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The config option CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE can be used to quiet messages
on the console. If the option has been enabled, the output can be
silenced by setting the environment variable "silent".
When the "silent" variable is changed with env set, the change
will take effect immediately.
Some environments are not available until relocation (e.g. NAND)
so this will make the value in the flash env take effect at
The following actions are taken if "silent" is set at boot time:
- Until the console devices have been initialized, output has to be
suppressed by testing for the flag "GD_FLG_SILENT" in "gd->flags".
- When the console devices have been initialized, "stdout" and
"stderr" are set to "nulldev", so subsequent messages are
suppressed automatically. Make sure to enable "nulldev" by
#defining CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULLDEV in your board config file.
- When booting a linux kernel, the "bootargs" are fixed up so that
the argument "console=" will be in the command line, no matter how
it was set in "bootargs" before.