Some tools for auto-probing attached bruno devices.

'make -j20 map' will probe all local serial ports, plus the subnet(s)
defined in NMAP_SUBNETS, for serial-attached or ssh-enabled bruno devices.
It retrieves a bunch of details about each device (CPU type, storage vs. tv
box, nfsroot, IP address, ethernet address, whether ethernet or moca is
plugged in, etc) and stores the details persistently in configs/*.  Then assembles it all nicely.  Try this:

	make -j20

It dumps a human-readable list of discovered bruno devices to stdout.

The config.hosts array is queryable based on parameters, so for example, you
can request a storage box and a moca-attached TV box.  Next, we need to
support some per-device locking, and to rearrange the testrunner code so it
allocates and locks one or more available devices before running a test on
those devices.  Then we can have fancy parallelism.
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