ddr4: ddr3libv2 compilation by default also for DDR4

	by default all new TIP SoCs will recompiled ddr3libv2 source in DDR4 mode too.
	This patch change( to brake dependency of ddr3libv2 from ddr4src code):
		in tools added updated libs abd sublibs, changed name of mvDdrTopologyDef.h
		in ddr3libv3 removed all includes to internal DDR4 headers,
			all requered declaration set in ddr3libv2 headers
			extern all DDR4 functions called from ddr3libv2 code.

Change-Id: I31e013f3a4101c5278c7c21017521c5ec9db893f
Signed-off-by: Igor Petrik <igorp@marvell.com>
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