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* Copyright (C) 2002-2003 David McCullough <>
* Copyright (C) 1998 Kenneth Albanowski <>
* The Silver Hammer Group, Ltd.
* This file provides the definitions and structures needed to
* support uClinux flat-format executables.
#ifndef _LINUX_FLAT_H
#define _LINUX_FLAT_H
#define FLAT_VERSION 0x00000004L
#define MAX_SHARED_LIBS (4)
#define MAX_SHARED_LIBS (1)
* To make everything easier to port and manage cross platform
* development, all fields are in network byte order.
struct flat_hdr {
char magic[4];
unsigned long rev; /* version (as above) */
unsigned long entry; /* Offset of first executable instruction
with text segment from beginning of file */
unsigned long data_start; /* Offset of data segment from beginning of
file */
unsigned long data_end; /* Offset of end of data segment
from beginning of file */
unsigned long bss_end; /* Offset of end of bss segment from beginning
of file */
/* (It is assumed that data_end through bss_end forms the bss segment.) */
unsigned long stack_size; /* Size of stack, in bytes */
unsigned long reloc_start; /* Offset of relocation records from
beginning of file */
unsigned long reloc_count; /* Number of relocation records */
unsigned long flags;
unsigned long build_date; /* When the program/library was built */
unsigned long filler[5]; /* Reservered, set to zero */
#define FLAT_FLAG_RAM 0x0001 /* load program entirely into RAM */
#define FLAT_FLAG_GOTPIC 0x0002 /* program is PIC with GOT */
#define FLAT_FLAG_GZIP 0x0004 /* all but the header is compressed */
#define FLAT_FLAG_GZDATA 0x0008 /* only data/relocs are compressed (for XIP) */
#define FLAT_FLAG_KTRACE 0x0010 /* output useful kernel trace for debugging */
#endif /* _LINUX_FLAT_H */