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This port of U-Boot will run on a Motorola Sandpoint 3 development
system equipped with a Unity X4 PPMC card (MPC8240 CPU) only. It is a
snapshot of work in progress and far from being completed. In order
to run it on the target system, it has to be downloaded using the
DINK32 monitor program that came with your Sandpoint system. Please
note that DINK32 does not accept the S-Record file created by the
U-Boot build process unmodified, because it contains CR/LF line
terminators. You have to strip the CR characters first. There is a
tiny script named 'dinkdl' I created for this purpose.
The Sandpoint port is based on the work of Rob Taylor, who does not
seem to maintain it any more. I can be reached by mail as
Thomas Koeller