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Subject: Re: [PATCH][CFT] bring ARM memory layout in line with the documented behaviour
From: "Anders Larsen" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:15:21 +0200
To: Wolfgang Denk <>
>I still see references to _armboot_start, _armboot_end_data, and
>_armboot_end - which role do these play now? Can we get rid of them?
>How are they (should they be) set in your memory map above?
_armboot_start contains the value of CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE (0xA07E0000); it seems
CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE and _armboot_start are both used for the same purpose in
different parts of the (ARM) code.
Furthermore, the startup code (cpu/<arm>/start.S) internally uses
another variable (_TEXT_BASE) with the same content as _armboot_start.
I agree that this mess should be cleaned up.