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[By Steven Scholz <>, 16 Aug 2004]
Since the cpu/ directory gets clobbered with peripheral driver code I
started cleaning up arch/arm/cpu/arm920t.
I introduced the concept of Soc (system on a chip) into the ./cpu
directory. That means that code that is cpu (i.e. core) specific
resides in
and code that is specific to some SoC (i.e. vendor specific
peripherals around the core) is moved into
Thus a library/archive "$(CPUDIR)/$(SOC)/lib$(SOC).a" will be build
and linked. Examples will be
One can select an SoC by passing the name of it to ./mkconfig just
@./mkconfig $(@:_config=) arm arm920t vcma9 mpl s3c24x0
If there's no VENDOR field (like "mpl" in the above line) one has to
pass NULL instead:
@./mkconfig $(@:_config=) arm arm920t mx1ads NULL imx