:
return "ALE International";
case 925:
return "CareView Communications, Inc.";
case 926:
return "SchoolBoard Limited";
case 927:
return "Molex Corporation";
case 928:
return "IVT Wireless Limited";
case 929:
return "Alpine Labs LLC";
case 930:
return "Candura Instruments";
case 931:
return "SmartMovt Technology Co., Ltd";
case 932:
return "Token Zero Ltd";
case 933:
return "ACE CAD Enterprise Co., Ltd. (ACECAD)";
case 934:
return "Medela, Inc";
case 935:
return "AeroScout";
case 936:
return "Esrille Inc.";
case 937:
case 938:
return "Exon Sp. z o.o.";
case 939:
return "Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.";
case 940:
return "Smablo LTD";
case 65535:
return "internal use";
return "not assigned";