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U-Boot for Freescale i.MX5x
This file contains information for the port of U-Boot to the Freescale
i.MX5x SoCs.
1.1 CONFIG_MX51_PLL_ERRATA: Workaround for i.MX51 PLL errata.
This option should be enabled by all boards using the i.MX51 silicon
version up until (including) 3.0 running at 800MHz.
The PLL's in the i.MX51 processor can go out of lock due to a metastable
condition in an analog flip-flop when used at high frequencies.
This workaround implements an undocumented feature in the PLL (dither
mode), which causes the effect of this failure to be much lower (in terms
of frequency deviation), avoiding system failure, or at least decreasing
the likelihood of system failure.
1.2 CONFIG_SYS_MAIN_PWR_ON: Trigger MAIN_PWR_ON upon startup.
This option should be enabled for boards having a SYS_ON_OFF_CTL signal
connected to GPIO1[23] and triggering the MAIN_PWR_ON signal like in the
reference designs.