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#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include "kvextract.h"
struct upload_config {
char server[1024];
char logtype[MAX_KV_LENGTH];
int upload_all;
int use_stdout;
int use_stdin;
int freq;
char upload_target[1024];
struct log_parse_params {
struct upload_config* config;
void* user_data;
int (*read_log_data)(char* buffer, int len, void* user_data);
const char* dev_kmsg_path;
const char* version_path;
const char* ntp_synced_path;
uint64_t last_log_counter;
char* log_buffer;
unsigned long total_read; // in sizeof(log_buffer), out bytes used
char* line_buffer;
int line_buffer_size;
int last_line_valid;
// Returns a pointer to the start of the valid log data which will be
// either the log_buffer pointer itself, or somewhere within its
// range.
char* parse_and_consume_log_data(struct log_parse_params* params);
// This writes the data to the log that logmark-once would normally do, but
// we do it here instead so we can have better time precision since the
// 'date' command we have doesn't support subsecond accuracy but the logs server
// will parse it.
int logmark_once(const char* output_path, const char* version_path,
const char* ntp_sync_path);
// Rewrite any MAC addresses of the form 00:11:22:33:44:55 (or similar)
// as anonids like ABCDEF.
unsigned long suppress_mac_addresses(char *line, ssize_t len);
// initialize a random key for anonymization.
void default_consensus_key();
#ifdef __cplusplus