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INFO-DIR-SECTION Software development
* Gdb: (gdb). The GNU debugger.
Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or
any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with the
Invariant Sections being "Free Software" and "Free Software Needs Free
Documentation", with the Front-Cover Texts being "A GNU Manual," and
with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a) below.
(a) The FSF's Back-Cover Text is: "You are free to copy and modify
this GNU Manual. Buying copies from GNU Press supports the FSF in
developing GNU and promoting software freedom."
This file documents the GNU debugger GDB.
This is the Ninth Edition, of `Debugging with GDB: the GNU
Source-Level Debugger' for GDB (GDB) Version 7.2.
Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or
any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with the
Invariant Sections being "Free Software" and "Free Software Needs Free
Documentation", with the Front-Cover Texts being "A GNU Manual," and
with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a) below.
(a) The FSF's Back-Cover Text is: "You are free to copy and modify
this GNU Manual. Buying copies from GNU Press supports the FSF in
developing GNU and promoting software freedom."

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Tag Table:
Node: Top1888
Node: Summary5015
Node: Free Software6720
Node: Contributors12288
Node: Sample Session20377
Node: Invocation27213
Node: Invoking GDB27757
Node: File Options30070
Node: Mode Options32807
Node: Startup39406
Ref: Startup-Footnote-141628
Node: Quitting GDB41737
Node: Shell Commands42634
Node: Logging Output43476
Node: Commands44322
Node: Command Syntax44960
Node: Completion47126
Ref: Completion-Footnote-152332
Node: Help52492
Node: Running57733
Node: Compilation58962
Node: Starting60939
Node: Arguments69829
Node: Environment71099
Node: Working Directory74367
Node: Input/Output75475
Node: Attach77446
Node: Kill Process79913
Node: Inferiors and Programs80894
Node: Threads88064
Node: Forks96442
Node: Checkpoint/Restart102750
Ref: Checkpoint/Restart-Footnote-1107279
Node: Stopping107314
Node: Breakpoints108473
Node: Set Breaks111909
Ref: Set Breaks-Footnote-1128201
Node: Set Watchpoints128449
Node: Set Catchpoints136458
Node: Delete Breaks145654
Node: Disabling147590
Node: Conditions150443
Node: Break Commands155392
Node: Save Breakpoints158616
Node: Error in Breakpoints159792
Node: Breakpoint-related Warnings160523
Node: Continuing and Stepping162850
Node: Signals172210
Ref: extra signal information176482
Node: Thread Stops177985
Node: All-Stop Mode179084
Node: Non-Stop Mode182982
Node: Background Execution186459
Node: Thread-Specific Breakpoints189028
Node: Interrupted System Calls190350
Node: Observer Mode191864
Node: Reverse Execution195303
Ref: Reverse Execution-Footnote-1199930
Ref: Reverse Execution-Footnote-2200557
Node: Process Record and Replay200607
Node: Stack207854
Node: Frames209347
Node: Backtrace212099
Ref: Backtrace-Footnote-1217330
Node: Selection217518
Node: Frame Info220382
Node: Source222713
Node: List223779
Node: Specify Location226392
Node: Edit229642
Ref: Edit-Footnote-1231117
Node: Search231352
Node: Source Path232160
Ref: set substitute-path238418
Node: Machine Code240639
Node: Data247313
Node: Expressions249983
Node: Ambiguous Expressions252075
Node: Variables255309
Node: Arrays259812
Node: Output Formats262343
Ref: Output Formats-Footnote-1265531
Node: Memory265688
Node: Auto Display271842
Node: Print Settings275557
Node: Pretty Printing289161
Node: Value History290198
Node: Convenience Vars292619
Node: Registers297354
Ref: Registers-Footnote-1302031
Node: Floating Point Hardware302426
Node: Vector Unit302958
Node: OS Information303345
Node: Memory Region Attributes305990
Node: Dump/Restore Files310660
Node: Core File Generation312965
Node: Character Sets314199
Node: Caching Remote Data320566
Ref: Caching Remote Data-Footnote-1322367
Node: Searching Memory322605
Node: Optimized Code325482
Node: Inline Functions327092
Node: Macros330062
Node: Tracepoints337165
Node: Set Tracepoints339226
Node: Create and Delete Tracepoints342165
Node: Enable and Disable Tracepoints347053
Node: Tracepoint Passcounts347837
Node: Tracepoint Conditions349264
Node: Trace State Variables350957
Node: Tracepoint Actions353147
Node: Listing Tracepoints358487
Node: Listing Static Tracepoint Markers359605
Node: Starting and Stopping Trace Experiments361451
Node: Tracepoint Restrictions365865
Node: Analyze Collected Data369618
Node: tfind370923
Node: tdump375345
Node: save tracepoints377860
Node: Tracepoint Variables378356
Node: Trace Files379484
Node: Overlays380942
Node: How Overlays Work381662
Ref: A code overlay384222
Node: Overlay Commands387660
Node: Automatic Overlay Debugging391850
Node: Overlay Sample Program393991
Node: Languages395751
Node: Setting396914
Node: Filenames398616
Node: Manually399427
Node: Automatically400636
Node: Show401697
Node: Checks403019
Node: Type Checking404409
Node: Range Checking407142
Node: Supported Languages409543
Node: C410753
Node: C Operators412044
Node: C Constants416363
Node: C Plus Plus Expressions418767
Node: C Defaults422310
Node: C Checks422993
Node: Debugging C423716
Node: Debugging C Plus Plus424200
Node: Decimal Floating Point427387
Node: D428646
Node: Objective-C428912
Node: Method Names in Commands429373
Node: The Print Command with Objective-C431068
Node: Fortran431719
Node: Fortran Operators432444
Node: Fortran Defaults433300
Node: Special Fortran Commands433685
Node: Pascal434191
Node: Modula-2434706
Node: M2 Operators435681
Node: Built-In Func/Proc438680
Node: M2 Constants441541
Node: M2 Types443142
Node: M2 Defaults446361
Node: Deviations446961
Node: M2 Checks448062
Node: M2 Scope448880
Node: GDB/M2449904
Node: Ada450816
Node: Ada Mode Intro451763
Node: Omissions from Ada453673
Node: Additions to Ada458027
Node: Stopping Before Main Program461957
Node: Ada Tasks462486
Node: Ada Tasks and Core Files468899
Node: Ada Glitches469812
Node: Unsupported Languages472879
Node: Symbols473569
Node: Altering487398
Node: Assignment488367
Node: Jumping491472
Node: Signaling493607
Node: Returning494738
Node: Calling498090
Node: Patching501117
Node: GDB Files502194
Node: Files502782
Ref: Shared Libraries515617
Ref: Files-Footnote-1525851
Node: Separate Debug Files526026
Node: Symbol Errors537598
Node: Data Files541220
Node: Targets542059
Node: Active Targets543539
Node: Target Commands545118
Ref: load549391
Node: Byte Order550372
Node: Remote Debugging551349
Node: Connecting552611
Node: File Transfer557551
Node: Server558491
Ref: Monitor Commands for gdbserver566141
Ref: Server-Footnote-1570690
Node: Remote Configuration570810
Ref: set remotebreak571834
Ref: set remote hardware-watchpoint-limit573298
Ref: set remote hardware-breakpoint-limit573298
Ref: set remote exec-file573580
Node: Remote Stub579783
Node: Stub Contents582680
Node: Bootstrapping584791
Node: Debug Session588600
Node: Configurations590160
Node: Native590929
Node: HP-UX591564
Node: BSD libkvm Interface591853
Node: SVR4 Process Information592924
Node: DJGPP Native596354
Node: Cygwin Native602934
Node: Non-debug DLL Symbols606883
Node: Hurd Native611431
Node: Neutrino616694
Node: Darwin617084
Node: Embedded OS618342
Node: VxWorks618818
Node: VxWorks Connection621035
Node: VxWorks Download621969
Node: VxWorks Attach623704
Node: Embedded Processors624102
Node: ARM625281
Node: M32R/D629402
Node: M68K631104
Node: MicroBlaze631397
Node: MIPS Embedded632847
Node: OpenRISC 1000637797
Node: PowerPC Embedded640652
Node: PA642544
Node: Sparclet642833
Node: Sparclet File644317
Node: Sparclet Connection645197
Node: Sparclet Download645675
Node: Sparclet Execution646724
Node: Sparclite647315
Node: Z8000647690
Node: AVR649074
Node: CRIS649437
Node: Super-H650415
Node: Architectures651530
Node: i386651952
Node: A29K652634
Node: Alpha653473
Node: MIPS653606
Node: HPPA656230
Node: SPU656749
Node: PowerPC658937
Node: Controlling GDB659655
Node: Prompt660481
Node: Editing661260
Node: Command History662203
Node: Screen Size665607
Node: Numbers667441
Node: ABI669418
Node: Messages/Warnings672347
Ref: confirmation requests673773
Node: Debugging Output674980
Node: Other Misc Settings680899
Node: Extending GDB681666
Node: Sequences683157
Node: Define683752
Node: Hooks687365
Node: Command Files689732
Node: Output694802
Node: Python699735
Node: Python Commands700590
Node: Python API702265
Node: Basic Python703924
Node: Exception Handling707856
Node: Values From Inferior709925
Node: Types In Python715522
Node: Pretty Printing API722996
Node: Selecting Pretty-Printers726895
Node: Disabling Pretty-Printers731007
Node: Inferiors In Python731881
Node: Threads In Python734441
Node: Commands In Python736167
Node: Parameters In Python744983
Node: Functions In Python749739
Node: Progspaces In Python751852
Node: Objfiles In Python753214
Node: Frames In Python754749
Node: Blocks In Python758143
Node: Symbols In Python759745
Node: Symbol Tables In Python764866
Node: Breakpoints In Python766525
Node: Lazy Strings In Python771496
Node: Auto-loading773770
Node: file774845
Node: .debug_gdb_scripts section776100
Node: Which flavor to choose?777477
Node: Interpreters779294
Node: TUI781393
Node: TUI Overview782360
Node: TUI Keys784793
Node: TUI Single Key Mode787097
Node: TUI Commands787972
Node: TUI Configuration790356
Node: Emacs791652
Node: GDB/MI797129
Node: GDB/MI General Design798977
Node: Context management801500
Node: Asynchronous and non-stop modes804635
Node: Thread groups806627
Node: GDB/MI Command Syntax808905
Node: GDB/MI Input Syntax809148
Node: GDB/MI Output Syntax810702
Node: GDB/MI Compatibility with CLI814274
Node: GDB/MI Development and Front Ends815011
Node: GDB/MI Output Records816668
Node: GDB/MI Result Records817003
Node: GDB/MI Stream Records818009
Node: GDB/MI Async Records819274
Node: GDB/MI Frame Information825399
Node: GDB/MI Thread Information826477
Node: GDB/MI Simple Examples827415
Node: GDB/MI Command Description Format829592
Node: GDB/MI Breakpoint Commands830472
Node: GDB/MI Program Context848468
Node: GDB/MI Thread Commands852736
Node: GDB/MI Program Execution855614
Node: GDB/MI Stack Manipulation867395
Node: GDB/MI Variable Objects878089
Ref: -var-set-format887821
Ref: -var-list-children888939
Ref: -var-update897120
Ref: -var-set-frozen899817
Ref: -var-set-update-range900613
Ref: -var-set-visualizer901143
Node: GDB/MI Data Manipulation902640
Node: GDB/MI Tracepoint Commands917020
Node: GDB/MI Symbol Query924349
Node: GDB/MI File Commands925038
Node: GDB/MI Target Manipulation928375
Node: GDB/MI File Transfer Commands934597
Node: GDB/MI Miscellaneous Commands935919
Ref: -interpreter-exec945318
Node: Annotations947631
Node: Annotations Overview948550
Node: Server Prefix951013
Node: Prompting951747
Node: Errors953264
Node: Invalidation954160
Node: Annotations for Running954637
Node: Source Annotations956157
Node: JIT Interface957082
Node: Declarations958800
Node: Registering Code960187
Node: Unregistering Code961159
Node: GDB Bugs961760
Node: Bug Criteria962489
Node: Bug Reporting963366
Node: Command Line Editing970989
Node: Introduction and Notation971641
Node: Readline Interaction973261
Node: Readline Bare Essentials974450
Node: Readline Movement Commands976237
Node: Readline Killing Commands977200
Node: Readline Arguments979118
Node: Searching980160
Node: Readline Init File982309
Node: Readline Init File Syntax983372
Node: Conditional Init Constructs995304
Node: Sample Init File997835
Node: Bindable Readline Commands1000950
Node: Commands For Moving1002005
Node: Commands For History1002864
Node: Commands For Text1005986
Node: Commands For Killing1008710
Node: Numeric Arguments1010850
Node: Commands For Completion1011987
Node: Keyboard Macros1013529
Node: Miscellaneous Commands1014098
Node: Readline vi Mode1017457
Node: Using History Interactively1018374
Node: History Interaction1018889
Node: Event Designators1020311
Node: Word Designators1021244
Node: Modifiers1022881
Node: Formatting Documentation1024106
Ref: Formatting Documentation-Footnote-11027435
Node: Installing GDB1027499
Node: Requirements1028071
Ref: Expat1028640
Node: Running Configure1030775
Node: Separate Objdir1034314
Node: Config Names1037198
Node: Configure Options1038643
Node: System-wide configuration1041013
Node: Maintenance Commands1042308
Ref: maint info breakpoints1043492
Node: Remote Protocol1057527
Node: Overview1058089
Ref: Binary Data1060651
Node: Packets1062910
Ref: thread-id syntax1063810
Ref: extended mode1065255
Ref: bc1066976
Ref: bs1067186
Ref: read registers packet1068612
Ref: cycle step packet1069776
Ref: write register packet1071652
Ref: step with signal packet1072559
Ref: vStopped packet1078840
Ref: X packet1079183
Ref: insert breakpoint or watchpoint packet1079469
Node: Stop Reply Packets1082231
Node: General Query Packets1086971
Ref: QNonStop1095911
Ref: QPassSignals1096535
Ref: qSearch memory1098612
Ref: QStartNoAckMode1099110
Ref: qSupported1099640
Ref: multiprocess extensions1108362
Ref: qXfer read1112192
Ref: qXfer auxiliary vector read1112686
Ref: qXfer target description read1113035
Ref: qXfer library list read1113479
Ref: qXfer memory map read1114125
Ref: qXfer sdata read1114511
Ref: qXfer siginfo read1114975
Ref: qXfer spu read1115371
Ref: qXfer threads read1115894
Ref: qXfer osdata read1116287
Ref: qXfer write1117489
Ref: qXfer siginfo write1118046
Ref: qXfer spu write1118442
Ref: General Query Packets-Footnote-11120529
Node: Architecture-Specific Protocol Details1120856
Node: Tracepoint Packets1122369
Node: Host I/O Packets1138816
Node: Interrupts1142958
Node: Notification Packets1144861
Node: Remote Non-Stop1147132
Node: Packet Acknowledgment1151391
Node: Examples1153506
Node: File-I/O Remote Protocol Extension1154132
Node: File-I/O Overview1154594
Node: Protocol Basics1156791
Node: The F Request Packet1159023
Node: The F Reply Packet1159924
Node: The Ctrl-C Message1160842
Node: Console I/O1162471
Node: List of Supported Calls1163688
Node: open1164050
Node: close1166544
Node: read1166926
Node: write1167533
Node: lseek1168300
Node: rename1169178
Node: unlink1170574
Node: stat/fstat1171513
Node: gettimeofday1172400
Node: isatty1172835
Node: system1173431
Node: Protocol-specific Representation of Datatypes1174973
Node: Integral Datatypes1175350
Node: Pointer Values1176157
Node: Memory Transfer1176865
Node: struct stat1177485
Node: struct timeval1179687
Node: Constants1180204
Node: Open Flags1180653
Node: mode_t Values1180994
Node: Errno Values1181486
Node: Lseek Flags1182297
Node: Limits1182482
Node: File-I/O Examples1182842
Node: Library List Format1183958
Node: Memory Map Format1186722
Node: Thread List Format1189282
Node: Agent Expressions1190069
Node: General Bytecode Design1192890
Node: Bytecode Descriptions1197690
Node: Using Agent Expressions1209401
Node: Varying Target Capabilities1211379
Node: Rationale1212541
Node: Trace File Format1219927
Node: Target Descriptions1221908
Node: Retrieving Descriptions1223968
Node: Target Description Format1225053
Node: Predefined Target Types1234103
Node: Standard Target Features1235488
Node: ARM Features1237259
Node: i386 Features1238535
Node: MIPS Features1239644
Node: M68K Features1240589
Node: PowerPC Features1241252
Node: Operating System Information1242536
Node: Process list1243374
Node: Copying1244436
Node: GNU Free Documentation License1282023
Node: Index1307181

End Tag Table