ath10k: fix firmware assert in monitor mode

commit 166de3f1895d ("ath10k: remove supported chain mask") had revealed
an issue on monitor mode. Configuring NSS upon monitor interface
creation is causing target assert in all qca9888x and qca6174 firmware.
Firmware assert issue can be reproduced by below sequence even after
reverting commit 166de3f1895d ("ath10k: remove supported chain mask").

ip link set wlan0 down
iw wlan0 set type monitor
iw phy0 set antenna 7
ip link set wlan0 up

This issue is originally reported on qca9888 with 10.1 firmware.

Change-Id: I3f5d302f18f2d2235653a0f0227d88cd439f6d6a
Fixes: 5572a95b4b ("ath10k: apply chainmask settings to vdev on creation")
Reported-by: Janusz Dziedzic <>
Signed-off-by: Rajkumar Manoharan <>
1 file changed