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* Copyright (C) 1998 Dan Malek <>
* Copyright (C) 1999 Magnus Damm <>
* Copyright (C) 2000 - 2003 Wolfgang Denk <>
* See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this
* project.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
* the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
* MA 02111-1307 USA
* U-Boot - Startup Code for MPC8220 CPUs
#include <config.h>
#include <mpc8220.h>
#include <version.h>
#define _LINUX_CONFIG_H 1 /* avoid reading Linux autoconf.h file */
#include <ppc_asm.tmpl>
#include <ppc_defs.h>
#include <asm/cache.h>
#include <asm/mmu.h>
/* We don't want the MMU yet.
/* Floating Point enable, Machine Check and Recoverable Interr. */
#ifdef DEBUG
* Set up GOT: Global Offset Table
* Use r14 to access the GOT
* Version string
.globl version_string
.ascii " (", __DATE__, " - ", __TIME__, ")"
* Exception vectors
.globl _start
li r21, BOOTFLAG_COLD /* Normal Power-On */
b boot_cold
. = EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET + 0x10
.globl _start_warm
li r21, BOOTFLAG_WARM /* Software reboot */
b boot_warm
mfmsr r5 /* save msr contents */
/* replace default MBAR base address from 0x80000000
to 0xf0000000 */
#if defined(CFG_DEFAULT_MBAR) && !defined(CFG_RAMBOOT)
lis r3, CFG_MBAR@h
ori r3, r3, CFG_MBAR@l
/* MBAR is mirrored into the MBAR SPR */
mtspr MBAR,r3
mtspr SPRN_SPRG7W,r3
stw r3, 0(r4)
#endif /* CFG_DEFAULT_MBAR */
/* Initialise the MPC8220 processor core */
bl init_8220_core
/* initialize some things that are hard to access from C */
/* set up stack in on-chip SRAM */
ori r3, r3, CFG_INIT_RAM_ADDR@l
ori r1, r3, CFG_INIT_SP_OFFSET
li r0, 0 /* Make room for stack frame header and */
stwu r0, -4(r1) /* clear final stack frame so that */
stwu r0, -4(r1) /* stack backtraces terminate cleanly */
/* let the C-code set up the rest */
/* */
/* Be careful to keep code relocatable ! */
GET_GOT /* initialize GOT access */
/* r3: IMMR */
bl cpu_init_f /* run low-level CPU init code (in Flash)*/
mr r3, r21
/* r3: BOOTFLAG */
bl board_init_f /* run 1st part of board init code (in Flash)*/
* Vector Table
.globl _start_of_vectors
/* Machine check */
STD_EXCEPTION(0x200, MachineCheck, MachineCheckException)
/* Data Storage exception. */
STD_EXCEPTION(0x300, DataStorage, UnknownException)
/* Instruction Storage exception. */
STD_EXCEPTION(0x400, InstStorage, UnknownException)
/* External Interrupt exception. */
STD_EXCEPTION(0x500, ExtInterrupt, external_interrupt)
/* Alignment exception. */
. = 0x600
mfspr r4,DAR
stw r4,_DAR(r21)
mfspr r5,DSISR
stw r5,_DSISR(r21)
rlwimi r20,r23,0,16,16 /* copy EE bit from saved MSR */
rlwimi r20,r23,0,25,25 /* copy IP bit from saved MSR */
lwz r6,GOT(transfer_to_handler)
mtlr r6
.long AlignmentException - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
.long int_return - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
/* Program check exception */
. = 0x700
rlwimi r20,r23,0,16,16 /* copy EE bit from saved MSR */
rlwimi r20,r23,0,25,25 /* copy IP bit from saved MSR */
lwz r6,GOT(transfer_to_handler)
mtlr r6
.long ProgramCheckException - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
.long int_return - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
STD_EXCEPTION(0x800, FPUnavailable, UnknownException)
/* I guess we could implement decrementer, and may have
* to someday for timekeeping.
STD_EXCEPTION(0x900, Decrementer, timer_interrupt)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xa00, Trap_0a, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xb00, Trap_0b, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xc00, SystemCall, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xd00, SingleStep, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xe00, Trap_0e, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0xf00, Trap_0f, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1000, InstructionTLBMiss, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1100, DataLoadTLBMiss, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1200, DataStoreTLBMiss, UnknownException)
#ifdef DEBUG
. = 0x1300
* This exception occurs when the program counter matches the
* Instruction Address Breakpoint Register (IABR).
* I want the cpu to halt if this occurs so I can hunt around
* with the debugger and look at things.
* When DEBUG is defined, both machine check enable (in the MSR)
* and checkstop reset enable (in the reset mode register) are
* turned off and so a checkstop condition will result in the cpu
* halting.
* I force the cpu into a checkstop condition by putting an illegal
* instruction here (at least this is the theory).
* well - that didnt work, so just do an infinite loop!
1: b 1b
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1300, InstructionBreakpoint, DebugException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1400, SMI, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1500, Trap_15, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1600, Trap_16, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1700, Trap_17, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1800, Trap_18, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1900, Trap_19, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1a00, Trap_1a, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1b00, Trap_1b, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1c00, Trap_1c, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1d00, Trap_1d, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1e00, Trap_1e, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x1f00, Trap_1f, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2000, Trap_20, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2100, Trap_21, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2200, Trap_22, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2300, Trap_23, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2400, Trap_24, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2500, Trap_25, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2600, Trap_26, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2700, Trap_27, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2800, Trap_28, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2900, Trap_29, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2a00, Trap_2a, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2b00, Trap_2b, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2c00, Trap_2c, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2d00, Trap_2d, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2e00, Trap_2e, UnknownException)
STD_EXCEPTION(0x2f00, Trap_2f, UnknownException)
.globl _end_of_vectors
. = 0x3000
* This code finishes saving the registers to the exception frame
* and jumps to the appropriate handler for the exception.
* Register r21 is pointer into trap frame, r1 has new stack pointer.
.globl transfer_to_handler
stw r22,_NIP(r21)
lis r22,MSR_POW@h
andc r23,r23,r22
stw r23,_MSR(r21)
SAVE_GPR(7, r21)
SAVE_4GPRS(8, r21)
SAVE_8GPRS(12, r21)
SAVE_8GPRS(24, r21)
mflr r23
andi. r24,r23,0x3f00 /* get vector offset */
stw r24,TRAP(r21)
li r22,0
stw r22,RESULT(r21)
lwz r24,0(r23) /* virtual address of handler */
lwz r23,4(r23) /* where to go when done */
mtspr SRR0,r24
mtspr SRR1,r20
mtlr r23
rfi /* jump to handler, enable MMU */
mfmsr r28 /* Disable interrupts */
li r4,0
ori r4,r4,MSR_EE
andc r28,r28,r4
SYNC /* Some chip revs need this... */
mtmsr r28
lwz r2,_CTR(r1)
lwz r0,_LINK(r1)
mtctr r2
mtlr r0
lwz r2,_XER(r1)
lwz r0,_CCR(r1)
mtspr XER,r2
mtcrf 0xFF,r0
REST_10GPRS(3, r1)
REST_10GPRS(13, r1)
REST_8GPRS(23, r1)
REST_GPR(31, r1)
lwz r2,_NIP(r1) /* Restore environment */
lwz r0,_MSR(r1)
mtspr SRR0,r2
mtspr SRR1,r0
lwz r0,GPR0(r1)
lwz r2,GPR2(r1)
lwz r1,GPR1(r1)
* This code initialises the MPC8220 processor core
* (conforms to PowerPC 603e spec)
* Note: expects original MSR contents to be in r5.
.globl init_8220_core
/* Initialize machine status; enable machine check interrupt */
li r3, MSR_KERNEL /* Set ME and RI flags */
rlwimi r3, r5, 0, 25, 25 /* preserve IP bit set by HRCW */
#ifdef DEBUG
rlwimi r3, r5, 0, 21, 22 /* debugger might set SE & BE bits */
SYNC /* Some chip revs need this... */
mtmsr r3
mtspr SRR1, r3 /* Make SRR1 match MSR */
/* Initialize the Hardware Implementation-dependent Registers */
/* HID0 also contains cache control */
lis r3, CFG_HID0_INIT@h
ori r3, r3, CFG_HID0_INIT@l
mtspr HID0, r3
lis r3, CFG_HID0_FINAL@h
ori r3, r3, CFG_HID0_FINAL@l
mtspr HID0, r3
/* Enable Extra BATs */
mfspr r3, 1011 /* HID2 */
lis r4, 0x0004
ori r4, r4, 0x0000
or r4, r4, r3
mtspr 1011, r4
/* clear all BAT's */
li r0, 0
mtspr DBAT0U, r0
mtspr DBAT0L, r0
mtspr DBAT1U, r0
mtspr DBAT1L, r0
mtspr DBAT2U, r0
mtspr DBAT2L, r0
mtspr DBAT3U, r0
mtspr DBAT3L, r0
mtspr DBAT4U, r0
mtspr DBAT4L, r0
mtspr DBAT5U, r0
mtspr DBAT5L, r0
mtspr DBAT6U, r0
mtspr DBAT6L, r0
mtspr DBAT7U, r0
mtspr DBAT7L, r0
mtspr IBAT0U, r0
mtspr IBAT0L, r0
mtspr IBAT1U, r0
mtspr IBAT1L, r0
mtspr IBAT2U, r0
mtspr IBAT2L, r0
mtspr IBAT3U, r0
mtspr IBAT3L, r0
mtspr IBAT4U, r0
mtspr IBAT4L, r0
mtspr IBAT5U, r0
mtspr IBAT5L, r0
mtspr IBAT6U, r0
mtspr IBAT6L, r0
mtspr IBAT7U, r0
mtspr IBAT7L, r0
/* invalidate all tlb's */
/* */
/* From the 603e User Manual: "The 603e provides the ability to */
/* invalidate a TLB entry. The TLB Invalidate Entry (tlbie) */
/* instruction invalidates the TLB entry indexed by the EA, and */
/* operates on both the instruction and data TLBs simultaneously*/
/* invalidating four TLB entries (both sets in each TLB). The */
/* index corresponds to bits 15-19 of the EA. To invalidate all */
/* entries within both TLBs, 32 tlbie instructions should be */
/* issued, incrementing this field by one each time." */
/* */
/* "Note that the tlbia instruction is not implemented on the */
/* 603e." */
/* */
/* bits 15-19 correspond to addresses 0x00000000 to 0x0001F000 */
/* incrementing by 0x1000 each time. The code below is sort of */
/* based on code in "flush_tlbs" from arch/ppc/kernel/head.S */
/* */
li r3, 32
mtctr r3
li r3, 0
1: tlbie r3
addi r3, r3, 0x1000
bdnz 1b
/* Done! */
/* Cache functions.
* Note: requires that all cache bits in
* HID0 are in the low half word.
.globl icache_enable
lis r4, 0
ori r4, r4, CFG_HID0_INIT /* set ICE & ICFI bit */
rlwinm r3, r4, 0, 21, 19 /* clear the ICFI bit */
* The setting of the instruction cache enable (ICE) bit must be
* preceded by an isync instruction to prevent the cache from being
* enabled or disabled while an instruction access is in progress.
mtspr HID0, r4 /* Enable Instr Cache & Inval cache */
mtspr HID0, r3 /* using 2 consec instructions */
.globl icache_disable
mfspr r3, HID0
rlwinm r3, r3, 0, 17, 15 /* clear the ICE bit */
mtspr HID0, r3
.globl icache_status
mfspr r3, HID0
rlwinm r3, r3, HID0_ICE_BITPOS + 1, 31, 31
.globl dcache_enable
lis r4, 0
ori r4, r4, HID0_DCE|HID0_DCFI /* set DCE & DCFI bit */
rlwinm r3, r4, 0, 22, 20 /* clear the DCFI bit */
/* Enable address translation in MSR bit */
mfmsr r5
ori r5, r5, 0x
* The setting of the instruction cache enable (ICE) bit must be
* preceded by an isync instruction to prevent the cache from being
* enabled or disabled while an instruction access is in progress.
mtspr HID0, r4 /* Enable Data Cache & Inval cache*/
mtspr HID0, r3 /* using 2 consec instructions */
.globl dcache_disable
mfspr r3, HID0
rlwinm r3, r3, 0, 18, 16 /* clear the DCE bit */
mtspr HID0, r3
.globl dcache_status
mfspr r3, HID0
rlwinm r3, r3, HID0_DCE_BITPOS + 1, 31, 31
.globl get_pvr
mfspr r3, PVR
* void relocate_code (addr_sp, gd, addr_moni)
* This "function" does not return, instead it continues in RAM
* after relocating the monitor code.
* r3 = dest
* r4 = src
* r5 = length in bytes
* r6 = cachelinesize
.globl relocate_code
mr r1, r3 /* Set new stack pointer */
mr r9, r4 /* Save copy of Global Data pointer */
mr r10, r5 /* Save copy of Destination Address */
mr r3, r5 /* Destination Address */
lis r4, CFG_MONITOR_BASE@h /* Source Address */
ori r4, r4, CFG_MONITOR_BASE@l
lwz r5, GOT(__init_end)
sub r5, r5, r4
li r6, CFG_CACHELINE_SIZE /* Cache Line Size */
* Fix GOT pointer:
* New GOT-PTR = (old GOT-PTR - CFG_MONITOR_BASE) + Destination Address
* Offset:
sub r15, r10, r4
/* First our own GOT */
add r14, r14, r15
/* then the one used by the C code */
add r30, r30, r15
* Now relocate code
cmplw cr1,r3,r4
addi r0,r5,3
srwi. r0,r0,2
beq cr1,4f /* In place copy is not necessary */
beq 7f /* Protect against 0 count */
mtctr r0
bge cr1,2f
la r8,-4(r4)
la r7,-4(r3)
1: lwzu r0,4(r8)
stwu r0,4(r7)
bdnz 1b
b 4f
2: slwi r0,r0,2
add r8,r4,r0
add r7,r3,r0
3: lwzu r0,-4(r8)
stwu r0,-4(r7)
bdnz 3b
* Now flush the cache: note that we must start from a cache aligned
* address. Otherwise we might miss one cache line.
4: cmpwi r6,0
add r5,r3,r5
beq 7f /* Always flush prefetch queue in any case */
subi r0,r6,1
andc r3,r3,r0
mfspr r7,HID0 /* don't do dcbst if dcache is disabled */
rlwinm r7,r7,HID0_DCE_BITPOS+1,31,31
cmpwi r7,0
beq 9f
mr r4,r3
5: dcbst 0,r4
add r4,r4,r6
cmplw r4,r5
blt 5b
sync /* Wait for all dcbst to complete on bus */
9: mfspr r7,HID0 /* don't do icbi if icache is disabled */
rlwinm r7,r7,HID0_ICE_BITPOS+1,31,31
cmpwi r7,0
beq 7f
mr r4,r3
6: icbi 0,r4
add r4,r4,r6
cmplw r4,r5
blt 6b
7: sync /* Wait for all icbi to complete on bus */
* We are done. Do not return, instead branch to second part of board
* initialization, now running from RAM.
addi r0, r10, in_ram - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
mtlr r0
* Relocation Function, r14 point to got2+0x8000
* Adjust got2 pointers, no need to check for 0, this code
* already puts a few entries in the table.
li r0,__got2_entries@sectoff@l
la r3,GOT(_GOT2_TABLE_)
lwz r11,GOT(_GOT2_TABLE_)
mtctr r0
sub r11,r3,r11
addi r3,r3,-4
1: lwzu r0,4(r3)
add r0,r0,r11
stw r0,0(r3)
bdnz 1b
* Now adjust the fixups and the pointers to the fixups
* in case we need to move ourselves again.
2: li r0,__fixup_entries@sectoff@l
cmpwi r0,0
mtctr r0
addi r3,r3,-4
beq 4f
3: lwzu r4,4(r3)
lwzux r0,r4,r11
add r0,r0,r11
stw r10,0(r3)
stw r0,0(r4)
bdnz 3b
* Now clear BSS segment
lwz r3,GOT(__bss_start)
lwz r4,GOT(_end)
cmplw 0, r3, r4
beq 6f
li r0, 0
stw r0, 0(r3)
addi r3, r3, 4
cmplw 0, r3, r4
bne 5b
mr r3, r9 /* Global Data pointer */
mr r4, r10 /* Destination Address */
bl board_init_r
* Copy exception vector code to low memory
* r3: dest_addr
* r7: source address, r8: end address, r9: target address
.globl trap_init
lwz r7, GOT(_start)
lwz r8, GOT(_end_of_vectors)
li r9, 0x100 /* reset vector always at 0x100 */
cmplw 0, r7, r8
bgelr /* return if r7>=r8 - just in case */
mflr r4 /* save link register */
lwz r0, 0(r7)
stw r0, 0(r9)
addi r7, r7, 4
addi r9, r9, 4
cmplw 0, r7, r8
bne 1b
* relocate `hdlr' and `int_return' entries
li r7, .L_MachineCheck - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
li r8, Alignment - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
bl trap_reloc
addi r7, r7, 0x100 /* next exception vector */
cmplw 0, r7, r8
blt 2b
li r7, .L_Alignment - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
bl trap_reloc
li r7, .L_ProgramCheck - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
bl trap_reloc
li r7, .L_FPUnavailable - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
li r8, SystemCall - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
bl trap_reloc
addi r7, r7, 0x100 /* next exception vector */
cmplw 0, r7, r8
blt 3b
li r7, .L_SingleStep - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
li r8, _end_of_vectors - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
bl trap_reloc
addi r7, r7, 0x100 /* next exception vector */
cmplw 0, r7, r8
blt 4b
mfmsr r3 /* now that the vectors have */
lis r7, MSR_IP@h /* relocated into low memory */
ori r7, r7, MSR_IP@l /* MSR[IP] can be turned off */
andc r3, r3, r7 /* (if it was on) */
SYNC /* Some chip revs need this... */
mtmsr r3
mtlr r4 /* restore link register */
* Function: relocate entries for one exception vector
lwz r0, 0(r7) /* hdlr ... */
add r0, r0, r3 /* ... += dest_addr */
stw r0, 0(r7)
lwz r0, 4(r7) /* int_return ... */
add r0, r0, r3 /* ... += dest_addr */
stw r0, 4(r7)