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Watchdog driver general info
This enables hw_watchdog_reset to be called during various loops,
including waiting for a character on a serial port. But it
does not also call hw_watchdog_init. Boards which want this
enabled must call this function in their board file. This split
is useful because some rom's enable the watchdog when downloading
new code, so it must be serviced, but the board would rather it
was off. And, it cannot always be turned off once on.
Can be used to change the timeout for i.mx31/35/5x/6x.
If not given, will default to maximum timeout. This would
be 128000 msec for i.mx31/35/5x/6x.
Available for AT91SAM9 to service the watchdog.
Available for FTWDT010 to service the watchdog.
Can be used to change the timeout for FTWDT010.
Available for i.mx31/35/5x/6x to service the watchdog. This is not
automatically set because some boards (vision2) still need to define
their own hw_watchdog_reset routine.