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#ifndef __SERIAL_H__
#define __SERIAL_H__
#include <post.h>
struct serial_device {
/* enough bytes to match alignment of following func pointer */
char name[16];
int (*start)(void);
int (*stop)(void);
void (*setbrg)(void);
int (*getc)(void);
int (*tstc)(void);
void (*putc)(const char c);
void (*puts)(const char *s);
void (*loop)(int);
struct serial_device *next;
void default_serial_puts(const char *s);
extern struct serial_device serial_smc_device;
extern struct serial_device serial_scc_device;
extern struct serial_device *default_serial_console(void);
#if defined(CONFIG_405GP) || defined(CONFIG_405CR) || \
defined(CONFIG_405EP) || defined(CONFIG_405EZ) || \
defined(CONFIG_405EX) || defined(CONFIG_440) || \
defined(CONFIG_MB86R0x) || defined(CONFIG_MPC5xxx) || \
defined(CONFIG_MPC83xx) || defined(CONFIG_MPC85xx) || \
defined(CONFIG_MPC86xx) || defined(CONFIG_SYS_SC520) || \
defined(CONFIG_TEGRA20) || defined(CONFIG_SYS_COREBOOT) || \
extern struct serial_device serial0_device;
extern struct serial_device serial1_device;
extern struct serial_device eserial1_device;
extern struct serial_device eserial2_device;
extern void serial_register(struct serial_device *);
extern void serial_initialize(void);
extern void serial_stdio_init(void);
extern int serial_assign(const char *name);
extern void serial_reinit_all(void);
/* For usbtty */
extern int usbtty_getc(void);
extern void usbtty_putc(const char c);
extern void usbtty_puts(const char *str);
extern int usbtty_tstc(void);
/* stubs */
#define usbtty_getc() 0
#define usbtty_putc(a)
#define usbtty_puts(a)
#define usbtty_tstc() 0
#endif /* CONFIG_USB_TTY */
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC512X)
extern struct stdio_dev *open_port(int num, int baudrate);
extern int close_port(int num);
extern int write_port(struct stdio_dev *port, char *buf);
extern int read_port(struct stdio_dev *port, char *buf, int size);