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Matrix Vision MergerBox
1. Board Description
The MergerBox is a 120x160mm single board computing platform
for 3D Full-HD digital video processing.
Power Supply is 10-32VDC.
2 System Components
2.1 CPU
Freescale MPC8377 CPU running at 800MHz core and 333MHz csb.
256 MByte DDR-II memory @ 333MHz data rate.
64 MByte Nor Flash on local bus.
1 GByte Nand Flash on FCM.
1 Vitesse VSC8601 RGMII ethernet Phys.
1 USB host controller over ULPI I/F with 4-Port hub.
2 serial ports. Console running on ttyS0 @ 115200 8N1.
1 mPCIe expansion slot (PCIe x1 + USB) used for Wifi/Bt.
2 PCIe x1 busses on local mPCIe and cutom expansion connector.
2 SATA host ports.
System configuration (HRCW) is taken from I2C EEPROM.
2.2 Graphics
SM107 emebedded video controller driving a 5" 800x480 TFT panel.
Connected over 32-Bit/66MHz PCI utilizing 4 MByte embedded memory.
2.3 FPGA
Altera Cyclone-IV EP4C115 with several PCI DMA engines.
Connects to 7x Gennum 3G-SDI transceivers as video interconnect
as well as a HDMI v1.4 compliant output for 3D monitoring.
Utilizes two more DDR-II controllers providing 256MB memory.
2.4 I2C
AD7418 @ 0x50 for voltage/temp. monitoring.
SX8650 @ 0x90 touch controller for HMI.
EEPROM @ 0xA0 for system setup (HRCW etc.) + vendor specifics.
SiI9022A @ 0x72/0xC0 HDMI transmitter.
TCA6416A @ 0x40 + 0x42 16-Bit I/O expander.
LMH1983 @ 0xCA video PLL.
DS1338C @ 0xD0 real-time clock with embedded crystal.
9FG104 @ 0xDC 4x 100MHz LVDS SerDes reference clock.
3 Flash layout.
reset vector is 0x00000100, i.e. low boot.
00000000 u-boot binary.
00100000 FPGA raw bit file.
00300000 FIT image holding kernel, dtb and rescue squashfs.
03d00000 u-boot environment.
03e00000 splash image
mtd partitions are propagated to linux kernel via device tree blob.