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SPEAr (Structured Processor Enhanced Architecture).
SPEAr600 is also known as SPEArPlus and SPEAr300 is also known as SPEArBasic
The SPEAr SoC family embeds a customizable logic that can be programmed
one-time by a customer at silicon mask level (i.e. not at runtime!).
U-Boot supports four SoCs: SPEAr600, SPEAr3xx
All 4 SoCs (SPEAr3xx and SPEAr600) share common peripherals. SPEAr300 and
SPEAr600 do not have EMI.
1. ARM926ejs core based (sp600 has two cores, the 2nd handled only in Linux)
2. FastEthernet (sp600 has Gbit version, but same controller - GMAC)
3. USB Host
4. USB Device
5. NAND controller (FSMC)
6. Serial NOR ctrl
7. I2C
8. SPI
10. others ..
Everything is supported in Linux.
u-boot is currently not supporting all peripeharls (just a few as listed below).
1. USB Device
2. NAND controller (FSMC)
3. Serial Memory Interface
4. EMI (Parallel NOR interface)
4. I2C
Build options
make spear320_config
spear320 build with environment variables placed at default
location i.e. Serial NOR device
make spear320_pnor_config
This option generates a uboot image that supports emi controller
for CFI compliant parallel NOR flash. Environment variables are
placed in Parallel NOR device
make spear320_nand_config
spear320 build with environment variables placed in NAND device
make spear320_usbtty_config
spear320 build with usbtty terminal as default and environment
placed at default location
make spear320_usbtty_pnor_config
spear320 build with usbtty terminal as default and environment
placed in pnor device
make spear320_usbtty_nand_config
Build with usbtty terminal as default and environment placed in
NAND device
make spear300_config
make spear300_nand_config
make spear300_usbtty_config
make spear300_usbtty_nand_config
make spear310_config
make spear310_pnor_config
make spear310_nand_config
make spear310_usbtty_config
make spear310_usbtty_pnor_config
make spear310_usbtty_nand_config
make spear600_config
make spear600_nand_config
make spear600_usbtty_config
make spear600_usbtty_nand_config
Mac id storage and retrieval in spear platforms
Please read doc/README.enetaddr for the implementation guidelines for mac id
usage. Basically, environment has precedence over board specific storage. The
ethaddr beeing used for the network interface is always taken only from
environment variables. Although, we can check the mac id programmed in i2c
memory by using chip_config command