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/* include/mal.h, openbios_walnut, walnut_bios 8/6/99 08:48:40 */
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| copyrights to use it in any way he or she deems fit, including
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| File Name: mal.h
| Function: Header file for the MAL (MADMAL) macro on the 405GP.
| Author: Mark Wisner
| Change Activity-
| Date Description of Change BY
| --------- --------------------- ---
| 29-Apr-99 Created MKW
| 17-Nov-03 Travis B. Sawyer, Sandburst Corporation,
| Added register bit definitions to support multiple channels
#ifndef _mal_h_
#define _mal_h_
/* MADMAL transmit and receive status/control bits */
/* for COMMAC bits, refer to the COMMAC header file */
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_READY 0x8000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_WRAP 0x4000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_CM 0x2000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_LAST 0x1000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_INTR 0x0400
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_EMPTY 0x8000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_WRAP 0x4000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_CM 0x2000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_LAST 0x1000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_FIRST 0x0800
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_INTR 0x0400
/* Configuration Reg */
#define MAL_CR_MMSR 0x80000000
#define MAL_CR_PLBP_1 0x00400000 /* lowsest is 00 */
#define MAL_CR_PLBP_2 0x00800000
#define MAL_CR_PLBP_3 0x00C00000 /* highest */
#define MAL_CR_GA 0x00200000
#define MAL_CR_OA 0x00100000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLE 0x00080000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLT_1 0x00040000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLT_2 0x00020000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLT_3 0x00010000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLT_4 0x00008000
#define MAL_CR_PLBLT_DEFAULT 0x00078000 /* ????? */
#define MAL_CR_PLBB 0x00004000
#define MAL_CR_OPBBL 0x00000080
#define MAL_CR_EOPIE 0x00000004
#define MAL_CR_LEA 0x00000002
#define MAL_CR_MSD 0x00000001
/* Error Status Reg */
#define MAL_ESR_EVB 0x80000000
#define MAL_ESR_CID 0x40000000
#define MAL_ESR_DE 0x00100000
#define MAL_ESR_ONE 0x00080000
#define MAL_ESR_OTE 0x00040000
#define MAL_ESR_OSE 0x00020000
#define MAL_ESR_PEIN 0x00010000
/* same bit position as the IER */
/* VV VV */
#define MAL_ESR_DEI 0x00000010
#define MAL_ESR_ONEI 0x00000008
#define MAL_ESR_OTEI 0x00000004
#define MAL_ESR_OSEI 0x00000002
#define MAL_ESR_PBEI 0x00000001
/* ^^ ^^ */
/* Mal IER */
#define MAL_IER_DE 0x00000010
#define MAL_IER_NE 0x00000008
#define MAL_IER_TE 0x00000004
#define MAL_IER_OPBE 0x00000002
#define MAL_IER_PLBE 0x00000001
/* MAL Channel Active Set and Reset Registers */
#define MAL_TXRX_CASR (0x80000000)
#define MAL_TXRX_CASR_V(__x) (__x) /* Channel 0 shifts 0, channel 1 shifts 1, etc */
/* MAL Buffer Descriptor structure */
typedef struct {
short ctrl; /* MAL / Commac status control bits */
short data_len; /* Max length is 4K-1 (12 bits) */
char *data_ptr; /* pointer to actual data buffer */
} mal_desc_t;