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* The generic ipc64_perm structure:
* Note extra padding because this structure is passed back and forth
* between kernel and user space.
* ipc64_perm was originally meant to be architecture specific, but
* everyone just ended up making identical copies without specific
* optimizations, so we may just as well all use the same one.
* Pad space is left for:
* - 32-bit mode_t on architectures that only had 16 bit
* - 32-bit seq
* - 2 miscellaneous 32-bit values
struct ipc64_perm {
__kernel_key_t key;
__kernel_uid32_t uid;
__kernel_gid32_t gid;
__kernel_uid32_t cuid;
__kernel_gid32_t cgid;
__kernel_mode_t mode;
/* pad if mode_t is u16: */
unsigned char __pad1[4 - sizeof(__kernel_mode_t)];
unsigned short seq;
unsigned short __pad2;
unsigned long __unused1;
unsigned long __unused2;
#endif /* __ASM_GENERIC_IPCBUF_H */