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Community AR9170 Linux firmware
This is the firmware for the Atheros ar9170 802.11n devices.
To build the firmware you will need an SH-2 toolchain.
You can build your own toolchain:
make -C toolchain
but be aware that this will take some time and requires
about 1.2 GiB disk space.
The resulting firmware, carl9170.fw, can be used only
with the carl9170 Linux driver.
After getting a toolchain, you will need to get more
tools & libs:
* gcc 4.4+
* gperf, bison/flex
* cmake 2.8.0+
* libusb 1.0+
* SDL SDK 1.2.13+
afterwards, simply execute:
to start the configuration and build process.
if you want to "install" your own firmware, you can either
do this manually, or by executing: install
This will place a copy with the right filename [adds API rev]
into /lib/firmware/[the default path on most Distributions].