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This is ../../gmp/doc/, produced by makeinfo version 4.8 from
This manual describes how to install and use the GNU multiple
precision arithmetic library, version 6.1.0.
Copyright 1991, 1993-2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version
1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, with the Front-Cover Texts being "A GNU
Manual", and with the Back-Cover Texts being "You have freedom to copy
and modify this GNU Manual, like GNU software". A copy of the license
is included in *Note GNU Free Documentation License::.
* gmp: (gmp). GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.

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Tag Table:
Node: Top884
Node: Copying2955
Node: Introduction to GMP5301
Node: Installing GMP8016
Node: Build Options8748
Node: ABI and ISA24481
Node: Notes for Package Builds34318
Node: Notes for Particular Systems37405
Node: Known Build Problems45155
Node: Performance optimization48690
Node: GMP Basics49819
Node: Headers and Libraries50467
Node: Nomenclature and Types51872
Node: Function Classes53868
Node: Variable Conventions55402
Node: Parameter Conventions57011
Node: Memory Management59067
Node: Reentrancy60195
Node: Useful Macros and Constants62063
Node: Compatibility with older versions63054
Node: Demonstration Programs63965
Node: Efficiency65830
Node: Debugging73454
Node: Profiling80480
Node: Autoconf84471
Node: Emacs86252
Node: Reporting Bugs86858
Node: Integer Functions89485
Node: Initializing Integers90261
Node: Assigning Integers92637
Node: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign94248
Node: Converting Integers95895
Node: Integer Arithmetic98859
Node: Integer Division100595
Node: Integer Exponentiation107347
Node: Integer Roots108841
Node: Number Theoretic Functions110561
Node: Integer Comparisons117818
Node: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling119256
Node: I/O of Integers121901
Node: Integer Random Numbers124892
Node: Integer Import and Export127509
Node: Miscellaneous Integer Functions131525
Node: Integer Special Functions133439
Node: Rational Number Functions137600
Node: Initializing Rationals138793
Node: Rational Conversions141272
Node: Rational Arithmetic143022
Node: Comparing Rationals144434
Node: Applying Integer Functions145905
Node: I/O of Rationals147424
Node: Floating-point Functions149482
Node: Initializing Floats152526
Node: Assigning Floats156619
Node: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign159210
Node: Converting Floats160760
Node: Float Arithmetic164050
Node: Float Comparison166203
Node: I/O of Floats167774
Node: Miscellaneous Float Functions170463
Node: Low-level Functions172465
Node: Random Number Functions206639
Node: Random State Initialization207707
Node: Random State Seeding210572
Node: Random State Miscellaneous211977
Node: Formatted Output212619
Node: Formatted Output Strings212864
Node: Formatted Output Functions218243
Node: C++ Formatted Output222318
Node: Formatted Input225018
Node: Formatted Input Strings225254
Node: Formatted Input Functions229906
Node: C++ Formatted Input232875
Node: C++ Class Interface234778
Node: C++ Interface General235729
Node: C++ Interface Integers238799
Node: C++ Interface Rationals242638
Node: C++ Interface Floats246661
Node: C++ Interface Random Numbers252677
Node: C++ Interface Limitations255079
Node: Custom Allocation258657
Node: Language Bindings262876
Node: Algorithms266470
Node: Multiplication Algorithms267170
Node: Basecase Multiplication268259
Node: Karatsuba Multiplication270167
Node: Toom 3-Way Multiplication273793
Node: Toom 4-Way Multiplication280212
Node: Higher degree Toom'n'half281591
Node: FFT Multiplication282877
Node: Other Multiplication288213
Node: Unbalanced Multiplication290687
Node: Division Algorithms291475
Node: Single Limb Division291854
Node: Basecase Division294745
Node: Divide and Conquer Division295948
Node: Block-Wise Barrett Division298017
Node: Exact Division298669
Node: Exact Remainder301834
Node: Small Quotient Division304084
Node: Greatest Common Divisor Algorithms305682
Node: Binary GCD305979
Node: Lehmer's Algorithm308828
Node: Subquadratic GCD311047
Node: Extended GCD313507
Node: Jacobi Symbol314819
Node: Powering Algorithms315834
Node: Normal Powering Algorithm316097
Node: Modular Powering Algorithm316625
Node: Root Extraction Algorithms317407
Node: Square Root Algorithm317722
Node: Nth Root Algorithm319863
Node: Perfect Square Algorithm320648
Node: Perfect Power Algorithm322735
Node: Radix Conversion Algorithms323356
Node: Binary to Radix323732
Node: Radix to Binary327353
Node: Other Algorithms329441
Node: Prime Testing Algorithm329793
Node: Factorial Algorithm330977
Node: Binomial Coefficients Algorithm333367
Node: Fibonacci Numbers Algorithm334261
Node: Lucas Numbers Algorithm336735
Node: Random Number Algorithms337456
Node: Assembly Coding339578
Node: Assembly Code Organisation340538
Node: Assembly Basics341505
Node: Assembly Carry Propagation342655
Node: Assembly Cache Handling344486
Node: Assembly Functional Units346647
Node: Assembly Floating Point348260
Node: Assembly SIMD Instructions352038
Node: Assembly Software Pipelining353020
Node: Assembly Loop Unrolling354082
Node: Assembly Writing Guide356297
Node: Internals359062
Node: Integer Internals359574
Node: Rational Internals361830
Node: Float Internals363068
Node: Raw Output Internals370482
Node: C++ Interface Internals371676
Node: Contributors374997
Node: References381138
Node: GNU Free Documentation License386906
Node: Concept Index412069
Node: Function Index458256

End Tag Table