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# Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# TR-069 has mandatory attribute names that don't comply with policy
# pylint:disable=invalid-name
"""Implementation of tr-98/181 WLAN objects for Broadcom Wifi chipsets.
The platform code is expected to set the BSSID (which is really a MAC address).
The Wifi module should be populated with a MAC address. For example if it
appears as eth2, then "ifconfig eth2" will show the MAC address from the Wifi
card. The platform should execute:
wl bssid xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
To set the bssid to the desired MAC address, either the one from the wifi
card or your own.
__author__ = ' (Denton Gentry)'
import collections
import copy
import re
import subprocess
import time
import tr.basemodel
import tr.core
import tr.cwmpbool
import tr.handle
import tr.helpers
import tr.session
import netdev
import wifi
BASE98WIFI = tr.basemodel.InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.WLANConfiguration
CATA98WIFI = tr.basemodel.InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.WLANConfiguration
# Supported Encryption Modes
EM_WEP = 1
EM_AES = 4
EM_WSEC = 8 # Not enumerated in tr-98
EM_FIPS = 0x80 # Not enumerated in tr-98
EM_WAPI = 0x100 # Not enumerated in tr-98
# Unit tests can override these.
WL_EXE = 'wl'
# Broadcom recommendation for delay while scanning for a channel
WL_RADIO_STATE_MARKER_FILE = '/tmp/wl_radio_on'
# Parameter enumerations
BEACONS = frozenset(['None', 'Basic', 'WPA', '11i', 'BasicandWPA',
'Basicand11i', 'WPAand11i', 'BasicandWPAand11i'])
BASICENCRYPTIONS = frozenset(['None', 'WEPEncryption'])
# We do not support EAPAuthentication
BASICAUTHMODES = frozenset(['None', 'SharedAuthentication'])
WPAAUTHMODES = frozenset(['PSKAuthentication'])
# regular expressions
TX_RE = re.compile(r'rate of last tx pkt: (\d+) kbps')
RX_RE = re.compile(r'rate of last rx pkt: (\d+) kbps')
IDLE_RE = re.compile(r'idle (\d+) seconds')
def IntOrZero(value):
return int(value)
except ValueError:
return 0
class WifiConfig(object):
"""A dumb data object to store config settings."""
class Wl(object):
"""Class wrapping Broadcom's wl utility.
This class implements low-level wifi handling, the stuff which tr-98
and tr-181 can both take advantage of.
This object cannot retain any state about the Wifi configuration, as
both tr-98 and tr-181 can have instances of this object. It has to
consult the wl utility for all state information.
def __init__(self, interface):
self._if = interface
def _SubprocessCall(self, cmd):
print 'running: %s %s' % (WL_EXE, cmd)
subprocess.check_call([WL_EXE, '-i', self._if] + cmd)
def _SubprocessWithOutput(self, cmd):
print 'running: %s %s' % (WL_EXE, cmd)
wl = subprocess.Popen([WL_EXE, '-i', self._if] + cmd,
out, _ = wl.communicate(None)
return out
def GetWlCounters(self):
"""Returns a dict() with the value of every 'wl counters' stat."""
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['counters'])
# match three different types of stat output:
# rxuflo: 1 2 3 4 5 6
# rxfilter 1
# d11_txretrie
st = re.compile(r'(\w+:?(?: \d+)*)')
stats = st.findall(out)
r1 = re.compile(r'(\w+): (.+)')
r2 = re.compile(r'(\w+) (\d+)')
r3 = re.compile(r'(\w+)')
sdict = dict()
for stat in stats:
p1 = r1.match(stat)
p2 = r2.match(stat)
p3 = r3.match(stat)
if p1 is not None:
sdict[] =
elif p2 is not None:
sdict[] =
elif p3 is not None:
sdict[] = '0'
return sdict
def DoAutoChannelSelect(self):
"""Run the AP through an auto channel selection."""
# Make sure the interface is up, and ssid is the empty string.
self._SubprocessCall(['ssid', ''])
self._SubprocessCall(['ap', '0'])
self._SubprocessCall(['spect', '0'])
self._SubprocessCall(['mpc', '0'])
# This starts a scan, and we give it some time to complete.
# TODO(jnewlin): Chat with broadcom about how long we need/should
# wait before setting the autoscanned channel.
self._SubprocessCall(['autochannel', '1'])
# You're supposed to use 'autochannel 2' at this point to set the
# chanspec based on the autochannel results. Sadly, the driver is buggy
# about this, and loses the autochannel setting most of the time.
# So instead, just get the channel it chose, and force it explicitly
# later.
chanstr = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['autochannel'])
print 'autochannel selection: %r' % chanstr
chanspec = chanstr.split()[0]
# Bring the interface back down and reset spect and mpc settings.
# spect can't be changed for 0 -> 1 unless the interface is down.
self._SubprocessCall(['spect', '1'])
self._SubprocessCall(['mpc', '1'])
return chanspec
def SetApMode(self):
"""Put device into AP mode."""
self._SubprocessCall(['ap', '1'])
def GetAssociatedDevices(self):
"""Return a list of MAC addresses of associated STAs."""
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['assoclist'])
stamac_re = re.compile(r'((?:[0-9a-fA-F]{2}:){5}[0-9a-fA-F]{2})')
stations = list()
for line in out.splitlines():
sta =
if sta is not None:
return stations
def GetAssociatedDevice(self, mac):
"""Return information about as associated STA.
mac: MAC address of the requested STA as a string, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
An AssociatedDevice namedtuple.
ad = collections.namedtuple(
'AssociatedDevice', ('MACAddress'
ad.MACAddress = mac
ad.AuthenticationState = False
ad.LastTransmitKbps = 0
ad.LastReceiveKbps = 0
ad.IdleSeconds = 0
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['sta_info', mac.upper()])
for line in out.splitlines():
if 'AUTHENTICATED' in line:
ad.AuthenticationState = True
tx_rate =
if tx_rate is not None:
ad.LastTransmitKbps = IntOrZero(
rx_rate =
if rx_rate is not None:
ad.LastReceiveKbps = IntOrZero(
idle =
if idle is not None:
ad.IdleSeconds = IntOrZero(
return ad
def GetAutoRateFallBackEnabled(self):
"""Return WLANConfiguration.AutoRateFallBackEnabled as a boolean."""
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['interference'])
mode_re = re.compile(r'\(mode (\d)\)')
result =
mode = -1
if result is not None:
mode = int(
return True if mode == 3 or mode == 4 else False
def SetAutoRateFallBackEnabled(self, value):
"""Set WLANConfiguration.AutoRateFallBackEnabled, expects a boolean."""
interference = 4 if value else 3
self._SubprocessCall(['interference', str(interference)])
def GetBand(self):
channel = self.GetChannel()
return '2.4GHz' if channel < 20 else '5GHz'
def SetBand(self, band):
x = 'b' if band == '2.4GHz' else 'a'
self._SubprocessCall(['band', str(x)])
def ValidateBand(self, band):
return band in ('2.4GHz', '5GHz')
def GetBasicDataTransmitRates(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['rateset'])
basic_re = re.compile(r'([0123456789]+(?:\.[0123456789]+)?)\(b\)')
return ','.join(basic_re.findall(out))
def GetBSSID(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['bssid'])
bssid_re = re.compile(r'((?:[0-9a-fA-F]{2}:){5}[0-9a-fA-F]{2})')
for line in out.splitlines():
bssid = bssid_re.match(line)
if bssid is not None:
return '00:00:00:00:00:00'
def SetBSSID(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['bssid', value])
def ValidateBSSID(self, value):
lower = value.lower()
if lower == '00:00:00:00:00:00' or lower == 'ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff':
return False
bssid_re = re.compile(r'((?:[0-9a-fA-F]{2}:){5}[0-9a-fA-F]{2})')
if is None:
return False
return True
def GetBssStatus(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['bss'])
lower = out.strip().lower()
if lower == 'up':
return 'Up'
elif lower == 'down':
return 'Disabled'
return 'Error'
def SetBssStatus(self, enable):
status = 'up' if enable else 'down'
self._SubprocessCall(['bss', status])
def GetChannel(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['channel'])
chan_re = re.compile(r'current mac channel(?:\s+)(\d+)')
for line in out.splitlines():
mr = chan_re.match(line)
if mr is not None:
return int(
return 0
def SetChannel(self, value):
except ValueError:
# a string like '64l' is a chanspec
self._SubprocessCall(['chanspec', str(value)])
# if it can be converted to int, it's a normal channel number
self._SubprocessCall(['channel', str(value)])
def ValidateChannel(self, value):
"""Check for a valid Wifi channel number."""
if value in range(1, 14):
return True # 2.4 GHz. US allows 1-11, Japan allows 1-13.
if value in range(36, 144, 4):
return True # 5 GHz lower bands
if value in range(149, 169, 4):
return True # 5 GHz upper bands
return False
def EM_StringToBitmap(self, enum):
"""Return bitmap suitable for 'wl crypto' for EncryptionModes."""
'None': EM_NONE,
'WEPEncryption': EM_WEP,
'TKIPEncryption': EM_TKIP,
'WEPandTKIPEncryption': EM_WEP | EM_TKIP,
'AESEncryption': EM_AES,
'WEPandAESEncryption': EM_WEP | EM_AES,
'TKIPandAESEncryption': EM_TKIP | EM_AES,
'WEPandTKIPandAESEncryption': EM_WEP | EM_TKIP | EM_AES}
return wsec.get(enum, EM_NONE)
def EM_BitmapToString(self, bitmap):
"""Return string description of a 'wl crypto' bitmap."""
EM_WEP: 'WEPEncryption',
EM_TKIP: 'TKIPEncryption',
EM_WEP | EM_TKIP: 'WEPandTKIPEncryption',
EM_AES: 'AESEncryption',
EM_WEP | EM_AES: 'WEPandAESEncryption',
EM_TKIP | EM_AES: 'TKIPandAESEncryption',
EM_WEP | EM_TKIP | EM_AES: 'WEPandTKIPandAESEncryption'}
return bmap.get(bitmap)
def GetEncryptionModes(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['wsec'])
w = int(out.strip()) & 0x7
return self.EM_BitmapToString(w)
except ValueError:
return 'X_CATAWAMPUS-ORG_None'
def SetEncryptionModes(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['wsec', str(value)])
def ValidateEncryptionModes(self, value):
ENCRYPTTYPES = frozenset(['X_CATAWAMPUS-ORG_None', 'None', 'WEPEncryption',
'TKIPEncryption', 'WEPandTKIPEncryption',
'AESEncryption', 'WEPandAESEncryption',
return True if value in ENCRYPTTYPES else False
def SetJoin(self, ssid, amode):
self._SubprocessCall(['join', str(ssid), 'imode', 'bss',
'amode', str(amode)])
def GetOperationalDataTransmitRates(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['rateset'])
oper_re = re.compile(r'([0123456789]+(?:\.[0123456789]+)?)')
if out:
line1 = out.splitlines()[0]
line1 = ''
return ','.join(oper_re.findall(line1))
def SetPMK(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['set_pmk', value])
def GetPossibleChannels(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['channels'])
if out:
channels = [int(x) for x in out.split()]
return wifi.ContiguousRanges(channels)
return ''
def GetRadioEnabled(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['radio'])
# This may look backwards, but I assure you it is correct. If the
# radio is off, 'wl radio' returns 0x0001.
return False if int(out.strip(), 0) == 1 else True
except ValueError:
return False
def SetRadioEnabled(self, value):
radio = 'on' if value else 'off'
self._SubprocessCall(['radio', radio])
# Only modify marker file if command is successful
if value:
open(WL_RADIO_STATE_MARKER_FILE, 'a').close()
except IOError:
print 'Unable to write ' + WL_RADIO_STATE_MARKER_FILE
def GetRegulatoryDomain(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['country'])
fields = out.split()
if fields:
return fields[0]
return ''
def SetRegulatoryDomain(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['country', value])
def ValidateRegulatoryDomain(self, value):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['country', 'list'])
countries = set()
for line in out.splitlines():
fields = line.split(' ')
if len(fields) and len(fields[0]) == 2:
return True if value in countries else False
def SetReset(self, do_reset):
status = 'down' if do_reset else 'up'
def GetSSID(self):
"""Return current Wifi SSID."""
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['ssid'])
ssid_re = re.compile(r'Current SSID: "(.*)"')
for line in out.splitlines():
ssid = ssid_re.match(line)
if ssid is not None:
return ''
def SetSSID(self, value, cfgnum=None):
if cfgnum is not None:
self._SubprocessCall(['ssid', '-C', str(cfgnum), value])
self._SubprocessCall(['ssid', value])
def ValidateSSID(self, value):
if len(value) > 32:
return False
return True
def GetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['closed'])
return True if out.strip() == '0' else False
def SetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled(self, value):
closed = '0' if value else '1'
self._SubprocessCall(['closed', closed])
def SetSupWpa(self, value):
sup_wpa = '1' if value else '0'
self._SubprocessCall(['sup_wpa', sup_wpa])
def GetTransmitPower(self):
out = self._SubprocessWithOutput(['pwr_percent'])
return int(out.strip())
def SetTransmitPower(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['pwr_percent', str(value)])
def ValidateTransmitPower(self, percent):
if percent < 0 or percent > 100:
return False
return True
def GetTransmitPowerSupported(self):
# tr-98 describes this as a comma separated list, limited to string(64)
# clearly it is expected to be a small number of discrete steps.
# This chipset appears to have no such restriction. Hope a range is ok.
return '1-100'
def SetWepKey(self, index, key, mac=None):
wl_cmd = ['addwep', str(index), key]
if mac is not None:
def ClrWepKey(self, index):
self._SubprocessCall(['rmwep', str(index)])
def SetWepKeyIndex(self, index):
# We do not use check_call here because primary_key fails if no WEP
# keys have been configured, but we keep the code simple to always set it.[WL_EXE, '-i', self._if, 'primary_key', str(index)])
def SetWepStatus(self, enable):
status = 'on' if enable else 'off'
self._SubprocessCall(['wepstatus', status])
def GetWpaAuth(self):
return self._SubprocessWithOutput(['wpa_auth'])
def SetWpaAuth(self, value):
self._SubprocessCall(['wpa_auth', str(value)])
class BrcmWifiWlanConfiguration(CATA98WIFI):
"""An implementation of tr98 WLANConfiguration for Broadcom Wifi chipsets."""
DeviceOperationMode = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('InfrastructureAccessPoint')
Standard = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('n')
SupportedFrequencyBands = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('2.4GHz,5GHz')
UAPSDSupported = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(False)
WEPEncryptionLevel = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyString('Disabled,40-bit,104-bit')
WMMSupported = tr.cwmptypes.ReadOnlyBool(False)
def __init__(self, ifname):
super(BrcmWifiWlanConfiguration, self).__init__()
self._ifname = ifname
self.wl = Wl(ifname)
# Unimplemented, but not yet evaluated
self.Unexport(['Alias', 'BeaconAdvertisementEnabled', 'ChannelsInUse',
'MaxBitRate', 'PossibleDataTransmitRates',
'TotalIntegrityFailures', 'TotalPSKFailures',
'OperatingStandards', 'SupportedStandards',
'RekeyingInterval', 'GuardInterval',
self.AssociatedDeviceList = tr.core.AutoDict(
'AssociatedDeviceList', iteritems=self.IterAssociations,
self.PreSharedKeyList = {}
for i in range(1, 2):
# tr-98 spec deviation: spec says 10 PreSharedKeys objects,
# BRCM only supports one.
self.PreSharedKeyList[i] = wifi.PreSharedKey98()
self._Stats = BrcmWlanConfigurationStats(ifname)
self.WEPKeyList = {}
for i in range(1, 5):
self.WEPKeyList[i] = wifi.WEPKey98()
self.LocationDescription = ''
# No support for acting as a client, could be added later.
# No RADIUS support, could be added later.
# Local settings, currently unimplemented. Will require more
# coordination with the underlying platform support.
# MAC Access controls, currently unimplemented but could be supported.
# Wifi Protected Setup, currently unimplemented and not recommended.
# Wifi MultiMedia, currently unimplemented but could be supported.
# "wl wme_*" commands
self.Unexport(lists=['APWMMParameter', 'STAWMMParameter'])
self.Unexport(['UAPSDEnable', 'WMMEnable'])
# WDS, currently unimplemented but could be supported at some point.
self.Unexport(['PeerBSSID', 'DistanceFromRoot'])
self.config = self._GetDefaultSettings()
self.old_config = None
def _GetDefaultSettings(self):
obj = WifiConfig()
obj.p_auto_channel_enable = True
obj.p_auto_rate_fallback_enabled = None
obj.p_band = '2.4GHz'
obj.p_basic_authentication_mode = 'None'
obj.p_basic_encryption_modes = 'WEPEncryption'
obj.p_beacon_type = 'WPAand11i'
obj.p_bssid = None
obj.p_channel = None
obj.p_enable = False
obj.p_ieee11i_authentication_mode = 'PSKAuthentication'
obj.p_ieee11i_encryption_modes = 'X_CATAWAMPUS-ORG_None'
obj.p_radio_enabled = True
obj.p_regulatory_domain = None
obj.p_ssid = None
obj.p_ssid_advertisement_enabled = None
obj.p_transmit_power = None
obj.p_wepkeyindex = 1
obj.p_wpa_authentication_mode = 'PSKAuthentication'
obj.p_wpa_encryption_modes = 'X_CATAWAMPUS-ORG_None'
return obj
def StartTransaction(self):
config = self.config
self.config = copy.copy(config)
self.old_config = config
def AbandonTransaction(self):
self.config = self.old_config
self.old_config = None
def CommitTransaction(self):
self.old_config = None
def Name(self):
return self._ifname
def Stats(self):
return self._Stats
def TotalAssociations(self):
return len(self.AssociatedDeviceList)
def GetAutoRateFallBackEnabled(self):
return self.wl.GetAutoRateFallBackEnabled()
def SetAutoRateFallBackEnabled(self, value):
self.config.p_auto_rate_fallback_enabled = tr.cwmpbool.parse(value)
AutoRateFallBackEnabled = property(
GetAutoRateFallBackEnabled, SetAutoRateFallBackEnabled, None,
def GetBasicAuthenticationMode(self):
return self.config.p_basic_authentication_mode
def SetBasicAuthenticationMode(self, value):
if value not in BASICAUTHMODES:
raise ValueError('Unsupported BasicAuthenticationMode %s' % value)
self.config.p_basic_authentication_mode = value
BasicAuthenticationMode = property(
GetBasicAuthenticationMode, SetBasicAuthenticationMode, None,
def GetBasicDataTransmitRates(self):
return self.wl.GetBasicDataTransmitRates()
# TODO(dgentry) implement SetBasicDataTransmitRates
BasicDataTransmitRates = property(
GetBasicDataTransmitRates, None, None,
def GetBasicEncryptionModes(self):
return self.config.p_basic_encryption_modes
def SetBasicEncryptionModes(self, value):
if value not in BASICENCRYPTIONS:
raise ValueError('Unsupported BasicEncryptionMode: %s' % value)
self.config.p_basic_encryption_modes = value
BasicEncryptionModes = property(GetBasicEncryptionModes,
SetBasicEncryptionModes, None,
def GetBeaconType(self):
return self.config.p_beacon_type
def SetBeaconType(self, value):
if value not in BEACONS:
raise ValueError('Unsupported BeaconType: %s' % value)
self.config.p_beacon_type = value
BeaconType = property(GetBeaconType, SetBeaconType, None,
def GetBSSID(self):
return self.wl.GetBSSID()
def SetBSSID(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateBSSID(value):
raise ValueError('Invalid BSSID: %s' % value)
self.config.p_bssid = value
BSSID = property(GetBSSID, SetBSSID, None, 'WLANConfiguration.BSSID')
def GetChannel(self):
return self.wl.GetChannel()
def SetChannel(self, value):
ivalue = int(value)
if not self.wl.ValidateChannel(ivalue):
raise ValueError('Invalid Channel: %d' % ivalue)
self.config.p_band = '2.4GHz' if ivalue < 20 else '5GHz'
self.config.p_channel = ivalue
self.config.p_auto_channel_enable = False
Channel = property(GetChannel, SetChannel, None, 'WLANConfiguration.Channel')
def GetEnable(self):
return self.config.p_enable
def SetEnable(self, value):
self.config.p_enable = tr.cwmpbool.parse(value)
Enable = property(GetEnable, SetEnable, None, 'WLANConfiguration.Enable')
def GetIEEE11iAuthenticationMode(self):
auth = self.wl.GetWpaAuth().split()
eap = True if 'WPA2-802.1x' in auth else False
psk = True if 'WPA2-PSK' in auth else False
if eap and psk:
return 'EAPandPSKAuthentication'
elif eap:
return 'EAPAuthentication'
return 'PSKAuthentication'
def SetIEEE11iAuthenticationMode(self, value):
if value not in WPAAUTHMODES:
raise ValueError('Unsupported IEEE11iAuthenticationMode %s' % value)
self.config.p_ieee11i_authentication_mode = value
IEEE11iAuthenticationMode = property(
GetIEEE11iAuthenticationMode, SetIEEE11iAuthenticationMode,
None, 'WLANConfiguration.IEEE11iAuthenticationMode')
def GetIEEE11iEncryptionModes(self):
return self.wl.GetEncryptionModes()
def SetIEEE11iEncryptionModes(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateEncryptionModes(value):
raise ValueError('Invalid IEEE11iEncryptionMode: %s' % value)
self.config.p_ieee11i_encryption_modes = value
IEEE11iEncryptionModes = property(
GetIEEE11iEncryptionModes, SetIEEE11iEncryptionModes, None,
def GetKeyPassphrase(self):
psk = self.PreSharedKeyList[1]
return psk.KeyPassphrase
def SetKeyPassphrase(self, value):
psk = self.PreSharedKeyList[1]
psk.KeyPassphrase = value
# TODO(dgentry) need to set WEPKeys, but this is fraught with peril.
# If KeyPassphrase is not exactly 5 or 13 bytes it must be padded.
# Apple uses different padding than Windows (and others).
KeyPassphrase = property(GetKeyPassphrase, SetKeyPassphrase, None,
def GetOperationalDataTransmitRates(self):
return self.wl.GetOperationalDataTransmitRates()
# TODO(dgentry) - need to implement SetOperationalDataTransmitRates
OperationalDataTransmitRates = property(
GetOperationalDataTransmitRates, None,
None, 'WLANConfiguration.OperationalDataTransmitRates')
def GetPossibleChannels(self):
return self.wl.GetPossibleChannels()
PossibleChannels = property(GetPossibleChannels, None, None,
def GetRadioEnabled(self):
return self.wl.GetRadioEnabled()
def SetRadioEnabled(self, value):
self.config.p_radio_enabled = tr.cwmpbool.parse(value)
RadioEnabled = property(GetRadioEnabled, SetRadioEnabled, None,
def GetRegulatoryDomain(self):
return self.wl.GetRegulatoryDomain()
def SetRegulatoryDomain(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateRegulatoryDomain(value):
raise ValueError('Unknown RegulatoryDomain: %s' % value)
self.config.p_regulatory_domain = value
RegulatoryDomain = property(GetRegulatoryDomain, SetRegulatoryDomain, None,
def GetAutoChannelEnable(self):
return self.config.p_auto_channel_enable
def SetAutoChannelEnable(self, value):
self.config.p_auto_channel_enable = tr.cwmpbool.parse(value)
AutoChannelEnable = property(GetAutoChannelEnable, SetAutoChannelEnable,
None, 'WLANConfiguration.AutoChannelEnable')
def GetSSID(self):
return self.wl.GetSSID()
def SetSSID(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateSSID(value):
raise ValueError('Invalid SSID: %s' % value)
self.config.p_ssid = value
SSID = property(GetSSID, SetSSID, None, 'WLANConfiguration.SSID')
def GetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled(self):
return self.wl.GetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled()
def SetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled(self, value):
self.config.p_ssid_advertisement_enabled = tr.cwmpbool.parse(value)
SSIDAdvertisementEnabled = property(
GetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled, SetSSIDAdvertisementEnabled, None,
def GetBssStatus(self):
return self.wl.GetBssStatus()
Status = property(GetBssStatus, None, None, 'WLANConfiguration.Status')
def GetTransmitPower(self):
return self.wl.GetTransmitPower()
def SetTransmitPower(self, value):
percent = int(value)
if not self.wl.ValidateTransmitPower(percent):
raise ValueError('Invalid TransmitPower: %d' % percent)
self.config.p_transmit_power = percent
TransmitPower = property(GetTransmitPower, SetTransmitPower, None,
def GetTransmitPowerSupported(self):
return self.wl.GetTransmitPowerSupported()
TransmitPowerSupported = property(GetTransmitPowerSupported, None, None,
def GetWEPKeyIndex(self):
return self.config.p_wepkeyindex
def SetWEPKeyIndex(self, value):
self.config.p_wepkeyindex = int(value)
WEPKeyIndex = property(GetWEPKeyIndex, SetWEPKeyIndex, None,
def GetWPAAuthenticationMode(self):
auth = self.wl.GetWpaAuth().split()
eap = True if 'WPA-802.1x' in auth else False
if eap:
return 'EAPAuthentication'
return 'PSKAuthentication'
def SetWPAAuthenticationMode(self, value):
if value not in WPAAUTHMODES:
raise ValueError('Unsupported WPAAuthenticationMode %s' % value)
self.config.p_wpa_authentication_mode = value
WPAAuthenticationMode = property(
GetWPAAuthenticationMode, SetWPAAuthenticationMode,
None, 'WLANConfiguration.WPAAuthenticationMode')
def GetEncryptionModes(self):
return self.wl.GetEncryptionModes()
def SetWPAEncryptionModes(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateEncryptionModes(value):
raise ValueError('Invalid WPAEncryptionMode: %s' % value)
self.config.p_wpa_encryption_modes = value
WPAEncryptionModes = property(GetEncryptionModes, SetWPAEncryptionModes, None,
def GetOperatingFrequencyBand(self):
return self.wl.GetBand()
def SetOperatingFrequencyBand(self, value):
if not self.wl.ValidateBand(value):
raise ValueError('Invalid OperatingFrequencyBand: %s' % value)
self.config.p_band = value
if ((value == '2.4GHz' and self.config.p_channel >= 20) or
(value == '5GHz' and self.config.p_channel < 20)):
# Old channel is invalid. We could either hardcode a valid default
# or default to autochannel. They *might* be about to set either
# autochannel=True (harmless since that's what we just did) or
# an explicit channel (which will then set autochannel back to false).
# In both cases, plus the case there they don't do anything, setting
# autochannel to true by default here is the best we can do.
self.config.p_auto_channel_enable = True
OperatingFrequencyBand = property(GetOperatingFrequencyBand,
SetOperatingFrequencyBand, None,
def _ConfigureBrcmWifi(self):
"""Issue commands to the wifi device to configure it.
The Wifi driver is somewhat picky about the order of the commands.
For example, some settings can only be changed while the radio is on.
Make sure any changes made in this routine work in a real system, unit
tests do not (and realistically, cannot) model all behaviors of the
real wl utility.
if not self.config.p_enable or not self.config.p_radio_enabled:
if self.config.p_band:
if self.config.p_auto_channel_enable:
chanspec = self.wl.DoAutoChannelSelect()
chanspec = self.config.p_channel
if self.config.p_auto_rate_fallback_enabled is not None:
if self.config.p_bssid is not None:
if self.config.p_regulatory_domain is not None:
if self.config.p_ssid_advertisement_enabled is not None:
if self.config.p_transmit_power is not None:
# sup_wpa should only be set WPA/WPA2 modes, not for Basic.
sup_wpa = False
amode = 0
if self.config.p_beacon_type.find('11i') >= 0:
crypto = self.wl.EM_StringToBitmap(self.config.p_ieee11i_encryption_modes)
if crypto != EM_NONE:
amode = 128
sup_wpa = True
elif self.config.p_beacon_type.find('WPA') >= 0:
crypto = self.wl.EM_StringToBitmap(self.config.p_wpa_encryption_modes)
if crypto != EM_NONE:
amode = 4
sup_wpa = True
elif self.config.p_beacon_type.find('Basic') >= 0:
crypto = self.wl.EM_StringToBitmap(self.config.p_basic_encryption_modes)
crypto = EM_NONE
for idx, psk in self.PreSharedKeyList.items():
key = psk.GetKey(self.config.p_ssid)
if key:
if self.config.p_ssid is not None:
# Setting WEP key has to come after setting SSID. (Doesn't make sense
# to me, it just doesn't work if you do it before setting SSID.)
for idx, wep in self.WEPKeyList.items():
key = wep.WEPKey
if key:
self.wl.SetWepKey(idx - 1, key)
self.wl.ClrWepKey(idx - 1)
def _GetWlCounters(self):
return self.wl.GetWlCounters()
def GetTotalBytesReceived(self):
counters = self._GetWlCounters()
return int(counters.get('rxbyte', 0))
TotalBytesReceived = property(GetTotalBytesReceived, None, None,
def GetTotalBytesSent(self):
counters = self._GetWlCounters()
return int(counters.get('txbyte', 0))
TotalBytesSent = property(GetTotalBytesSent, None, None,
def GetTotalPacketsReceived(self):
counters = self._GetWlCounters()
return int(counters.get('rxframe', 0))
TotalPacketsReceived = property(GetTotalPacketsReceived, None, None,
def GetTotalPacketsSent(self):
counters = self._GetWlCounters()
return int(counters.get('txframe', 0))
TotalPacketsSent = property(GetTotalPacketsSent, None, None,
def GetAssociation(self, mac):
"""Get an AssociatedDevice object for the given STA."""
ad = BrcmWlanAssociatedDevice(self.wl.GetAssociatedDevice(mac))
if ad:
return ad
def IterAssociations(self):
"""Retrieves a list of all associated STAs."""
stations = self.wl.GetAssociatedDevices()
for idx, mac in enumerate(stations, start=1):
yield idx, self.GetAssociation(mac)
def GetAssociationByIndex(self, index):
stations = self.wl.GetAssociatedDevices()
return self.GetAssociation(stations[index])
class BrcmWlanConfigurationStats(netdev.NetdevStatsLinux26, BASE98WIFI.Stats):
"""tr98 InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.WLANConfiguration.Stats."""
def __init__(self, ifname):
netdev.NetdevStatsLinux26.__init__(self, ifname)
class BrcmWlanAssociatedDevice(CATA98WIFI.AssociatedDevice):
"""Implementation of tr98 AssociatedDevice for Broadcom Wifi chipsets."""
def __init__(self, assoc):
super(BrcmWlanAssociatedDevice, self).__init__()
self._assoc = assoc
self.Unexport(['AssociatedDeviceIPAddress', 'LastPMKId',
def AssociatedDeviceMACAddress(self):
return self._assoc.MACAddress
def AssociatedDeviceAuthenticationState(self):
return self._assoc.AuthenticationState
def LastDataTransmitRate(self):
mbps = self._assoc.LastTransmitKbps / 1000
# tr-098-1-6 defines this as a string(4). Bizarre.
return str(mbps)
def X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_LastDataDownlinkRate(self):
return self._assoc.LastTransmitKbps
def X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_LastDataUplinkRate(self):
return self._assoc.LastReceiveKbps
def X_CATAWAMPUS_ORG_Active(self):
return True if self._assoc.IdleSeconds < 120 else False