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default: all
# Note: super-init-not-called really should be enabled, but we had to
# disable it for now due to gpylint bug b/18440404. Re-enable the warning
# if that bug gets fixed.
GPYLINT=$(shell \
if which gpylint >/dev/null; then \
echo gpylint \
--disable=g-bad-import-order \
--disable=g-unknown-interpreter \
--disable=super-init-not-called; \
else \
echo 'echo "(gpylint-missing)" >&2'; \
fi \
PYTHONPATH:=$(shell /bin/pwd):$(shell /bin/pwd)/../wvtest:$(PYTHONPATH)
runtests: \
$(patsubst,%.test,$(wildcard *
lint: $(filter-out,$(wildcard *.py))
test_only: all
$(MAKE) runtests
# Use a submake here, only because otherwise GNU make (3.81) will not print
# an error about 'test' itself failing if one of the two sub-targets fails.
# Without such output, 'lint' could fail long before test_only fails, and
# the test_only output could scroll off the top of the screen, leaving the
# misleading impression that everything tested successfully.
test: all
$(MAKE) test_only lint
rm -f *~ .*~ *.pyc