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videomode bindings
Required properties:
- xres, yres: Display resolution
- left-margin, right-margin, hsync-len: Horizontal Display timing
parameters in pixels
- upper-margin, lower-margin, vsync-len: Vertical display timing
parameters in lines
- clock: display clock in Hz
Optional properties:
- width-mm, height-mm: Display dimensions in mm
- hsync-active-high (bool): Hsync pulse is active high
- vsync-active-high (bool): Vsync pulse is active high
- interlaced (bool): This is an interlaced mode
- doublescan (bool): This is a doublescan mode
There are different ways of describing a display mode. The devicetree
representation corresponds to the one used by the Linux Framebuffer
framework described here in Documentation/fb/framebuffer.txt. This
representation has been chosen because it's the only format which does
not allow for inconsistent parameters. Unlike the Framebuffer framework
the devicetree has the clock in Hz instead of ps.
display@0 {
/* 1920x1080p24 */
clock = <52000000>;
xres = <1920>;
yres = <1080>;
left-margin = <25>;
right-margin = <25>;
hsync-len = <25>;
lower-margin = <2>;
upper-margin = <2>;
vsync-len = <2>;