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This file contains status information for the port of U-Boot to the
Motorola mpc74xx series of CPUs.
Author: Josh Huber <>
Mission Critical Linux, Inc.
Currently the support for these CPUs is pretty minimal, but enough to
get things going. (much like the support for the Galileo Eval Board)
There is a framework in place to enable the L2 cache, and to program
the BATs. Currently, there are still problems with the code which
sets up the L2 cache, so it's not enabled. (IMHO, it shouldn't be
anyway). Additionally, there is support for enabling the MMU, which
we also don't do. The BATs are programmed just for the benefit of
jumping into Linux in a sane configuration.
Most of the code was based on other cpus supported by U-Boot.
If you find any errors in the CPU setup code, please send us a note.