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/* ARM CPU Cores
Copyright (C) 2003-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by CodeSourcery, LLC
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and
a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program;
see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see
<>. */
/* Before using #include to read this file, define a macro:
The CORE_NAME is the name of the core, represented as a string constant.
The INTERNAL_IDENT is the name of the core represented as an identifier.
This must be unique for each entry in this table.
The TUNE_IDENT is the name of the core for which scheduling decisions
should be made, represented as an identifier.
ARCH is the architecture revision implemented by the chip.
FLAGS are the bitwise-or of the traits that apply to that core.
This need not include flags implied by the architecture.
COSTS is the name of the rtx_costs routine to use.
If you update this table, you must update the "tune" attribute in
Some tools assume no whitespace up to the first "," in each entry. */
/* V2/V2A Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm2", arm2, arm2, 2, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm250", arm250, arm250, 2, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm3", arm3, arm3, 2, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
/* V3 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm6", arm6, arm6, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm60", arm60, arm60, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm600", arm600, arm600, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm610", arm610, arm610, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm620", arm620, arm620, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7", arm7, arm7, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7d", arm7d, arm7d, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7di", arm7di, arm7di, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm70", arm70, arm70, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm700", arm700, arm700, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm700i", arm700i, arm700i, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710", arm710, arm710, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm720", arm720, arm720, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710c", arm710c, arm710c, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7100", arm7100, arm7100, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7500", arm7500, arm7500, 3, FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
/* Doesn't have an external co-proc, but does have embedded fpa. */
ARM_CORE("arm7500fe", arm7500fe, arm7500fe, 3, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26 | FL_WBUF, slowmul)
/* V3M Architecture Processors */
/* arm7m doesn't exist on its own, but only with D, ("and", and I), but
those don't alter the code, so arm7m is sometimes used. */
ARM_CORE("arm7m", arm7m, arm7m, 3M, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7dm", arm7dm, arm7dm, 3M, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7dmi", arm7dmi, arm7dmi, 3M, FL_CO_PROC | FL_MODE26, fastmul)
/* V4 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm8", arm8, arm8, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm810", arm810, arm810, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("strongarm", strongarm, strongarm, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, strongarm)
ARM_CORE("strongarm110", strongarm110, strongarm110, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, strongarm)
ARM_CORE("strongarm1100", strongarm1100, strongarm1100, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, strongarm)
ARM_CORE("strongarm1110", strongarm1110, strongarm1110, 4, FL_MODE26 | FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG, strongarm)
ARM_CORE("fa526", fa526, fa526, 4, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("fa626", fa626, fa626, 4, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
/* V4T Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm7tdmi", arm7tdmi, arm7tdmi, 4T, FL_CO_PROC, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm7tdmi-s", arm7tdmis, arm7tdmis, 4T, FL_CO_PROC, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm710t", arm710t, arm710t, 4T, FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm720t", arm720t, arm720t, 4T, FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm740t", arm740t, arm740t, 4T, FL_WBUF, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm9", arm9, arm9, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm9tdmi", arm9tdmi, arm9tdmi, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm920", arm920, arm920, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm920t", arm920t, arm920t, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm922t", arm922t, arm922t, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm940t", arm940t, arm940t, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("ep9312", ep9312, ep9312, 4T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
/* V5T Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm10tdmi", arm10tdmi, arm10tdmi, 5T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1020t", arm1020t, arm1020t, 5T, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
/* V5TE Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm9e", arm9e, arm9e, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm946e-s", arm946es, arm946es, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm966e-s", arm966es, arm966es, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm968e-s", arm968es, arm968es, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm10e", arm10e, arm10e, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1020e", arm1020e, arm1020e, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("arm1022e", arm1022e, arm1022e, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, fastmul)
ARM_CORE("xscale", xscale, xscale, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG | FL_XSCALE, xscale)
ARM_CORE("iwmmxt", iwmmxt, iwmmxt, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG | FL_XSCALE | FL_IWMMXT, xscale)
ARM_CORE("iwmmxt2", iwmmxt2, iwmmxt2, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED | FL_STRONG | FL_XSCALE | FL_IWMMXT | FL_IWMMXT2, xscale)
ARM_CORE("fa606te", fa606te, fa606te, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("fa626te", fa626te, fa626te, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("fmp626", fmp626, fmp626, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("fa726te", fa726te, fa726te, 5TE, FL_LDSCHED, fa726te)
/* V5TEJ Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm926ej-s", arm926ejs, arm926ejs, 5TEJ, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1026ej-s", arm1026ejs, arm1026ejs, 5TEJ, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
/* V6 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("arm1136j-s", arm1136js, arm1136js, 6J, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1136jf-s", arm1136jfs, arm1136jfs, 6J, FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1176jz-s", arm1176jzs, arm1176jzs, 6ZK, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1176jzf-s", arm1176jzfs, arm1176jzfs, 6ZK, FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)
ARM_CORE("mpcorenovfp", mpcorenovfp, mpcorenovfp, 6K, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
ARM_CORE("mpcore", mpcore, mpcore, 6K, FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, 9e)
ARM_CORE("arm1156t2-s", arm1156t2s, arm1156t2s, 6T2, FL_LDSCHED, v6t2)
ARM_CORE("arm1156t2f-s", arm1156t2fs, arm1156t2fs, 6T2, FL_LDSCHED | FL_VFPV2, v6t2)
/* V6M Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("cortex-m1", cortexm1, cortexm1, 6M, FL_LDSCHED, v6m)
ARM_CORE("cortex-m0", cortexm0, cortexm0, 6M, FL_LDSCHED, v6m)
ARM_CORE("cortex-m0plus", cortexm0plus, cortexm0plus, 6M, FL_LDSCHED, v6m)
/* V7 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("generic-armv7-a", genericv7a, genericv7a, 7A, FL_LDSCHED, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a5", cortexa5, cortexa5, 7A, FL_LDSCHED, cortex_a5)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a7", cortexa7, cortexa7, 7A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_THUMB_DIV | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex_a7)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a8", cortexa8, cortexa8, 7A, FL_LDSCHED, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a9", cortexa9, cortexa9, 7A, FL_LDSCHED, cortex_a9)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a12", cortexa12, cortexa15, 7A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_THUMB_DIV | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex_a12)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a15", cortexa15, cortexa15, 7A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_THUMB_DIV | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex_a15)
ARM_CORE("cortex-r4", cortexr4, cortexr4, 7R, FL_LDSCHED, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-r4f", cortexr4f, cortexr4f, 7R, FL_LDSCHED, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-r5", cortexr5, cortexr5, 7R, FL_LDSCHED | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-r7", cortexr7, cortexr7, 7R, FL_LDSCHED | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex)
ARM_CORE("cortex-m4", cortexm4, cortexm4, 7EM, FL_LDSCHED, v7m)
ARM_CORE("cortex-m3", cortexm3, cortexm3, 7M, FL_LDSCHED, v7m)
ARM_CORE("marvell-pj4", marvell_pj4, marvell_pj4, 7A, FL_LDSCHED, 9e)
/* V7 big.LITTLE implementations */
ARM_CORE("cortex-a15.cortex-a7", cortexa15cortexa7, cortexa7, 7A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_THUMB_DIV | FL_ARM_DIV, cortex_a15)
/* V8 Architecture Processors */
ARM_CORE("cortex-a53", cortexa53, cortexa53, 8A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_CRC32, cortex_a53)
ARM_CORE("cortex-a57", cortexa57, cortexa15, 8A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_CRC32, cortex_a57)
/* V8 big.LITTLE implementations */
ARM_CORE("cortex-a57.cortex-a53", cortexa57cortexa53, cortexa53, 8A, FL_LDSCHED | FL_CRC32, cortex_a57)