Don't allocate address space for bmoca on host CPU

Previously, bmoca defined a platform device that erroneously reserved
the address space 0x10600000-0x107ffd97 on the host (ARM) CPU which does
not make sense. Said interval applies to address space on the BCM6803
not the ARM CPU.

This is the content of /proc/iomem from before the change:

GSAFSJ1403E0024# cat /proc/iomem
00000000-02bfffff : System RAM
03400000-03ffffff : ddr
04000000-3fffffff : System RAM
  04008000-04510fff : Kernel text
  0453e000-045b23c7 : Kernel data
  10600000-107ffd97 : bmoca.0
83000000-83001fff : iram
904500d0-904500d8 : comcerto_wdt

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