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# tearoff.tcl --
# This file contains procedures that implement tear-off menus.
# RCS: @(#) $Id: tearoff.tcl,v 1.7 2001/08/01 16:21:11 dgp Exp $
# Copyright (c) 1994 The Regents of the University of California.
# Copyright (c) 1994-1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
# of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
# ::tk::TearoffMenu --
# Given the name of a menu, this procedure creates a torn-off menu
# that is identical to the given menu (including nested submenus).
# The new torn-off menu exists as a toplevel window managed by the
# window manager. The return value is the name of the new menu.
# The window is created at the point specified by x and y
# Arguments:
# w - The menu to be torn-off (duplicated).
# x - x coordinate where window is created
# y - y coordinate where window is created
proc ::tk::TearOffMenu {w {x 0} {y 0}} {
# Find a unique name to use for the torn-off menu. Find the first
# ancestor of w that is a toplevel but not a menu, and use this as
# the parent of the new menu. This guarantees that the torn off
# menu will be on the same screen as the original menu. By making
# it a child of the ancestor, rather than a child of the menu, it
# can continue to live even if the menu is deleted; it will go
# away when the toplevel goes away.
if {$x == 0} {
set x [winfo rootx $w]
if {$y == 0} {
set y [winfo rooty $w]
set parent [winfo parent $w]
while {[string compare [winfo toplevel $parent] $parent] \
|| [string equal [winfo class $parent] "Menu"]} {
set parent [winfo parent $parent]
if {[string equal $parent "."]} {
set parent ""
for {set i 1} 1 {incr i} {
set menu $parent.tearoff$i
if {![winfo exists $menu]} {
$w clone $menu tearoff
# Pick a title for the new menu by looking at the parent of the
# original: if the parent is a menu, then use the text of the active
# entry. If it's a menubutton then use its text.
set parent [winfo parent $w]
if {[string compare [$menu cget -title] ""]} {
wm title $menu [$menu cget -title]
} else {
switch [winfo class $parent] {
Menubutton {
wm title $menu [$parent cget -text]
Menu {
wm title $menu [$parent entrycget active -label]
$menu post $x $y
if {[winfo exists $menu] == 0} {
return ""
# Set tk::Priv(focus) on entry: otherwise the focus will get lost
# after keyboard invocation of a sub-menu (it will stay on the
# submenu).
bind $menu <Enter> {
set tk::Priv(focus) %W
# If there is a -tearoffcommand option for the menu, invoke it
# now.
set cmd [$w cget -tearoffcommand]
if {[string compare $cmd ""]} {
uplevel #0 $cmd [list $w $menu]
return $menu
# ::tk::MenuDup --
# Given a menu (hierarchy), create a duplicate menu (hierarchy)
# in a given window.
# Arguments:
# src - Source window. Must be a menu. It and its
# menu descendants will be duplicated at dst.
# dst - Name to use for topmost menu in duplicate
# hierarchy.
proc ::tk::MenuDup {src dst type} {
set cmd [list menu $dst -type $type]
foreach option [$src configure] {
if {[llength $option] == 2} {
if {[string equal [lindex $option 0] "-type"]} {
lappend cmd [lindex $option 0] [lindex $option 4]
eval $cmd
set last [$src index last]
if {[string equal $last "none"]} {
for {set i [$src cget -tearoff]} {$i <= $last} {incr i} {
set cmd [list $dst add [$src type $i]]
foreach option [$src entryconfigure $i] {
lappend cmd [lindex $option 0] [lindex $option 4]
eval $cmd
# Duplicate the binding tags and bindings from the source menu.
set tags [bindtags $src]
set srcLen [string length $src]
# Copy tags to x, replacing each substring of src with dst.
while {[set index [string first $src $tags]] != -1} {
append x [string range $tags 0 [expr {$index - 1}]]$dst
set tags [string range $tags [expr {$index + $srcLen}] end]
append x $tags
bindtags $dst $x
foreach event [bind $src] {
unset x
set script [bind $src $event]
set eventLen [string length $event]
# Copy script to x, replacing each substring of event with dst.
while {[set index [string first $event $script]] != -1} {
append x [string range $script 0 [expr {$index - 1}]]
append x $dst
set script [string range $script [expr {$index + $eventLen}] end]
append x $script
bind $dst $event $x