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Andes Technology SoC AG102
AG102 is the second SoC produced by Andes Technology using N1213 CPU core
with FPU and DDR contoller support.
AG102 has integrated both AHB and APB bus and many periphals for application
and product development.
ADP-AG102 is the SoC with AG102 hardcore CPU.
Doing memory remap is essential for preparing some non-OS or RTOS
If you want to boot this system from SPI ROM and bypass e-bios (the
other boot loader on ROM). You should undefine CONFIG_SKIP_LOWLEVEL_INIT
in "include/configs/adp-ag102.h".
Build and boot steps
1. Prepare the toolchains and make sure the $PATH to toolchains is correct.
2. Use `make adp-ag102` in u-boot root to build the image.
Burn u-boot to SPI ROM:
This section will be added later.