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This toolchain was built using crosstool-ng version 1.9.3:
As well as patches from the QCA setup as outlined here:
The patches included were for the following packages:
-- linux-2.6.31 headers
-- gcc 4.6.4
-- uClibc
-- binutils 2.24
The uClibc also included a config file modified to contain build instructions
for support of:
-- RPC
-- IPV6
-- PTHREADS (w/ debugging. old linux impl. No TLS)
Some patches had to be made to the base installation of crosstool-ng, namely the
inclusion of a proper PATH variable in order not to use the default host
compiler (default must be version 4.6 or older, as 4.8+ has several deprecated
options that make crosstool-ng unable to function) when compiling uClibc.
Then the main script file was patched so that, on an Ubuntu-14.04 installation,
a working version of gcc was used when copying the host compiler into the
crosstool build directory (instead of running `which gcc' it instead runs
`which gcc-4.6' to locate the gcc path).
After all this, crosstool was run to build the config included in build/config
(albeit with proper paths to conform to the paths on the respective host machine for
linux headers and such).