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This is ../../gmp/doc/, produced by makeinfo version 4.13 from
This manual describes how to install and use the GNU multiple precision
arithmetic library, version 6.0.0.
Copyright 1991, 1993-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version
1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, with the Front-Cover Texts being "A GNU
Manual", and with the Back-Cover Texts being "You have freedom to copy
and modify this GNU Manual, like GNU software". A copy of the license
is included in *note GNU Free Documentation License::.
* gmp: (gmp). GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.

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Tag Table:
Node: Top882
Node: Copying2953
Node: Introduction to GMP5299
Node: Installing GMP8014
Node: Build Options8746
Node: ABI and ISA24479
Node: Notes for Package Builds34316
Node: Notes for Particular Systems37403
Node: Known Build Problems45153
Node: Performance optimization48688
Node: GMP Basics49817
Node: Headers and Libraries50465
Node: Nomenclature and Types51870
Node: Function Classes53866
Node: Variable Conventions55400
Node: Parameter Conventions57009
Node: Memory Management59065
Node: Reentrancy60193
Node: Useful Macros and Constants62061
Node: Compatibility with older versions63052
Node: Demonstration Programs63963
Node: Efficiency65828
Node: Debugging73452
Node: Profiling80478
Node: Autoconf84469
Node: Emacs86250
Node: Reporting Bugs86856
Node: Integer Functions89483
Node: Initializing Integers90259
Node: Assigning Integers92635
Node: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign94246
Node: Converting Integers95893
Node: Integer Arithmetic98857
Node: Integer Division100593
Node: Integer Exponentiation107345
Node: Integer Roots108839
Node: Number Theoretic Functions110559
Node: Integer Comparisons118034
Node: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling119472
Node: I/O of Integers122117
Node: Integer Random Numbers125108
Node: Integer Import and Export127725
Node: Miscellaneous Integer Functions131741
Node: Integer Special Functions133655
Node: Rational Number Functions137815
Node: Initializing Rationals139008
Node: Rational Conversions141487
Node: Rational Arithmetic143237
Node: Comparing Rationals144649
Node: Applying Integer Functions146057
Node: I/O of Rationals147576
Node: Floating-point Functions149634
Node: Initializing Floats152604
Node: Assigning Floats156697
Node: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign159288
Node: Converting Floats160838
Node: Float Arithmetic164128
Node: Float Comparison166281
Node: I/O of Floats167941
Node: Miscellaneous Float Functions170630
Node: Low-level Functions172632
Node: Random Number Functions205756
Node: Random State Initialization206824
Node: Random State Seeding209689
Node: Random State Miscellaneous211094
Node: Formatted Output211736
Node: Formatted Output Strings211981
Node: Formatted Output Functions217360
Node: C++ Formatted Output221435
Node: Formatted Input224135
Node: Formatted Input Strings224371
Node: Formatted Input Functions229023
Node: C++ Formatted Input231992
Node: C++ Class Interface233895
Node: C++ Interface General234846
Node: C++ Interface Integers237916
Node: C++ Interface Rationals241637
Node: C++ Interface Floats245660
Node: C++ Interface Random Numbers251676
Node: C++ Interface Limitations254078
Node: Custom Allocation257656
Node: Language Bindings261875
Node: Algorithms265469
Node: Multiplication Algorithms266169
Node: Basecase Multiplication267258
Node: Karatsuba Multiplication269166
Node: Toom 3-Way Multiplication272792
Node: Toom 4-Way Multiplication279211
Node: Higher degree Toom'n'half280590
Node: FFT Multiplication281876
Node: Other Multiplication287211
Node: Unbalanced Multiplication289685
Node: Division Algorithms290473
Node: Single Limb Division290852
Node: Basecase Division293742
Node: Divide and Conquer Division294945
Node: Block-Wise Barrett Division297014
Node: Exact Division297666
Node: Exact Remainder300831
Node: Small Quotient Division303081
Node: Greatest Common Divisor Algorithms304679
Node: Binary GCD304976
Node: Lehmer's Algorithm307825
Node: Subquadratic GCD310044
Node: Extended GCD312501
Node: Jacobi Symbol313813
Node: Powering Algorithms314828
Node: Normal Powering Algorithm315091
Node: Modular Powering Algorithm315619
Node: Root Extraction Algorithms316401
Node: Square Root Algorithm316716
Node: Nth Root Algorithm318857
Node: Perfect Square Algorithm319642
Node: Perfect Power Algorithm321729
Node: Radix Conversion Algorithms322350
Node: Binary to Radix322726
Node: Radix to Binary326656
Node: Other Algorithms328744
Node: Prime Testing Algorithm329096
Node: Factorial Algorithm330280
Node: Binomial Coefficients Algorithm332670
Node: Fibonacci Numbers Algorithm333564
Node: Lucas Numbers Algorithm336038
Node: Random Number Algorithms336759
Node: Assembly Coding338881
Node: Assembly Code Organisation339841
Node: Assembly Basics340808
Node: Assembly Carry Propagation341958
Node: Assembly Cache Handling343789
Node: Assembly Functional Units345950
Node: Assembly Floating Point347563
Node: Assembly SIMD Instructions351341
Node: Assembly Software Pipelining352323
Node: Assembly Loop Unrolling353385
Node: Assembly Writing Guide355600
Node: Internals358365
Node: Integer Internals358877
Node: Rational Internals361133
Node: Float Internals362371
Node: Raw Output Internals369785
Node: C++ Interface Internals370979
Node: Contributors374300
Node: References380372
Node: GNU Free Documentation License386132
Node: Concept Index411295
Node: Function Index457482

End Tag Table

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