ddr4: add DDR4 compilation flag to U-Boot build chain

	The ddr4 pre-compiled libraries are attached by default to binary header,
	under tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_ddr/lib/ddr4_training_a38xsub.lib.
	Unless stated otherise, the libraray will be used as part of the compilation flow.

	- This patch add a new flag to U-Boot's root Makefile, to indicate DDR4 internal
	  sources compilation (fresh compilation of the above lib file)
	- The flag is passed from U-Boot to binary header compilation.
	- Accordingly, the sources under tools/marvell/bin_hdr/src_ddr/ddr3libv2/src/Driver/ddr4
	  are re-compiled, and the lib file is re-generated.
	- To enable DDR4 sources compilation, add  '-m 4 -d 4' to build.pl arguements.
	  (example: ./build.pl -b armada_38x -f spi -m 4 -d 4 )

Change-Id: I9e3655cd4636b1dcd586017d0444ff824eaf6f05
Signed-off-by: Omri Itach <omrii@marvell.com>
Reviewed-on: http://vgitil04.il.marvell.com:8080/24474
Tested-by: Star_Automation <star@marvell.com>
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