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# ldAix ldCmd ldArg ldArg ...
# This shell script provides a wrapper for ld under AIX in order to
# create the .exp file required for linking. Its arguments consist
# of the name and arguments that would normally be provided to the
# ld command. This script extracts the names of the object files
# from the argument list, creates a .exp file describing all of the
# symbols exported by those files, and then invokes "ldCmd" to
# perform the real link.
# RCS: @(#) $Id: ldAix,v 1.4 2002/09/27 01:28:26 hobbs Exp $
# Extract from the arguments the names of all of the object files.
for i do
x=`echo $i | grep '[^.].o$'`
if test "$x" != ""; then
ofiles="$ofiles $i"
# Extract the name of the object file that we're linking.
outputFile=`echo $args | sed -e 's/.*-o \([^ ]*\).*/\1/'`
# Create the export file from all of the object files, using nm followed
# by sed editing. Here are some tricky aspects of this:
# 1. Nm produces different output under AIX 4.1 than under AIX 3.2.5;
# the following statements handle both versions.
# 2. Use the -g switch to nm instead of -e under 4.1 (this shows just
# externals, not statics; -g isn't available under 3.2.5, though).
# 3. Use the -X32_64 switch to nm on AIX-4+ to handle 32 or 64bit compiles.
# 4. Eliminate lines that end in ":": these are the names of object
# files (relevant in 4.1 only).
# 5. Eliminate entries with the "U" key letter; these are undefined
# symbols (relevant in 4.1 only).
# 6. Eliminate lines that contain the string "0|extern" preceded by space;
# in 3.2.5, these are undefined symbols (address 0).
# 7. Eliminate lines containing the "unamex" symbol. In 3.2.5, these
# are also undefined symbols.
# 8. If a line starts with ".", delete the leading ".", since this will
# just cause confusion later.
# 9. Eliminate everything after the first field in a line, so that we're
# left with just the symbol name.
nmopts="-g -C"
osver=`uname -v`
if test $osver -eq 3; then
if test $osver -gt 3; then
nmopts="$nmopts -X32_64"
rm -f lib.exp
echo "#! $outputFile" >lib.exp
/usr/ccs/bin/nm $nmopts -h $ofiles | sed -e '/:$/d' -e '/ U /d' -e '/[ ]0|extern/d' -e '/unamex/d' -e 's/^\.//' -e 's/[ |].*//' | sort | uniq >>lib.exp
# If we're linking a .a file, then link all the objects together into a
# single file "shr.o" and then put that into the archive. Otherwise link
# the object files directly into the .a file.
outputFile=`echo $args | sed -e 's/.*-o \([^ ]*\).*/\1/'`
noDotA=`echo $outputFile | sed -e '/\.a$/d'`
echo "noDotA=\"$noDotA\""
if test "$noDotA" = "" ; then
linkArgs=`echo $args | sed -e 's/-o .*\.a /-o shr.o /'`
echo $linkArgs
eval $linkArgs
echo ar cr $outputFile shr.o
ar cr $outputFile shr.o
rm -f shr.o
eval $args