Fix parallel build for cmm

This is the wildcard recipe for the "all" target:

	$(MAKE) -C $* all

The following recipe for "cmm/all" had priority over the more general
recipe for the "%/all" target.

cmm/all: fci/lib/install

The resulting recipe for "cmm/all" was basically a noop.  Nothing got

After the "all" target has been remade, Make would execute the "install"
recipe which basically runs the following two commands in parallel.

make -C cmm DESTDIR=staging/ install
make -C cmm DESTDIR=target/ install

The Makefile in the "cmm" subdirectory defines the "all" target as a
prerequisite of the "install" target and therefore builds the same
before running the "install" recipe. As a result, two instances of make
are trying to re-make the "all" target at the same time which wreaks

To fix this problem, change the definition of "cmm/all" from a recipe to
a definition of a dependency. Make will now run a single instance of
"$(MAKE) -C $* all" before running two instances for the "install"
targets concurrently.

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