Adds sysvar to u-boot for WindCharger.

This is a baseline addition of sysvar.  This does not yet do anything
fancy like allow for adding sysvar variables into the uboot environment.

Specifically this patch adds:
-- A sysvar init function to main.c (to keep cmd_sysvar.c from having to
check for sysvar initialization during every function call).

-- A copy of the main sysvar API from vendor/google/platform/sysvar
(more specifically commit a18b4cb).  The only changes are to the
locations of the sysvar offsets.

-- An implementation of cmd_sysvar.c for use in u-boot command line.
This was modeled after cmd_sysvar.c in uboot/prism commit 3709c13.

Change-Id: I0c3422db7b72c4bd3971da72c0f4a7a121d514d7
6 files changed