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# Copyright 2013 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# TR-069 has mandatory attribute names that don't comply with policy
# pylint:disable=invalid-name
"""Implementation of tr-181 Device.IP.Interface hierarchy of objects.
Handles the Device.IP.Interface portion of TR-181, as described
__author__ = ' (Denton Gentry)'
import netdev
import pynetlinux
import socket
import struct
import subprocess
import traceback
import tr.basemodel
import tr.cwmpdate
import tr.mainloop
import tr.session
import tr.cwmptypes
import tr.x_catawampus_tr181_2_0
import netifaces # pylint:disable=g-import-not-at-top
IFADDRESSES = netifaces.ifaddresses
except ImportError:
print 'Skipping netifaces module for unit test'
BASEIPINTF = tr.basemodel.Device.IP.Interface
CATA181IP = tr.x_catawampus_tr181_2_0.X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_Device_v2_0.Device.IP
IPCONFIG = ['tr69_ipconfig']
PYNETIFCONF = pynetlinux.ifconfig.Interface
def _ConvertMaskToCIDR(mask):
"""Convert a netmask like to a CIDR length like /24."""
bits = int(struct.unpack('!I', socket.inet_pton(socket.AF_INET, mask))[0])
found_one_bit = False
maskbits = 0
for i in range(32):
if (bits >> i) & 1 == 1:
found_one_bit = True
elif found_one_bit:
return -1
maskbits += 1
return 32 - maskbits
class IPInterfaceStatsLinux26(netdev.NetdevStatsLinux26, BASEIPINTF.Stats):
"""tr181 IP.Interface.{i}.Stats implementation for Linux eth#."""
def __init__(self, ifname):
netdev.NetdevStatsLinux26.__init__(self, ifname)
class IPInterfaceLinux26(CATA181IP.Interface):
"""Handling for a Linux 2.6-style device like eth0/eth1/etc.
ifname: netdev name, like 'eth0'
lowerlayers: string path of Device.{Ethernet,MoCA,etc}
Enable = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(True)
IPv4Enable = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(True)
IPv4AddressNumberOfEntries = tr.cwmptypes.NumberOf('IPv4AddressList')
IPv6AddressNumberOfEntries = tr.cwmptypes.NumberOf('IPv6AddressList')
IPv6PrefixNumberOfEntries = tr.cwmptypes.NumberOf('IPv6PrefixList')
IPv6Enable = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(True)
LowerLayers = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('')
Name = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('')
Type = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('Normal')
def __init__(self, ifname, lowerlayers=''):
super(IPInterfaceLinux26, self).__init__()
self._pynet = PYNETIFCONF(ifname)
self._ifname = ifname
self.Unexport(['Alias', 'AutoIPEnable', 'Router', 'Loopback', 'Reset',
type(self).Name.Set(self, ifname)
type(self).LowerLayers.Set(self, lowerlayers)
self.IPv6PrefixList = {}
self._Stats = IPInterfaceStatsLinux26(ifname=ifname)
def IPv4Address(self):
return IPv4Address(parent=self, origin='Static')
def X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_IP4Address(self):
ip4 = self.IPv4AddressList.values()
if ip4:
return ip4[0].IPAddress
return ''
def X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_IP6Address(self):
ip6 = self.IPv6AddressList.values()
if ip6:
return ip6[0].IPAddress
return ''
def LastChange(self):
return tr.cwmpdate.format(0)
def MaxMTUSize(self):
return self._pynet.get_mtu()
def Stats(self):
return self._Stats
def Status(self):
return 'Up' if self._pynet.is_up() else 'LowerLayerDown'
def UpdateConfig(self):
"""Pass IP addresses to the platform."""
cmd = IPCONFIG + [self._ifname]
for addr in self.IPv4AddressList.values():
ip = addr.IPAddress if addr.IPAddress else ''
mask = _ConvertMaskToCIDR(addr.SubnetMask) if addr.SubnetMask else 0
if ip and mask:
cmd.append('%s/%d' % (ip, mask))
except (IOError, OSError, subprocess.CalledProcessError):
print 'Unable to execute %s\n' % cmd
def IPv4AddressList(self):
ips = IFADDRESSES(self._ifname)
ip4s = sorted(ips.get(socket.AF_INET, []))
result = {}
for idx, ipdict in enumerate(ip4s, start=1):
ip4 = ipdict.get('addr', '')
mask = ipdict.get('netmask', '')
ipa = IPv4Address(parent=self, ipaddr=ip4, netmask=mask)
result[str(idx)] = ipa
return result
def IPv6AddressList(self):
ips = IFADDRESSES(self._ifname)
ip6s = sorted(ips.get(socket.AF_INET6, []))
result = {}
for idx, ipdict in enumerate(ip6s, start=1):
ip6 = ipdict.get('addr', '::0')
ipa = IPv6Address(parent=self, ipaddr=ip6)
result[str(idx)] = ipa
return result
class IPv4Address(BASEIPINTF.IPv4Address):
"""tr181 Device.IP.Interface.{i}.IPv4Address implementation for Linux."""
AddressingType = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyEnum(['DHCP', 'IKEv2', 'AutoIP',
'IPCP', 'Static', 'Unknown'],
Enable = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(True)
IPAddress = tr.cwmptypes.TriggerIP4Addr('')
Status = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('Enabled')
SubnetMask = tr.cwmptypes.TriggerIP4Addr('')
def __init__(self, parent, ipaddr='', netmask='', origin=None):
super(IPv4Address, self).__init__()
self._initialized = False
self._parent = parent
self.IPAddress = ipaddr
self.SubnetMask = netmask
if origin:
type(self).AddressingType.Set(self, origin)
self._initialized = True
def Triggered(self):
"""Called when parameters are modified.
We ignore changes which occur while the object is initializing.
if self._initialized:
class IPv6Address(BASEIPINTF.IPv6Address):
"""tr181 Device.IP.Interface.{i}.IPv6Address implementation for Linux."""
Enable = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(True)
IPAddress = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyIP6Addr('')
IPAddressStatus = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('Preferred')
Origin = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyEnum(['AutoConfigured', 'DHCPv6', 'IKEv2',
'WellKnown', 'Static', 'Unknown'],
Status = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('Enabled')
def __init__(self, parent, ipaddr='', origin='Unknown'):
super(IPv6Address, self).__init__()
self.Unexport(['Alias', 'Anycast', 'PreferredLifetime',
'Prefix', 'ValidLifetime'])
self._parent = parent
if '%' in ipaddr:
# Handle Link Local addresses 'fe80::fa8f:caff:fe00:24a4%lan0'
ipaddr = ipaddr.split('%')[0]
origin = 'AutoConfigured'
type(self).IPAddress.Set(self, ipaddr)
type(self).Origin.Set(self, origin)