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  2. bluetooth.npy
  4. signals.config
  5. wifi.npy

Signal Generator Script

This script takes command line arguments to broadcast the sum of various signals with differing strengths. The script takes in arguments by specifying a type of signal to broadcast followed by the corresponding parameters for that signal. This script requires the user to specify at least 1 signal in order to operate.

The script currently supports 4 types of signals:

  1. It can broadcast a signal from a raw data file which is generated by a file source in GNURadio and by the script included in this project.
  2. Periodic - Generates a single sine wave at a specified offset from the center frequency and should show up as a spike in the fourier transform.
  3. Wifi - Mimics a wifi signal. The type-specific signals like this require that a config file be specified. The parameters of this signal can be generated using It also requires a signal profile stored in a .npy file.
  4. Bluetooth - Mimics a Bluetooth signal. See Wifi for description.

Usage: [options]

To print usage info use ./ -h option.

Note: If you are playing from a file and are getting Underruns (U), try moving the file to local storage.

A set of useful recordings and signal profiles have been placed at /google/data/rw/teams/gfiber/sdr/recordings that can be used for testing or other purposes.