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# List of boards
# Syntax:
# white-space separated list of entries;
# each entry has the fields documented below.
# Unused fields can be specified as "-", or omitted if they
# are the last field on the line.
# Lines starting with '#' are comments.
# Blank lines are ignored.
# The CPU field takes the form:
# cpu[:spl_cpu]
# If spl_cpu is specified the make variable CPU will be set to this
# during the SPL build.
# The options field takes the form:
# <board config name>[:comma separated config options]
# Each config option has the form (value defaults to "1"):
# option[=value]
# So if you have:
# The file include/configs/FOO.h will be used, and these defines created:
# #define CONFIG_HAS_BAR 1
# #define CONFIG_BAZ 64
# The list should be ordered according to the following fields,
# from most to least significant:
# ARCH, CPU, SoC, Vendor, Target
# To keep the list sorted, use something like
# :.,$! sort -bdf -k2,2 -k3,3 -k6,6 -k5,5 -k1,1
# To reformat the list, use something like
# :.,$! column -t
# Target ARCH CPU Board name Vendor SoC Options
integratorcp_cm1136 arm arm1136 integrator armltd - integratorcp:CM1136
imx31_phycore arm arm1136 - - mx31
imx31_phycore_eet arm arm1136 imx31_phycore - mx31 imx31_phycore:IMX31_PHYCORE_EET
armada_375 arm armv7 a375 mv_ebu mvca9 armada_375:ARMADA_375
armada_375_customer0 arm armv7 a375 mv_ebu mvca9 armada_375:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0
armada_375_customer1 arm armv7 a375 mv_ebu mvca9 armada_375:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1
avanta_lp_fpga arm armv7 alp mv_ebu mvca9 avanta_lp:AVANTA_LP_FPGA mv_fpga_board
avanta_lp arm armv7 alp mv_ebu mvca9 avanta_lp:AVANTA_LP
avanta_lp_customer0 arm armv7 alp mv_ebu mvca9 avanta_lp:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0
avanta_lp_customer1 arm armv7 alp mv_ebu mvca9 avanta_lp:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1
armada_xp_dbgp arm armv7 axp mv_ebu pj4 armada_xp:DB_784MP_GP
armada_38x arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:ARMADA_38X
armada_38x_customer0 arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0,ARMADA_38X
armada_38x_customer1 arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1,ARMADA_38X
armada_38x_clearfog arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:CLEARFOG_BOARD,ARMADA_38X
armada_39x arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:ARMADA_39X
armada_39x_customer0 arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0,ARMADA_39X
armada_39x_customer1 arm armv7 a38x mv_ebu mvca9 armada_38x:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1,ARMADA_39X
bobcat2_db arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:DB_BOBCAT2,BOBCAT2
bobcat2_rd arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:RD_BOBCAT2,BOBCAT2
bobcat2_rd_mtl arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:RD_MTL_BOBCAT2,BOBCAT2
bobcat2_customer0 arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0,BOBCAT2
bobcat2_customer1 arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1,BOBCAT2
ac3_db arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:DB_AC3,ALLEYCAT3
ac3_rd arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:RD_AC3,ALLEYCAT3
ac3_customer0 arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:CUSTOMER_BOARD_0,ALLEYCAT3
ac3_customer1 arm armv7 msys mv_ebu pj4 msys:CUSTOMER_BOARD_1,ALLEYCAT3
qong arm arm1136 - davedenx mx31
mx31ads arm arm1136 - freescale mx31
mx31pdk arm arm1136 - freescale mx31 mx31pdk:NAND_U_BOOT
tt01 arm arm1136 - hale mx31
imx31_litekit arm arm1136 - logicpd mx31
flea3 arm arm1136 - CarMediaLab mx35
mx35pdk arm arm1136 - freescale mx35
woodburn arm arm1136 - - mx35
woodburn_sd arm arm1136 woodburn - mx35 woodburn_sd:IMX_CONFIG=board/woodburn/imximage.cfg
omap2420h4 arm arm1136 - ti omap24xx
tnetv107x_evm arm arm1176 tnetv107xevm ti tnetv107x
rpi_b arm arm1176 rpi_b raspberrypi bcm2835
integratorap_cm720t arm arm720t integrator armltd - integratorap:CM720T
integratorap_cm920t arm arm920t integrator armltd - integratorap:CM920T
integratorcp_cm920t arm arm920t integrator armltd - integratorcp:CM920T
a320evb arm arm920t - faraday a320
at91rm9200ek arm arm920t at91rm9200ek atmel at91 at91rm9200ek
at91rm9200ek_ram arm arm920t at91rm9200ek atmel at91 at91rm9200ek:RAMBOOT
eb_cpux9k2 arm arm920t eb_cpux9k2 BuS at91 eb_cpux9k2
eb_cpux9k2_ram arm arm920t eb_cpux9k2 BuS at91 eb_cpux9k2:RAMBOOT
cpuat91 arm arm920t cpuat91 eukrea at91 cpuat91
cpuat91_ram arm arm920t cpuat91 eukrea at91 cpuat91:RAMBOOT
mx1ads arm arm920t - - imx
scb9328 arm arm920t - - imx
cm4008 arm arm920t - - ks8695
cm41xx arm arm920t - - ks8695
mini2440 arm arm920t mini2440 friendlyarm s3c24x0
VCMA9 arm arm920t vcma9 mpl s3c24x0
smdk2410 arm arm920t - samsung s3c24x0
omap1510inn arm arm925t - ti
integratorap_cm926ejs arm arm926ejs integrator armltd - integratorap:CM926EJ_S
integratorcp_cm926ejs arm arm926ejs integrator armltd - integratorcp:CM924EJ_S
aspenite arm arm926ejs - Marvell armada100
gplugd arm arm926ejs - Marvell armada100
afeb9260 arm arm926ejs - - at91
at91sam9260ek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9260,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS0
at91sam9260ek_dataflash_cs1 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9260,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS1
at91sam9260ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9260,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9261ek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9261,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS0
at91sam9261ek_dataflash_cs3 arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9261,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS3
at91sam9261ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9261,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9263ek_dataflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9263ek atmel at91 at91sam9263ek:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
at91sam9263ek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9263ek atmel at91 at91sam9263ek:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
at91sam9263ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9263ek atmel at91 at91sam9263ek:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9263ek_norflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9263ek atmel at91 at91sam9263ek:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_NORFLASH
at91sam9263ek_norflash_boot arm arm926ejs at91sam9263ek atmel at91 at91sam9263ek:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_BOOT_NORFLASH
at91sam9g10ek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9G10,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS0
at91sam9g10ek_dataflash_cs3 arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9G10,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS3
at91sam9g10ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9261ek atmel at91 at91sam9261ek:AT91SAM9G10,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9g20ek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS0
at91sam9g20ek_dataflash_cs1 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS1
at91sam9g20ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9m10g45ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9m10g45ek atmel at91 at91sam9m10g45ek:AT91SAM9M10G45,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9rlek_dataflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9rlek atmel at91 at91sam9rlek:AT91SAM9RL,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
at91sam9rlek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9rlek atmel at91 at91sam9rlek:AT91SAM9RL,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9x5ek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9x5ek atmel at91 at91sam9x5ek:AT91SAM9X5,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
at91sam9x5ek_dataflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9x5ek atmel at91 at91sam9x5ek:AT91SAM9X5,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
at91sam9x5ek_spiflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9x5ek atmel at91 at91sam9x5ek:AT91SAM9X5,SYS_USE_SPIFLASH
at91sam9x5ek_mmc arm arm926ejs at91sam9x5ek atmel at91 at91sam9x5ek:AT91SAM9X5,SYS_USE_MMC
at91sam9xeek_dataflash_cs0 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9XE,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS0
at91sam9xeek_dataflash_cs1 arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9XE,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH_CS1
at91sam9xeek_nandflash arm arm926ejs at91sam9260ek atmel at91 at91sam9260ek:AT91SAM9XE,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
snapper9260 arm arm926ejs - bluewater at91 snapper9260:AT91SAM9260
snapper9g20 arm arm926ejs snapper9260 bluewater at91 snapper9260:AT91SAM9G20
vl_ma2sc arm arm926ejs vl_ma2sc BuS at91
vl_ma2sc_ram arm arm926ejs vl_ma2sc BuS at91 vl_ma2sc:RAMLOAD
sbc35_a9g20_eeprom arm arm926ejs sbc35_a9g20 calao at91 sbc35_a9g20:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_EEPROM
sbc35_a9g20_nandflash arm arm926ejs sbc35_a9g20 calao at91 sbc35_a9g20:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
tny_a9260_eeprom arm arm926ejs tny_a9260 calao at91 tny_a9260:AT91SAM9260,SYS_USE_EEPROM
tny_a9260_nandflash arm arm926ejs tny_a9260 calao at91 tny_a9260:AT91SAM9260,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
tny_a9g20_eeprom arm arm926ejs tny_a9260 calao at91 tny_a9260:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_EEPROM
tny_a9g20_nandflash arm arm926ejs tny_a9260 calao at91 tny_a9260:AT91SAM9G20,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
ethernut5 arm arm926ejs ethernut5 egnite at91 ethernut5:AT91SAM9XE
top9000eval_xe arm arm926ejs top9000 emk at91 top9000:EVAL9000
top9000su_xe arm arm926ejs top9000 emk at91 top9000:SU9000
meesc arm arm926ejs meesc esd at91 meesc:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
meesc_dataflash arm arm926ejs meesc esd at91 meesc:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
otc570 arm arm926ejs otc570 esd at91 otc570:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_NANDFLASH
otc570_dataflash arm arm926ejs otc570 esd at91 otc570:AT91SAM9263,SYS_USE_DATAFLASH
cpu9260 arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9260
cpu9260_128M arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9260,CPU9260_128M
cpu9260_nand arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9260,NANDBOOT
cpu9260_nand_128M arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9260,CPU9260_128M,NANDBOOT
cpu9G20 arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9G20
cpu9G20_128M arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9G20,CPU9G20_128M
cpu9G20_nand arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9G20,NANDBOOT
cpu9G20_nand_128M arm arm926ejs cpu9260 eukrea at91 cpu9260:CPU9G20,CPU9G20_128M,NANDBOOT
pm9261 arm arm926ejs pm9261 ronetix at91 pm9261:AT91SAM9261
pm9263 arm arm926ejs pm9263 ronetix at91 pm9263:AT91SAM9263
pm9g45 arm arm926ejs pm9g45 ronetix at91 pm9g45:AT91SAM9G45
portuxg20 arm arm926ejs stamp9g20 taskit at91 stamp9g20:AT91SAM9G20,PORTUXG20
stamp9g20 arm arm926ejs stamp9g20 taskit at91 stamp9g20:AT91SAM9G20
cam_enc_4xx arm arm926ejs cam_enc_4xx ait davinci cam_enc_4xx
da830evm arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci
da850_am18xxevm arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci da850evm:DA850_AM18X_EVM,MAC_ADDR_IN_EEPROM,SYS_I2C_EEPROM_ADDR_LEN=2,SYS_I2C_EEPROM_ADDR=0x50
da850evm arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci da850evm:MAC_ADDR_IN_SPIFLASH
da850evm_direct_nor arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci da850evm:MAC_ADDR_IN_SPIFLASH,USE_NOR,DIRECT_NOR_BOOT
davinci_dm355evm arm arm926ejs dm355evm davinci davinci
davinci_dm355leopard arm arm926ejs dm355leopard davinci davinci
davinci_dm365evm arm arm926ejs dm365evm davinci davinci
davinci_dm6467evm arm arm926ejs dm6467evm davinci davinci davinci_dm6467evm:REFCLK_FREQ=27000000
davinci_dm6467Tevm arm arm926ejs dm6467evm davinci davinci davinci_dm6467evm:DAVINCI_DM6467TEVM,REFCLK_FREQ=33000000
davinci_dvevm arm arm926ejs dvevm davinci davinci
davinci_schmoogie arm arm926ejs schmoogie davinci davinci
davinci_sffsdr arm arm926ejs sffsdr davinci davinci
davinci_sonata arm arm926ejs sonata davinci davinci
ea20 arm arm926ejs ea20 davinci davinci
hawkboard arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci
hawkboard_uart arm arm926ejs da8xxevm davinci davinci hawkboard:UART_U_BOOT
enbw_cmc arm arm926ejs enbw_cmc enbw davinci
calimain arm arm926ejs calimain omicron davinci
pogo_e02 arm arm926ejs - cloudengines kirkwood
dns325 arm arm926ejs - d-link kirkwood
iconnect arm arm926ejs - iomega kirkwood
lschlv2 arm arm926ejs lsxl buffalo kirkwood lsxl:LSCHLV2
lsxhl arm arm926ejs lsxl buffalo kirkwood lsxl:LSXHL
km_kirkwood arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_KIRKWOOD
km_kirkwood_pci arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_KIRKWOOD_PCI
kmnusa arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_NUSA
mgcoge3un arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_MGCOGE3UN
kmcoge5un arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_COGE5UN
portl2 arm arm926ejs km_arm keymile kirkwood km_kirkwood:KM_PORTL2
d2net_v2 arm arm926ejs net2big_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:D2NET_V2
inetspace_v2 arm arm926ejs netspace_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:INETSPACE_V2
net2big_v2 arm arm926ejs net2big_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:NET2BIG_V2
netspace_lite_v2 arm arm926ejs netspace_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:NETSPACE_LITE_V2
netspace_max_v2 arm arm926ejs netspace_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:NETSPACE_MAX_V2
netspace_mini_v2 arm arm926ejs netspace_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:NETSPACE_MINI_V2
netspace_v2 arm arm926ejs netspace_v2 LaCie kirkwood lacie_kw:NETSPACE_V2
wireless_space arm arm926ejs wireless_space LaCie kirkwood
dreamplug arm arm926ejs - Marvell kirkwood
guruplug arm arm926ejs - Marvell kirkwood
mv88f6281gtw_ge arm arm926ejs - Marvell kirkwood
openrd_base arm arm926ejs openrd Marvell kirkwood openrd:BOARD_IS_OPENRD_BASE
openrd_client arm arm926ejs openrd Marvell kirkwood openrd:BOARD_IS_OPENRD_CLIENT
openrd_ultimate arm arm926ejs openrd Marvell kirkwood openrd:BOARD_IS_OPENRD_ULTIMATE
rd6281a arm arm926ejs - Marvell kirkwood
sheevaplug arm arm926ejs - Marvell kirkwood
ib62x0 arm arm926ejs ib62x0 raidsonic kirkwood
dockstar arm arm926ejs - Seagate kirkwood
tk71 arm arm926ejs tk71 karo kirkwood
devkit3250 arm arm926ejs devkit3250 timll lpc32xx
jadecpu arm arm926ejs jadecpu syteco mb86r0x
mx25pdk arm arm926ejs mx25pdk freescale mx25 mx25pdk:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx25pdk/imximage.cfg
tx25 arm arm926ejs tx25 karo mx25
zmx25 arm arm926ejs zmx25 syteco mx25
imx27lite arm arm926ejs imx27lite logicpd mx27
magnesium arm arm926ejs imx27lite logicpd mx27
apx4devkit arm arm926ejs apx4devkit bluegiga mxs apx4devkit
m28evk arm arm926ejs m28evk denx mxs m28evk
mx28evk arm arm926ejs mx28evk freescale mxs mx28evk
sc_sps_1 arm arm926ejs sc_sps_1 schulercontrol mxs
nhk8815 arm arm926ejs nhk8815 st nomadik
nhk8815_onenand arm arm926ejs nhk8815 st nomadik nhk8815:BOOT_ONENAND
omap5912osk arm arm926ejs - ti omap
omap730p2 arm arm926ejs omap730p2 ti omap omap730p2:CS3_BOOT
omap730p2_cs0boot arm arm926ejs omap730p2 ti omap omap730p2:CS0_BOOT
omap730p2_cs3boot arm arm926ejs omap730p2 ti omap omap730p2:CS3_BOOT
edminiv2 arm arm926ejs - LaCie orion5x
dkb arm arm926ejs - Marvell pantheon
spear300 arm arm926ejs spear300 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear300
spear300_nand arm arm926ejs spear300 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear300,nand
spear300_usbtty arm arm926ejs spear300 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear300,usbtty
spear300_usbtty_nand arm arm926ejs spear300 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear300,usbtty,nand
spear310 arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310
spear310_pnor arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310,FLASH_PNOR
spear310_nand arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310,nand
spear310_usbtty arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310,usbtty
spear310_usbtty_pnor arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310,usbtty,FLASH_PNOR
spear310_usbtty_nand arm arm926ejs spear310 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear310,usbtty,nand
spear320 arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320
spear320_pnor arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320,FLASH_PNOR
spear320_nand arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320,nand
spear320_usbtty arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320,usbtty
spear320_usbtty_pnor arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320,usbtty,FLASH_PNOR
spear320_usbtty_nand arm arm926ejs spear320 spear spear spear3xx_evb:spear320,usbtty,nand
spear600 arm arm926ejs spear600 spear spear spear6xx_evb:spear600
spear600_nand arm arm926ejs spear600 spear spear spear6xx_evb:spear600,nand
spear600_usbtty arm arm926ejs spear600 spear spear spear6xx_evb:spear600,usbtty
spear600_usbtty_nand arm arm926ejs spear600 spear spear spear6xx_evb:spear600,usbtty,nand
x600 arm arm926ejs - spear spear x600
versatileab arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_AB
versatilepb arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_PB
versatileqemu arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_QEMU,ARCH_VERSATILE_PB
integratorap_cm946es arm arm946es integrator armltd - integratorap:CM946ES
integratorcp_cm946es arm arm946es integrator armltd - integratorcp:CM946ES
ca9x4_ct_vxp arm armv7 vexpress armltd
am335x_evm arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL1,CONS_INDEX=1
am335x_evm_uart1 arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL2,CONS_INDEX=2
am335x_evm_uart2 arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL3,CONS_INDEX=3
am335x_evm_uart3 arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL4,CONS_INDEX=4
am335x_evm_uart4 arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL5,CONS_INDEX=5
am335x_evm_uart5 arm armv7 am335x ti am33xx am335x_evm:SERIAL6,CONS_INDEX=6
highbank arm armv7 highbank - highbank
mx51_efikamx arm armv7 mx51_efikamx genesi mx5 mx51_efikamx:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_MX51_EFIKAMX,IMX_CONFIG=board/genesi/mx51_efikamx/imximage_mx.cfg
mx51_efikasb arm armv7 mx51_efikamx genesi mx5 mx51_efikamx:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_MX51_EFIKASB,IMX_CONFIG=board/genesi/mx51_efikamx/imximage_sb.cfg
mx51evk arm armv7 mx51evk freescale mx5 mx51evk:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx51evk/imximage.cfg
mx53ard arm armv7 mx53ard freescale mx5 mx53ard:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx53ard/imximage_dd3.cfg
mx53evk arm armv7 mx53evk freescale mx5 mx53evk:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx53evk/imximage.cfg
mx53loco arm armv7 mx53loco freescale mx5 mx53loco:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx53loco/imximage.cfg
mx53smd arm armv7 mx53smd freescale mx5 mx53smd:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx53smd/imximage.cfg
ima3-mx53 arm armv7 ima3-mx53 esg mx5 ima3-mx53:IMX_CONFIG=board/esg/ima3-mx53/imximage.cfg
vision2 arm armv7 vision2 ttcontrol mx5 vision2:IMX_CONFIG=board/ttcontrol/vision2/imximage_hynix.cfg
mx6qarm2 arm armv7 mx6qarm2 freescale mx6 mx6qarm2:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx6qarm2/imximage.cfg
mx6qsabreauto arm armv7 mx6qsabreauto freescale mx6 mx6qsabreauto:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/mx6qsabreauto/imximage.cfg
mx6qsabrelite arm armv7 mx6qsabrelite freescale mx6 mx6qsabrelite:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/imx/ddr/mx6q_4x_mt41j128.cfg
mx6qsabresd arm armv7 mx6qsabresd freescale mx6 mx6qsabresd:IMX_CONFIG=board/freescale/imx/ddr/mx6q_4x_mt41j128.cfg
eco5pk arm armv7 eco5pk 8dtech omap3
cm_t35 arm armv7 cm_t35 - omap3
omap3_overo arm armv7 overo - omap3
omap3_pandora arm armv7 pandora - omap3
dig297 arm armv7 dig297 comelit omap3
igep0020 arm armv7 igep0020 isee omap3 igep00x0:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_IGEP0020,BOOT_ONENAND
igep0020_nand arm armv7 igep0020 isee omap3 igep00x0:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_IGEP0020,BOOT_NAND
igep0030 arm armv7 igep0030 isee omap3 igep00x0:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_IGEP0030,BOOT_ONENAND
igep0030_nand arm armv7 igep0030 isee omap3 igep00x0:MACH_TYPE=MACH_TYPE_IGEP0030,BOOT_NAND
am3517_evm arm armv7 am3517evm logicpd omap3
mt_ventoux arm armv7 mt_ventoux teejet omap3
omap3_zoom1 arm armv7 zoom1 logicpd omap3
omap3_zoom2 arm armv7 zoom2 logicpd omap3
omap3_logic arm armv7 omap3som logicpd omap3
omap3_mvblx arm armv7 mvblx matrix_vision omap3
am3517_crane arm armv7 am3517crane ti omap3
omap3_beagle arm armv7 beagle ti omap3
omap3_evm arm armv7 evm ti omap3
omap3_evm_quick_mmc arm armv7 evm ti omap3
omap3_evm_quick_nand arm armv7 evm ti omap3
omap3_sdp3430 arm armv7 sdp3430 ti omap3
devkit8000 arm armv7 devkit8000 timll omap3
mcx arm armv7 mcx htkw omap3
tricorder arm armv7 tricorder corscience omap3
twister arm armv7 twister technexion omap3
nokia_rx51 arm armv7 rx51 nokia omap3
omap4_panda arm armv7 panda ti omap4
omap4_sdp4430 arm armv7 sdp4430 ti omap4
omap5_evm arm armv7 omap5_evm ti omap5
s5p_goni arm armv7 goni samsung s5pc1xx
smdkc100 arm armv7 smdkc100 samsung s5pc1xx
origen arm armv7 origen samsung exynos
s5pc210_universal arm armv7 universal_c210 samsung exynos
smdk5250 arm armv7 smdk5250 samsung exynos
smdkv310 arm armv7 smdkv310 samsung exynos
trats arm armv7 trats samsung exynos
harmony arm armv7:arm720t harmony nvidia tegra20
seaboard arm armv7:arm720t seaboard nvidia tegra20
ventana arm armv7:arm720t ventana nvidia tegra20
whistler arm armv7:arm720t whistler nvidia tegra20
colibri_t20_iris arm armv7:arm720t colibri_t20_iris toradex tegra20
u8500_href arm armv7 u8500 st-ericsson u8500
snowball arm armv7 snowball st-ericsson u8500
kzm9g arm armv7 kzm9g kmc rmobile
armadillo-800eva arm armv7 armadillo-800eva atmark-techno rmobile
zynq arm armv7 zynq xilinx zynq
socfpga_cyclone5 arm armv7 socfpga_cyclone5 altera socfpga
actux1_4_16 arm ixp actux1 - - actux1:FLASH2X2
actux1_4_32 arm ixp actux1 - - actux1:FLASH2X2,RAM_32MB
actux1_8_16 arm ixp actux1 - - actux1:FLASH1X8
actux1_8_32 arm ixp actux1 - - actux1:FLASH1X8,RAM_32MB
actux2 arm ixp
actux3 arm ixp
actux4 arm ixp
dvlhost arm ixp
pdnb3 arm ixp pdnb3 prodrive
scpu arm ixp pdnb3 prodrive - pdnb3:SCPU
balloon3 arm pxa
h2200 arm pxa
lubbock arm pxa
palmld arm pxa
palmtc arm pxa
polaris arm pxa trizepsiv - - trizepsiv:POLARIS
pxa255_idp arm pxa
trizepsiv arm pxa
vpac270_nor_128 arm pxa vpac270 - - vpac270:NOR,RAM_128M
vpac270_nor_256 arm pxa vpac270 - - vpac270:NOR,RAM_256M
vpac270_ond_256 arm pxa vpac270 - - vpac270:ONENAND,RAM_256M
xaeniax arm pxa
zipitz2 arm pxa
colibri_pxa270 arm pxa - toradex
jornada arm sa1100
plutux arm armv7:arm720t plutux avionic-design tegra20
medcom-wide arm armv7:arm720t medcom-wide avionic-design tegra20
tec arm armv7:arm720t tec avionic-design tegra20
paz00 arm armv7:arm720t paz00 compal tegra20
trimslice arm armv7:arm720t trimslice compulab tegra20
atngw100 avr32 at32ap - atmel at32ap700x
atngw100mkii avr32 at32ap - atmel at32ap700x
atstk1002 avr32 at32ap atstk1000 atmel at32ap700x
atstk1003 avr32 at32ap atstk1000 atmel at32ap700x
atstk1004 avr32 at32ap atstk1000 atmel at32ap700x
atstk1006 avr32 at32ap atstk1000 atmel at32ap700x
favr-32-ezkit avr32 at32ap - earthlcd at32ap700x
grasshopper avr32 at32ap - in-circuit at32ap700x
mimc200 avr32 at32ap - mimc at32ap700x
hammerhead avr32 at32ap - miromico at32ap700x
bct-brettl2 blackfin blackfin
bf506f-ezkit blackfin blackfin
bf518f-ezbrd blackfin blackfin
bf525-ucr2 blackfin blackfin
bf526-ezbrd blackfin blackfin
bf527-ad7160-eval blackfin blackfin
bf527-ezkit blackfin blackfin
bf527-ezkit-v2 blackfin blackfin bf527-ezkit - - bf527-ezkit:BF527_EZKIT_REV_2_1
bf527-sdp blackfin blackfin
bf533-ezkit blackfin blackfin
bf533-stamp blackfin blackfin
bf537-minotaur blackfin blackfin
bf537-pnav blackfin blackfin
bf537-srv1 blackfin blackfin
bf537-stamp blackfin blackfin
bf538f-ezkit blackfin blackfin
bf548-ezkit blackfin blackfin
bf561-acvilon blackfin blackfin
bf561-ezkit blackfin blackfin
blackstamp blackfin blackfin
blackvme blackfin blackfin
br4 blackfin blackfin
cm-bf527 blackfin blackfin
cm-bf533 blackfin blackfin
cm-bf537e blackfin blackfin
cm-bf537u blackfin blackfin
cm-bf548 blackfin blackfin
cm-bf561 blackfin blackfin
dnp5370 blackfin blackfin
ibf-dsp561 blackfin blackfin
ip04 blackfin blackfin
pr1 blackfin blackfin
tcm-bf518 blackfin blackfin
tcm-bf537 blackfin blackfin
M52277EVB m68k mcf5227x m52277evb freescale - M52277EVB:SYS_SPANSION_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00000000
M52277EVB_stmicro m68k mcf5227x m52277evb freescale - M52277EVB:CF_SBF,SYS_STMICRO_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x43E00000
M5235EVB m68k mcf523x m5235evb freescale - M5235EVB:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFE00000
M5235EVB_Flash32 m68k mcf523x m5235evb freescale - M5235EVB:NORFLASH_PS32BIT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFC00000
cobra5272 m68k mcf52x2 cobra5272 -
idmr m68k mcf52x2
eb_cpu5282 m68k mcf52x2 eb_cpu5282 BuS - eb_cpu5282:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000,SYS_MONITOR_BASE=0xFF000400
eb_cpu5282_internal m68k mcf52x2 eb_cpu5282 BuS - eb_cpu5282:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF0000000,SYS_MONITOR_BASE=0xF0000418
TASREG m68k mcf52x2 tasreg esd
M5208EVBE m68k mcf52x2 m5208evbe freescale
M5249EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5249evb freescale
M5253DEMO m68k mcf52x2 m5253demo freescale
M5253EVBE m68k mcf52x2 m5253evbe freescale
M5271EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5271evb freescale
M5272C3 m68k mcf52x2 m5272c3 freescale
M5275EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5275evb freescale
M5282EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5282evb freescale
astro_mcf5373l m68k mcf532x mcf5373l astro
M53017EVB m68k mcf532x m53017evb freescale
M5329AFEE m68k mcf532x m5329evb freescale - M5329EVB:NANDFLASH_SIZE=0
M5329BFEE m68k mcf532x m5329evb freescale - M5329EVB:NANDFLASH_SIZE=16
M5373EVB m68k mcf532x m5373evb freescale - M5373EVB:NANDFLASH_SIZE=16
M54418TWR m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:CF_SBF,SYS_SERIAL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=50000000
M54418TWR_nand_mii m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:SYS_NAND_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=25000000
M54418TWR_nand_rmii m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:SYS_NAND_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=50000000
M54418TWR_nand_rmii_lowfreq m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:SYS_NAND_BOOT,LOW_MCFCLK,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=50000000
M54418TWR_serial_mii m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:CF_SBF,SYS_SERIAL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=25000000
M54418TWR_serial_rmii m68k mcf5445x m54418twr freescale - M54418TWR:CF_SBF,SYS_SERIAL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47E00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=50000000
M54451EVB m68k mcf5445x m54451evb freescale - M54451EVB:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00000000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=24000000
M54451EVB_stmicro m68k mcf5445x m54451evb freescale - M54451EVB:CF_SBF,SYS_STMICRO_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x47e00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=24000000
M54455EVB m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale - M54455EVB:SYS_ATMEL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=33333333
M54455EVB_a66 m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale - M54455EVB:SYS_ATMEL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=66666666
M54455EVB_i66 m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale - M54455EVB:SYS_INTEL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00000000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=66666666
M54455EVB_intel m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale - M54455EVB:SYS_INTEL_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00000000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=33333333
M54455EVB_stm33 m68k mcf5445x m54455evb freescale - M54455EVB:SYS_STMICRO_BOOT,CF_SBF,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x4FE00000,SYS_INPUT_CLKSRC=33333333
M5475AFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64
M5475BFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=16
M5475CFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=16,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL
M5475DFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_USBCTRL
M5475EFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL
M5475FFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=32,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL,SYS_DRAMSZ1=64
M5475GFE m68k mcf547x_8x m547xevb freescale - M5475EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=133333333,SYS_BOOTSZ=4,SYS_DRAMSZ=64
M5485AFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64
M5485BFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=16
M5485CFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=16,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL
M5485DFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_USBCTRL
M5485EFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL
M5485FFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=32,SYS_VIDEO,SYS_USBCTRL,SYS_DRAMSZ1=64
M5485GFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=4,SYS_DRAMSZ=64
M5485HFE m68k mcf547x_8x m548xevb freescale - M5485EVB:SYS_BUSCLK=100000000,SYS_BOOTSZ=2,SYS_DRAMSZ=64,SYS_NOR1SZ=16,SYS_VIDEO
microblaze-generic microblaze microblaze microblaze-generic xilinx
qemu_mips mips mips32 qemu-mips - - qemu-mips:SYS_BIG_ENDIAN
qemu_mipsel mips mips32 qemu-mips - - qemu-mips:SYS_LITTLE_ENDIAN
qemu_mips64 mips mips64 qemu-mips - - qemu-mips64:SYS_BIG_ENDIAN
qemu_mips64el mips mips64 qemu-mips - - qemu-mips64:SYS_LITTLE_ENDIAN
vct_platinum mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUM
vct_platinumavc mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUMAVC
vct_platinumavc_onenand mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUMAVC,VCT_ONENAND
vct_platinumavc_onenand_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUMAVC,VCT_ONENAND,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
vct_platinumavc_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUMAVC,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
vct_platinum_onenand mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUM,VCT_ONENAND
vct_platinum_onenand_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUM,VCT_ONENAND,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
vct_platinum_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PLATINUM,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
vct_premium mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PREMIUM
vct_premium_onenand mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PREMIUM,VCT_ONENAND
vct_premium_onenand_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PREMIUM,VCT_ONENAND,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
vct_premium_small mips mips32 vct micronas - vct:VCT_PREMIUM,VCT_SMALL_IMAGE
dbau1000 mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1000
dbau1100 mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1100
dbau1500 mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1500
dbau1550 mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1550
dbau1550_el mips mips32 dbau1x00 - au1x00 dbau1x00:DBAU1550,SYS_LITTLE_ENDIAN
pb1000 mips mips32 pb1x00 - au1x00 pb1x00:PB1000
incaip mips mips32 incaip - incaip
incaip_100MHz mips mips32 incaip - incaip incaip:CPU_CLOCK_RATE=100000000
incaip_133MHz mips mips32 incaip - incaip incaip:CPU_CLOCK_RATE=133000000
incaip_150MHz mips mips32 incaip - incaip incaip:CPU_CLOCK_RATE=150000000
qi_lb60 mips xburst qi_lb60 qi
adp-ag101 nds32 n1213 adp-ag101 AndesTech ag101
adp-ag101p nds32 n1213 adp-ag101p AndesTech ag101
adp-ag102 nds32 n1213 adp-ag102 AndesTech ag102
nios2-generic nios2 nios2 nios2-generic altera
PCI5441 nios2 nios2 pci5441 psyent
PK1C20 nios2 nios2 pk1c20 psyent
openrisc-generic openrisc or1200 openrisc-generic openrisc -
EVB64260 powerpc 74xx_7xx evb64260 - - EVB64260
EVB64260_750CX powerpc 74xx_7xx evb64260 - - EVB64260
P3G4 powerpc 74xx_7xx evb64260
PCIPPC2 powerpc 74xx_7xx pcippc2
PCIPPC6 powerpc 74xx_7xx pcippc2
ppmc7xx powerpc 74xx_7xx
ZUMA powerpc 74xx_7xx evb64260
ELPPC powerpc 74xx_7xx elppc eltec
CPCI750 powerpc 74xx_7xx cpci750 esd
mpc7448hpc2 powerpc 74xx_7xx mpc7448hpc2 freescale
DB64360 powerpc 74xx_7xx db64360 Marvell
DB64460 powerpc 74xx_7xx db64460 Marvell
p3m7448 powerpc 74xx_7xx p3mx prodrive - p3mx:P3M7448
p3m750 powerpc 74xx_7xx p3mx prodrive - p3mx:P3M750
pdm360ng powerpc mpc512x
aria powerpc mpc512x - davedenx
mecp5123 powerpc mpc512x - esd
mpc5121ads powerpc mpc512x mpc5121ads freescale
mpc5121ads_rev2 powerpc mpc512x mpc5121ads freescale - mpc5121ads:MPC5121ADS_REV2
cmi_mpc5xx powerpc mpc5xx cmi
PATI powerpc mpc5xx pati mpl
a3m071 powerpc mpc5xxx a3m071
a4m072 powerpc mpc5xxx a4m072
BC3450 powerpc mpc5xxx bc3450
canmb powerpc mpc5xxx
cm5200 powerpc mpc5xxx
galaxy5200 powerpc mpc5xxx galaxy5200 - - galaxy5200:galaxy5200
galaxy5200_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx galaxy5200 - - galaxy5200:galaxy5200_LOWBOOT
icecube_5200 powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube
icecube_5200_DDR powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:MPC5200_DDR
icecube_5200_DDR_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000,MPC5200_DDR
icecube_5200_DDR_LOWBOOT08 powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000,MPC5200_DDR
icecube_5200_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
icecube_5200_LOWBOOT08 powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
inka4x0 powerpc mpc5xxx
ipek01 powerpc mpc5xxx
jupiter powerpc mpc5xxx
Lite5200 powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube
lite5200b powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:MPC5200_DDR,LITE5200B
lite5200b_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:MPC5200_DDR,LITE5200B,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
lite5200b_PM powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:MPC5200_DDR,LITE5200B,LITE5200B_PM
Lite5200_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
Lite5200_LOWBOOT08 powerpc mpc5xxx icecube - - IceCube:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
mcc200 powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200
mcc200_COM12 powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:CONSOLE_COM12
mcc200_COM12_highboot powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:CONSOLE_COM12,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
mcc200_COM12_highboot_SDRAM powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:CONSOLE_COM12,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000,MCC200_SDRAM
mcc200_COM12_SDRAM powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:CONSOLE_COM12,MCC200_SDRAM
mcc200_highboot powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
mcc200_highboot_SDRAM powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000,MCC200_SDRAM
mcc200_SDRAM powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:MCC200_SDRAM
motionpro powerpc mpc5xxx
munices powerpc mpc5xxx
PM520 powerpc mpc5xxx pm520
PM520_DDR powerpc mpc5xxx pm520 - - PM520:MPC5200_DDR
PM520_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx pm520 - - PM520:BOOT_ROM
PM520_ROMBOOT_DDR powerpc mpc5xxx pm520 - - PM520:MPC5200_DDR,BOOT_ROM
prs200 powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:PRS200,MCC200_SDRAM
prs200_DDR powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:PRS200
prs200_highboot powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:PRS200,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000,MCC200_SDRAM
prs200_highboot_DDR powerpc mpc5xxx mcc200 - - mcc200:PRS200,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
Total5200 powerpc mpc5xxx total5200 - - Total5200:TOTAL5200_REV=1
Total5200_lowboot powerpc mpc5xxx total5200 - - Total5200:TOTAL5200_REV=1,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFE000000
Total5200_Rev2 powerpc mpc5xxx total5200 - - Total5200:TOTAL5200_REV=2
Total5200_Rev2_lowboot powerpc mpc5xxx total5200 - - Total5200:TOTAL5200_REV=2,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFE000000
v38b powerpc mpc5xxx
EVAL5200 powerpc mpc5xxx top5200 emk - TOP5200:EVAL5200
MINI5200 powerpc mpc5xxx top5200 emk - TOP5200:MINI5200
TOP5200 powerpc mpc5xxx top5200 emk - TOP5200:TOP5200
cpci5200 powerpc mpc5xxx - esd
mecp5200 powerpc mpc5xxx - esd
pf5200 powerpc mpc5xxx - esd
O2D powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2d
O2D300 powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2d300
O2DNT2 powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2dnt2
O2DNT2_RAMBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2dnt2:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00100000
O2I powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2i
O2MNT powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2mnt
O2MNT_O2M110 powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2mnt:IFM_SENSOR_TYPE="O2M110"
O2MNT_O2M112 powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2mnt:IFM_SENSOR_TYPE="O2M112"
O2MNT_O2M113 powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o2mnt:IFM_SENSOR_TYPE="O2M113"
O3DNT powerpc mpc5xxx o2dnt2 ifm - o3dnt
digsy_mtc powerpc mpc5xxx digsy_mtc intercontrol
digsy_mtc_RAMBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx digsy_mtc intercontrol - digsy_mtc:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00100000
digsy_mtc_rev5 powerpc mpc5xxx digsy_mtc intercontrol - digsy_mtc:DIGSY_REV5
digsy_mtc_rev5_RAMBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx digsy_mtc intercontrol - digsy_mtc:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00100000,DIGSY_REV5
hmi1001 powerpc mpc5xxx - manroland
mucmc52 powerpc mpc5xxx - manroland
uc101 powerpc mpc5xxx - manroland
MVBC_P powerpc mpc5xxx mvbc_p matrix_vision - MVBC_P:MVBC_P
MVSMR powerpc mpc5xxx mvsmr matrix_vision
pcm030 powerpc mpc5xxx pcm030 phytec - pcm030
pcm030_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx pcm030 phytec - pcm030:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
aev powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc
cam5200 powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:CAM5200,TQM5200S,TQM5200_B
cam5200_niosflash powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:CAM5200,TQM5200S,TQM5200_B,CAM5200_NIOSFLASH
charon powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - charon
fo300 powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:FO300
MiniFAP powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:MINIFAP
TB5200 powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc
TB5200_B powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TB5200:TQM5200_B
TQM5200 powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:
TQM5200_B powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:TQM5200_B
TQM5200_B_HIGHBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:TQM5200_B,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
TQM5200S powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:TQM5200_B,TQM5200S
TQM5200S_HIGHBOOT powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:TQM5200_B,TQM5200S,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
TQM5200_STK100 powerpc mpc5xxx tqm5200 tqc - TQM5200:STK52XX_REV100
Alaska8220 powerpc mpc8220 alaska
sorcery powerpc mpc8220
Yukon8220 powerpc mpc8220 alaska
A3000 powerpc mpc824x a3000
CPC45 powerpc mpc824x cpc45 - - CPC45
CPC45_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc824x cpc45 - - CPC45:BOOT_ROM
CU824 powerpc mpc824x cu824
eXalion powerpc mpc824x eXalion
HIDDEN_DRAGON powerpc mpc824x hidden_dragon
linkstation_HGLAN powerpc mpc824x linkstation - - linkstation:HGLAN=1
MOUSSE powerpc mpc824x mousse
MUSENKI powerpc mpc824x musenki
MVBLUE powerpc mpc824x mvblue
PN62 powerpc mpc824x pn62
Sandpoint8240 powerpc mpc824x sandpoint
Sandpoint8245 powerpc mpc824x sandpoint
utx8245 powerpc mpc824x
debris powerpc mpc824x - etin
kvme080 powerpc mpc824x - etin
atc powerpc mpc8260
cogent_mpc8260 powerpc mpc8260 cogent
CPU86 powerpc mpc8260 cpu86 - - CPU86
CPU86_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc8260 cpu86 - - CPU86:BOOT_ROM
CPU87 powerpc mpc8260 cpu87 - - CPU87
CPU87_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc8260 cpu87 - - CPU87:BOOT_ROM
ep8248 powerpc mpc8260 ep8248
ep8248E powerpc mpc8260 ep8248 - - ep8248
ep8260 powerpc mpc8260
ep82xxm powerpc mpc8260
gw8260 powerpc mpc8260
hymod powerpc mpc8260
IDS8247 powerpc mpc8260 ids8247
IPHASE4539 powerpc mpc8260 iphase4539
ISPAN powerpc mpc8260 ispan
ISPAN_REVB powerpc mpc8260 ispan - - ISPAN:SYS_REV_B
muas3001 powerpc mpc8260 muas3001
muas3001_dev powerpc mpc8260 muas3001 - - muas3001:MUAS_DEV_BOARD
PM825 powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:PCI,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
PM825_BIGFLASH powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:PCI,FLASH_32MB,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x40000000
PM825_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:PCI,BOOT_ROM,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PM825_ROMBOOT_BIGFLASH powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:PCI,BOOT_ROM,FLASH_32MB,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PM826 powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF000000
PM826_BIGFLASH powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:FLASH_32MB,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x40000000
PM826_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:BOOT_ROM,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PM826_ROMBOOT_BIGFLASH powerpc mpc8260 pm826 - - PM826:BOOT_ROM,FLASH_32MB,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PM828 powerpc mpc8260 pm828 - - PM828
PM828_PCI powerpc mpc8260 pm828 - - PM828:PCI
PM828_ROMBOOT powerpc mpc8260 pm828 - - PM828:BOOT_ROM,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PM828_ROMBOOT_PCI powerpc mpc8260 pm828 - - PM828:PCI,BOOT_ROM,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
ppmc8260 powerpc mpc8260
Rattler powerpc mpc8260 rattler - - Rattler
Rattler8248 powerpc mpc8260 rattler - - Rattler:MPC8248
RPXsuper powerpc mpc8260 rpxsuper
rsdproto powerpc mpc8260
sacsng powerpc mpc8260
ZPC1900 powerpc mpc8260 zpc1900
MPC8260ADS powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS
MPC8260ADS_33MHz powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS,8260_CLKIN=33000000
MPC8260ADS_33MHz_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS,8260_CLKIN=33000000,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
MPC8260ADS_40MHz powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS,8260_CLKIN=40000000
MPC8260ADS_40MHz_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS,8260_CLKIN=40000000,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
MPC8260ADS_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8260ADS,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
MPC8266ADS powerpc mpc8260 mpc8266ads freescale
MPC8272ADS powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8272ADS
MPC8272ADS_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_8272ADS,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PQ2FADS powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS
PQ2FADS_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PQ2FADS-VR powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,8260_CLKIN=66000000
PQ2FADS-VR_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,8260_CLKIN=66000000,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PQ2FADS-ZU powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS
PQ2FADS-ZU_66MHz powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,8260_CLKIN=66000000
PQ2FADS-ZU_66MHz_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,8260_CLKIN=66000000,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
PQ2FADS-ZU_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
VoVPN-GW_66MHz powerpc mpc8260 vovpn-gw funkwerk - VoVPN-GW:CLKIN_66MHz
mgcoge powerpc mpc8260 km82xx keymile - km82xx:MGCOGE
mgcoge3ne powerpc mpc8260 km82xx keymile - km82xx:MGCOGE3NE
TQM8255_AA powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8255,300MHz
TQM8260_AA powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,200MHz
TQM8260_AB powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,200MHz,L2_CACHE,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8260_AC powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,200MHz,L2_CACHE,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8260_AD powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,300MHz,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8260_AE powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,266MHz
TQM8260_AF powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,300MHz,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8260_AG powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,300MHz
TQM8260_AH powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,300MHz,L2_CACHE,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8260_AI powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8260,300MHz,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8265_AA powerpc mpc8260 tqm8260 tqc - TQM8260:MPC8265,300MHz,BUSMODE_60x
TQM8272 powerpc mpc8260 tqm8272 tqc
mpc8308_p1m powerpc mpc83xx
sbc8349 powerpc mpc83xx sbc8349 - - sbc8349
sbc8349_PCI_33 powerpc mpc83xx sbc8349 - - sbc8349:PCI,PCI_33M
sbc8349_PCI_66 powerpc mpc83xx sbc8349 - - sbc8349:PCI,PCI_66M
ve8313 powerpc mpc83xx ve8313
caddy2 powerpc mpc83xx vme8349 esd - vme8349:CADDY2
vme8349 powerpc mpc83xx vme8349 esd - vme8349
MPC8308RDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc8308rdb freescale
MPC8313ERDB_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8313erdb freescale - MPC8313ERDB:SYS_33MHZ
MPC8313ERDB_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8313erdb freescale - MPC8313ERDB:SYS_66MHZ
MPC8313ERDB_NAND_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8313erdb freescale - MPC8313ERDB:SYS_33MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT
MPC8313ERDB_NAND_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8313erdb freescale - MPC8313ERDB:SYS_66MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT
MPC8315ERDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc8315erdb freescale - MPC8315ERDB
MPC8315ERDB_NAND powerpc mpc83xx mpc8315erdb freescale - MPC8315ERDB:NAND_U_BOOT
MPC8323ERDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc8323erdb freescale
MPC832XEMDS powerpc mpc83xx mpc832xemds freescale - MPC832XEMDS:
MPC832XEMDS_ATM powerpc mpc83xx mpc832xemds freescale - MPC832XEMDS:PQ_MDS_PIB=1,PQ_MDS_PIB_ATM=1
MPC832XEMDS_HOST_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc832xemds freescale - MPC832XEMDS:PCI,PCI_33M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC832XEMDS_HOST_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc832xemds freescale - MPC832XEMDS:PCI,PCI_66M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC832XEMDS_SLAVE powerpc mpc83xx mpc832xemds freescale - MPC832XEMDS:PCI,PCISLAVE
MPC8349EMDS powerpc mpc83xx mpc8349emds freescale
MPC8349ITX powerpc mpc83xx mpc8349itx freescale - MPC8349ITX:MPC8349ITX
MPC8349ITXGP powerpc mpc83xx mpc8349itx freescale - MPC8349ITX:MPC8349ITXGP,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFE000000
MPC8349ITX_LOWBOOT powerpc mpc83xx mpc8349itx freescale - MPC8349ITX:MPC8349ITX,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFE000000
MPC8360EMDS_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_33MHZ
MPC8360EMDS_33_ATM powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_33MHZ,PQ_MDS_PIB=1,PQ_MDS_PIB_ATM=1
MPC8360EMDS_33_HOST_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_33MHZ,PCI,PCI_33M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC8360EMDS_33_HOST_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_33MHZ,PCI,PCI_66M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC8360EMDS_33_SLAVE powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_33MHZ,PCI,PCISLAVE
MPC8360EMDS_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_66MHZ
MPC8360EMDS_66_ATM powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_66MHZ,PQ_MDS_PIB=1,PQ_MDS_PIB_ATM=1
MPC8360EMDS_66_HOST_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_66MHZ,PCI,PCI_33M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC8360EMDS_66_HOST_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_66MHZ,PCI,PCI_66M,PQ_MDS_PIB=1
MPC8360EMDS_66_SLAVE powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360emds freescale - MPC8360EMDS:CLKIN_66MHZ,PCI,PCISLAVE
MPC8360ERDK powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360erdk freescale - MPC8360ERDK
MPC8360ERDK_33 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360erdk freescale - MPC8360ERDK:CLKIN_33MHZ
MPC8360ERDK_66 powerpc mpc83xx mpc8360erdk freescale - MPC8360ERDK
MPC837XEMDS powerpc mpc83xx mpc837xemds freescale - MPC837XEMDS
MPC837XEMDS_HOST powerpc mpc83xx mpc837xemds freescale - MPC837XEMDS:PCI
MPC837XERDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc837xerdb freescale
kmcoge5ne powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - km8360:KMCOGE5NE
kmeter1 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - km8360:KMETER1
MERGERBOX powerpc mpc83xx mergerbox matrix_vision
MVBLM7 powerpc mpc83xx mvblm7 matrix_vision
SIMPC8313_LP powerpc mpc83xx simpc8313 sheldon - SIMPC8313:NAND_LP
SIMPC8313_SP powerpc mpc83xx simpc8313 sheldon - SIMPC8313:NAND_SP
TQM834x powerpc mpc83xx tqm834x tqc
suvd3 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - suvd3:SUVD3
kmvect1 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - suvd3:KMVECT1
tuge1 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - tuxx1:KM_DISABLE_APP2,TUGE1
tuxx1 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile
kmsupx5 powerpc mpc83xx km83xx keymile - tuxx1:KM_DISABLE_APP2,KMSUPX5
sbc8548 powerpc mpc85xx sbc8548 - - sbc8548
sbc8548_PCI_33 powerpc mpc85xx sbc8548 - - sbc8548:PCI,33
sbc8548_PCI_33_PCIE powerpc mpc85xx sbc8548 - - sbc8548:PCI,33,PCIE
sbc8548_PCI_66 powerpc mpc85xx sbc8548 - - sbc8548:PCI,66
sbc8548_PCI_66_PCIE powerpc mpc85xx sbc8548 - - sbc8548:PCI,66,PCIE
socrates powerpc mpc85xx socrates
HWW1U1A powerpc mpc85xx hww1u1a exmeritus
MPC8536DS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8536ds freescale - MPC8536DS
MPC8536DS_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx mpc8536ds freescale - MPC8536DS:36BIT
MPC8536DS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx mpc8536ds freescale - MPC8536DS:NAND
MPC8536DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx mpc8536ds freescale - MPC8536DS:SDCARD
MPC8536DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx mpc8536ds freescale - MPC8536DS:SPIFLASH
MPC8540ADS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8540ads freescale
MPC8541CDS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8541cds freescale - MPC8541CDS
MPC8541CDS_legacy powerpc mpc85xx mpc8541cds freescale - MPC8541CDS:LEGACY
MPC8544DS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8544ds freescale
MPC8548CDS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8548cds freescale - MPC8548CDS
MPC8548CDS_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx mpc8548cds freescale - MPC8548CDS:36BIT
MPC8548CDS_legacy powerpc mpc85xx mpc8548cds freescale - MPC8548CDS:LEGACY
MPC8555CDS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8555cds freescale - MPC8555CDS
MPC8555CDS_legacy powerpc mpc85xx mpc8555cds freescale - MPC8555CDS:LEGACY
MPC8560ADS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8560ads freescale
MPC8568MDS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8568mds freescale
MPC8569MDS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8569mds freescale - MPC8569MDS
MPC8569MDS_ATM powerpc mpc85xx mpc8569mds freescale - MPC8569MDS:ATM
MPC8569MDS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx mpc8569mds freescale - MPC8569MDS:NAND
MPC8572DS powerpc mpc85xx mpc8572ds freescale - MPC8572DS
MPC8572DS_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx mpc8572ds freescale - MPC8572DS:36BIT
MPC8572DS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx mpc8572ds freescale - MPC8572DS:NAND
P1010RDB_36BIT_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,NAND
P1010RDB_36BIT_NAND_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,NAND_SECBOOT,SECURE_BOOT
P1010RDB_36BIT_NOR powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT
P1010RDB_36BIT_NOR_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,SECURE_BOOT
P1010RDB_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P1010RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1010RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH,SECURE_BOOT
P1010RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,NAND
P1010RDB_NAND_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,NAND_SECBOOT,SECURE_BOOT
P1010RDB_NOR powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB
P1010RDB_NOR_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,SECURE_BOOT
P1010RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,SDCARD
P1010RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,SPIFLASH
P1010RDB_SPIFLASH_SECBOOT powerpc mpc85xx p1010rdb freescale - P1010RDB:P1010RDB,SPIFLASH,SECURE_BOOT
P1011RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB
P1011RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,36BIT
P1011RDB_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P1011RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1011RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,NAND
P1011RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,SDCARD
P1011RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1011RDB,SPIFLASH
P1020MBG-PC powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020MBG
P1020MBG-PC_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020MBG,36BIT
P1020MBG-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020MBG,SDCARD,36BIT
P1020MBG-PC_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020MBG,SDCARD
P1020RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB
P1020RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,36BIT
P1020RDB_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P1020RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1020RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,NAND
P1020RDB-PC powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB
P1020RDB-PC_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,36BIT
P1020RDB-PC_36BIT_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,36BIT,NAND
P1020RDB-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P1020RDB-PC_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1020RDB-PC_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,NAND
P1020RDB-PC_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,SDCARD
P1020RDB-PC_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020RDB,SPIFLASH
P1020RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,SDCARD
P1020RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P1020RDB,SPIFLASH
P1020UTM-PC powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020UTM
P1020UTM-PC_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020UTM,36BIT
P1020UTM-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020UTM,36BIT,SDCARD
P1020UTM-PC_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1020UTM,SDCARD
P1021RDB-PC powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB
P1021RDB-PC_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,36BIT
P1021RDB-PC_36BIT_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,36BIT,NAND
P1021RDB-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P1021RDB-PC_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1021RDB-PC_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,NAND
P1021RDB-PC_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,SDCARD
P1021RDB-PC_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1021RDB,SPIFLASH
P1022DS powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale
P1022DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale - P1022DS:SPIFLASH
P1022DS_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale - P1022DS:36BIT,SPIFLASH
P1022DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale - P1022DS:SDCARD
P1022DS_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale - P1022DS:36BIT,SDCARD
P1022DS_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1022ds freescale - P1022DS:36BIT
P1023RDS powerpc mpc85xx p1023rds freescale - P1023RDS
P1023RDS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1023rds freescale - P1023RDS:NAND
P1024RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1024RDB
P1024RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1024RDB,36BIT
P1024RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1024RDB,NAND
P1024RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1024RDB,SDCARD
P1024RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1024RDB,SPIFLASH
P1025RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1025RDB
P1025RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1025RDB,36BIT
P1025RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1025RDB,NAND
P1025RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1025RDB,SDCARD
P1025RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P1025RDB,SPIFLASH
P2010RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB
P2010RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,36BIT
P2010RDB_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P2010RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P2010RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,NAND
P2010RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,SDCARD
P2010RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2010RDB,SPIFLASH
P2020COME_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p2020come freescale - P2020COME:SDCARD
P2020COME_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p2020come freescale - P2020COME:SPIFLASH
P2020DS powerpc mpc85xx p2020ds freescale
P2020DS_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p2020ds freescale - P2020DS:36BIT
P2020DS_DDR2 powerpc mpc85xx p2020ds freescale - P2020DS:DDR2
P2020DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p2020ds freescale - P2020DS:SDCARD
P2020DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p2020ds freescale - P2020DS:SPIFLASH
P2020RDB powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB
P2020RDB_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,36BIT
P2020RDB_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P2020RDB_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P2020RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,NAND
P2020RDB-PC powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB
P2020RDB-PC_36BIT powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,36BIT
P2020RDB-PC_36BIT_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,36BIT,NAND
P2020RDB-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,36BIT,SDCARD
P2020RDB-PC_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P2020RDB-PC_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,NAND
P2020RDB-PC_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,SDCARD
P2020RDB-PC_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,SPIFLASH
P2020RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,SDCARD
P2020RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb freescale - P1_P2_RDB:P2020RDB,SPIFLASH
P2041RDB powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale
P2041RDB_NAND powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:RAMBOOT_PBL,NAND,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P2041RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P2041RDB_SECURE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:SECURE_BOOT
P2041RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P2041RDB_SRIO_PCIE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:SRIO_PCIE_BOOT_SLAVE,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P3041DS powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale
P3041DS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,NAND,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P3041DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P3041DS_SECURE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:SECURE_BOOT
P3041DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P3041DS_SRIO_PCIE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:SRIO_PCIE_BOOT_SLAVE,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P4080DS powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale
P4080DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P4080DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P4080DS_SECURE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P4080DS:SECURE_BOOT
P4080DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P4080DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P4080DS_SRIO_PCIE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P4080DS:SRIO_PCIE_BOOT_SLAVE,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P5020DS powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale
P5020DS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P5020DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,NAND,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P5020DS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P5020DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P5020DS_SECURE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P5020DS:SECURE_BOOT
P5020DS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P5020DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P5020DS_SRIO_PCIE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P5020DS:SRIO_PCIE_BOOT_SLAVE,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P5040DS powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale
BSC9131RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx bsc9131rdb freescale - BSC9131RDB:BSC9131RDB,SPIFLASH
stxgp3 powerpc mpc85xx stxgp3 stx
stxssa powerpc mpc85xx stxssa stx - stxssa
stxssa_4M powerpc mpc85xx stxssa stx - stxssa:STXSSA_4M
T4240QDS powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale
T4240QDS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
T4240QDS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
xpedite520x powerpc mpc85xx - xes
xpedite537x powerpc mpc85xx - xes
xpedite550x powerpc mpc85xx - xes
sbc8641d powerpc mpc86xx
MPC8610HPCD powerpc mpc86xx mpc8610hpcd freescale
MPC8641HPCN powerpc mpc86xx mpc8641hpcn freescale - MPC8641HPCN
MPC8641HPCN_36BIT powerpc mpc86xx mpc8641hpcn freescale - MPC8641HPCN:PHYS_64BIT
xpedite517x powerpc mpc86xx - xes
Adder powerpc mpc8xx adder
Adder87x powerpc mpc8xx adder - - Adder
AdderII powerpc mpc8xx adder - - Adder:MPC852T
AdderUSB powerpc mpc8xx adder - - Adder
ADS860 powerpc mpc8xx fads
cogent_mpc8xx powerpc mpc8xx cogent
ESTEEM192E powerpc mpc8xx esteem192e
FADS823 powerpc mpc8xx fads
FADS850SAR powerpc mpc8xx fads
FADS860T powerpc mpc8xx fads
FLAGADM powerpc mpc8xx flagadm
GEN860T powerpc mpc8xx gen860t
GEN860T_SC powerpc mpc8xx gen860t - - GEN860T:SC
GENIETV powerpc mpc8xx genietv
hermes powerpc mpc8xx
ICU862 powerpc mpc8xx icu862
ICU862_100MHz powerpc mpc8xx icu862 - - ICU862:100MHz
IP860 powerpc mpc8xx ip860
IVML24 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVML24:IVML24_16M
IVML24_128 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVML24:IVML24_32M
IVML24_256 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVML24:IVML24_64M
IVMS8 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVMS8:IVMS8_16M
IVMS8_128 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVMS8:IVMS8_32M
IVMS8_256 powerpc mpc8xx ivm - - IVMS8:IVMS8_64M
lwmon powerpc mpc8xx
MBX powerpc mpc8xx mbx8xx
MBX860T powerpc mpc8xx mbx8xx
MPC86xADS powerpc mpc8xx fads
MPC885ADS powerpc mpc8xx fads
NETPHONE powerpc mpc8xx netphone - - NETPHONE:NETPHONE_VERSION=1
NETPHONE_V2 powerpc mpc8xx netphone - - NETPHONE:NETPHONE_VERSION=2
NETTA powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA
NETTA2 powerpc mpc8xx netta2 - - NETTA2:NETTA2_VERSION=1
NETTA2_V2 powerpc mpc8xx netta2 - - NETTA2:NETTA2_VERSION=2
NETTA_6412 powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_6412=1
NETTA_6412_SWAPHOOK powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_6412=1,NETTA_SWAPHOOK=1
NETTA_ISDN powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_ISDN=1
NETTA_ISDN_6412 powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_ISDN=1,NETTA_6412=1
NETTA_ISDN_6412_SWAPHOOK powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_ISDN=1,NETTA_6412=1,NETTA_SWAPHOOK=1
NETTA_SWAPHOOK powerpc mpc8xx netta - - NETTA:NETTA_SWAPHOOK=1
NETVIA powerpc mpc8xx netvia - - NETVIA:NETVIA_VERSION=1
NETVIA_V2 powerpc mpc8xx netvia - - NETVIA:NETVIA_VERSION=2
NX823 powerpc mpc8xx nx823
quantum powerpc mpc8xx
R360MPI powerpc mpc8xx r360mpi
RBC823 powerpc mpc8xx rbc823
RPXClassic powerpc mpc8xx
RPXlite powerpc mpc8xx
RPXlite_DW powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW
RPXlite_DW_64 powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:RPXlite_64MHz
RPXlite_DW_64_LCD powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:RPXlite_64MHz,LCD,NEC_NL6448BC20
RPXlite_DW_LCD powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:LCD,NEC_NL6448BC20
RPXlite_DW_NVRAM powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM
RPXlite_DW_NVRAM_64 powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:RPXlite_64MHz,ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM
RPXlite_DW_NVRAM_64_LCD powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:RPXlite_64MHz,LCD,NEC_NL6448BC20,ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM
RPXlite_DW_NVRAM_LCD powerpc mpc8xx RPXlite_dw - - RPXlite_DW:LCD,NEC_NL6448BC20,ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM
RRvision powerpc mpc8xx
RRvision_LCD powerpc mpc8xx RRvision - - RRvision:LCD,SHARP_LQ104V7DS01
spc1920 powerpc mpc8xx
SPD823TS powerpc mpc8xx spd8xx
svm_sc8xx powerpc mpc8xx
SXNI855T powerpc mpc8xx sixnet
v37 powerpc mpc8xx
MHPC powerpc mpc8xx mhpc eltec
TOP860 powerpc mpc8xx top860 emk
KUP4K powerpc mpc8xx kup4k kup
KUP4X powerpc mpc8xx kup4x kup
ELPT860 powerpc mpc8xx elpt860 LEOX
uc100 powerpc mpc8xx - manroland
QS823 powerpc mpc8xx qs850 snmc
QS850 powerpc mpc8xx qs850 snmc
QS860T powerpc mpc8xx qs860t snmc
stxxtc powerpc mpc8xx stxxtc stx
FPS850L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
FPS860L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
NSCU powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
SM850 powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TK885D powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM823L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM823L_LCD powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc - TQM823L:LCD,NEC_NL6448BC20
TQM823M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM850L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM850M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM855L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM855M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM860L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM860M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM862L powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM862M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM866M powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TQM885D powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
TTTech powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc - TQM823L:LCD,SHARP_LQ104V7DS01
virtlab2 powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc
wtk powerpc mpc8xx tqm8xx tqc - TQM823L:LCD,SHARP_LQ065T9DR51U
csb272 powerpc ppc4xx
csb472 powerpc ppc4xx
G2000 powerpc ppc4xx g2000
JSE powerpc ppc4xx jse
korat powerpc ppc4xx
korat_perm powerpc ppc4xx korat - - korat:KORAT_PERMANENT
lwmon5 powerpc ppc4xx
pcs440ep powerpc ppc4xx
quad100hd powerpc ppc4xx
sbc405 powerpc ppc4xx
sc3 powerpc ppc4xx
t3corp powerpc ppc4xx
W7OLMC powerpc ppc4xx w7o
W7OLMG powerpc ppc4xx w7o
zeus powerpc ppc4xx
acadia powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
acadia_nand powerpc ppc4xx acadia amcc - acadia:NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
arches powerpc ppc4xx canyonlands amcc - canyonlands:ARCHES
bamboo powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
bamboo_nand powerpc ppc4xx bamboo amcc - bamboo:NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
bluestone powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
bubinga powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
canyonlands powerpc ppc4xx canyonlands amcc - canyonlands:CANYONLANDS
canyonlands_nand powerpc ppc4xx canyonlands amcc - canyonlands:CANYONLANDS,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
ebony powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
glacier powerpc ppc4xx canyonlands amcc - canyonlands:GLACIER
glacier_nand powerpc ppc4xx canyonlands amcc - canyonlands:GLACIER,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
haleakala powerpc ppc4xx kilauea amcc - kilauea:HALEAKALA
haleakala_nand powerpc ppc4xx kilauea amcc - kilauea:NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
katmai powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
kilauea powerpc ppc4xx kilauea amcc - kilauea:KILAUEA
kilauea_nand powerpc ppc4xx kilauea amcc - kilauea:NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
luan powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
makalu powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
ocotea powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
rainier powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:RAINIER
rainier_nand powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:RAINIER,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
rainier_ramboot powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:RAINIER,SYS_RAMBOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000,SYS_LDSCRIPT=board/amcc/sequoia/
redwood powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
sequoia powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:SEQUOIA
sequoia_nand powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:SEQUOIA,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000
sequoia_ramboot powerpc ppc4xx sequoia amcc - sequoia:SEQUOIA,SYS_RAMBOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01000000,SYS_LDSCRIPT=board/amcc/sequoia/
sycamore powerpc ppc4xx walnut amcc - walnut
taihu powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
taishan powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
walnut powerpc ppc4xx walnut amcc
yellowstone powerpc ppc4xx yosemite amcc - yosemite:YELLOWSTONE
yosemite powerpc ppc4xx yosemite amcc - yosemite:YOSEMITE
yucca powerpc ppc4xx - amcc
fx12mm powerpc ppc4xx fx12mm avnet - fx12mm:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc405-generic/init.o
fx12mm_flash powerpc ppc4xx fx12mm avnet - fx12mm:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc405-generic/init.o
v5fx30teval powerpc ppc4xx v5fx30teval avnet - v5fx30teval:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
v5fx30teval_flash powerpc ppc4xx v5fx30teval avnet - v5fx30teval:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
CRAYL1 powerpc ppc4xx L1 cray
CATcenter powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - CATcenter:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1
CATcenter_25 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - CATcenter:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_25
CATcenter_33 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - CATcenter:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_33
PPChameleonEVB powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave
PPChameleonEVB_BA_25 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=0,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_25
PPChameleonEVB_BA_33 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=0,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_33
PPChameleonEVB_HI_25 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=2,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_25
PPChameleonEVB_HI_33 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=2,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_33
PPChameleonEVB_ME_25 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_25
PPChameleonEVB_ME_33 powerpc ppc4xx PPChameleonEVB dave - PPChameleonEVB:PPCHAMELEON_MODULE_MODEL=1,PPCHAMELEON_CLK_33
APC405 powerpc ppc4xx apc405 esd
AR405 powerpc ppc4xx ar405 esd
ASH405 powerpc ppc4xx ash405 esd
CANBT powerpc ppc4xx canbt esd
CMS700 powerpc ppc4xx cms700 esd
CPCI2DP powerpc ppc4xx cpci2dp esd
CPCI405 powerpc ppc4xx cpci405 esd
CPCI4052 powerpc ppc4xx cpci405 esd
CPCI405AB powerpc ppc4xx cpci405 esd
CPCI405DT powerpc ppc4xx cpci405 esd
CPCIISER4 powerpc ppc4xx cpciiser4 esd
DP405 powerpc ppc4xx dp405 esd
DU405 powerpc ppc4xx du405 esd
DU440 powerpc ppc4xx du440 esd
HH405 powerpc ppc4xx hh405 esd
HUB405 powerpc ppc4xx hub405 esd
OCRTC powerpc ppc4xx ocrtc esd
PCI405 powerpc ppc4xx pci405 esd
PLU405 powerpc ppc4xx plu405 esd
PMC405 powerpc ppc4xx pmc405 esd
PMC405DE powerpc ppc4xx pmc405de esd
PMC440 powerpc ppc4xx pmc440 esd
VOH405 powerpc ppc4xx voh405 esd
VOM405 powerpc ppc4xx vom405 esd
WUH405 powerpc ppc4xx wuh405 esd
devconcenter powerpc ppc4xx intip gdsys - intip:DEVCONCENTER
dlvision powerpc ppc4xx - gdsys
dlvision-10g powerpc ppc4xx 405ep gdsys
gdppc440etx powerpc ppc4xx - gdsys
intip powerpc ppc4xx intip gdsys - intip:INTIB
io powerpc ppc4xx 405ep gdsys
io64 powerpc ppc4xx 405ex gdsys
iocon powerpc ppc4xx 405ep gdsys
neo powerpc ppc4xx 405ep gdsys
icon powerpc ppc4xx - mosaixtech
MIP405 powerpc ppc4xx mip405 mpl
MIP405T powerpc ppc4xx mip405 mpl - MIP405:MIP405T
PIP405 powerpc ppc4xx pip405 mpl
alpr powerpc ppc4xx - prodrive
p3p440 powerpc ppc4xx - prodrive
KAREF powerpc ppc4xx karef sandburst
METROBOX powerpc ppc4xx metrobox sandburst
xpedite1000 powerpc ppc4xx - xes
ml507 powerpc ppc4xx ml507 xilinx - ml507:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
ml507_flash powerpc ppc4xx ml507 xilinx - ml507:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC,INIT_TLB=board/xilinx/ppc440-generic/init.o
xilinx-ppc405-generic powerpc ppc4xx ppc405-generic xilinx - xilinx-ppc405-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000
xilinx-ppc405-generic_flash powerpc ppc4xx ppc405-generic xilinx - xilinx-ppc405-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC
xilinx-ppc440-generic powerpc ppc4xx ppc440-generic xilinx - xilinx-ppc440-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x04000000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0x04100000,BOOT_FROM_XMD=1
xilinx-ppc440-generic_flash powerpc ppc4xx ppc440-generic xilinx - xilinx-ppc440-generic:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xF7F60000,RESET_VECTOR_ADDRESS=0xF7FFFFFC
sandbox sandbox sandbox sandbox sandbox -
rsk7203 sh sh2 rsk7203 renesas -
rsk7264 sh sh2 rsk7264 renesas -
rsk7269 sh sh2 rsk7269 renesas -
mpr2 sh sh3 mpr2 - -
ms7720se sh sh3 ms7720se - -
shmin sh sh3 shmin - -
espt sh sh4 espt - -
ms7722se sh sh4 ms7722se - -
ms7750se sh sh4 ms7750se - -
ap325rxa sh sh4 ap325rxa renesas -
ecovec sh sh4 ecovec renesas -
MigoR sh sh4 MigoR renesas -
r2dplus sh sh4 r2dplus renesas -
r7780mp sh sh4 r7780mp renesas -
sh7752evb sh sh4 sh7752evb renesas -
sh7757lcr sh sh4 sh7757lcr renesas -
sh7763rdp sh sh4 sh7763rdp renesas -
sh7785lcr sh sh4 sh7785lcr renesas -
sh7785lcr_32bit sh sh4 sh7785lcr renesas - sh7785lcr:SH_32BIT=1
r0p7734 sh sh4 r0p7734 renesas -
ap_sh4a_4a sh sh4 ap_sh4a_4a alphaproject -
grsim_leon2 sparc leon2 - gaisler
gr_cpci_ax2000 sparc leon3 - gaisler
gr_ep2s60 sparc leon3 - gaisler
grsim sparc leon3 - gaisler
gr_xc3s_1500 sparc leon3 - gaisler
coreboot-x86 x86 x86 coreboot chromebook-x86 coreboot coreboot:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x01110000
eNET x86 x86 eNET - sc520 eNET:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x38040000
eNET_SRAM x86 x86 eNET - sc520 eNET:SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x19000000
# Target ARCH CPU Board name Vendor SoC Options