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In order to operate SMP mode with the LauterBach, the following steps should be followed:
1. Install the Trace32 tool from LauterBach's installation DVD. We use the November 2010 installation DVD.
2. Apply the patch "" through overriding the 3 files in the T32 folder.
This pach adds the support for the MV78460V7 SoC that enables SMP by default (provided seperately)
3. copy the 2 files "" and "permv78460.per" under C:\T32 (provided seperately)
3. Run marvell's initialization script "armada_xp_smp_DDR3.cmm".
To enable SMP debugging the following options should be selected when prompted:
Please select SoC Mode: ==> select option 4 "4) ARMv7 SMP (Experimental)"
Please select the DB board ==> select option 1 "1) db88f78x60bprev2"
4. Pressing the "UP" button in the system menu should get the system at 0xFFFF0000
5. you can load the symbols using the command "data.load <lef file name> /NOCODE"
6. To break on a specific routine, set an "onChip" breakpoint at the address needed.
7. Perform few single-step jumps to pass the reset vector zone then press go.
8. The debugger should break at the address specified when hitting it by either CPUs. Both CPUs are breaked.