Marvell SGMII patch: MHSLPONLGCY-151 Add SGMII support on GMAC1 (u-boot)

Marvell gave us an update to uboot for thunderbolt:

Adding all their uboot changes would be unnecessary and high risk,
low reward. For this reason, we are only applying the minimal set
of changes to get SGMII working.

This patch was taken from SDK_2.7.25_thunderbolt_v1 as part of
that minimal set, along with go/fibercl/82349

Marvell's patch notes:

From: David Ferruz Garcia
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:07 PM
To: 'Jian Ho'
Subject: RE: SPI flash image for Thunderbolt 88LX5153

This patch enables the support of both Ethernet MACs
(SGMII and Internal PHY) in the 88F6601.

-        mv_phy.c: Here is the LP SERDES configuration for SGMII.
We have defined a function called mvBoardGMACModeSet which configures
the LP SERDES and the GMAC connected to the SERDES. These changes are
applied on DB-88F6601 which is our development board, but you shall call
the function in the specific part for your board.

    ****Aaron: This is already called by our board****

-        The rest of the files are macros definitions.

-        In addition, in your board definition
(in file board/mv_feroceon/mv_kw2/kw2_family/boardEnv/mvBoardEnvSpec.c )
you shall configure the ethSataComplexOpt parameter to

   ****Aaron: This is done in go/fibercl/82572****

-        Review your mvNetConfig u-boot environment variable.
You should have something like this:

Marvell>> printenv mvNetConfig
mvNetConfig=mv_net_config=0 mem=128M

Change-Id: Ided37f098b675b11db985ddd05cb34cdaf35fc79
4 files changed